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Feng Shui Master Ang has devoted his entire life to the ancient practice of helping people create balance and harmony in their surroundings. Born in Malaysia, Ang began learning the principles of this school of Chinese thought as a teen, studying with elders and assiduously delving into its techniques. As his knowledge deepened, so did his commitment to excellence in this field.

Ang’s first major undertaking was transforming an old family home – he successfully created a vibrant living space that incorporated all of traditional feng shui’s five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. This project drew praise from local elders and opened many doors for him professionally. After several years practicing traditional methods, Ang developed a new approach which combined elements of both western and eastern practices to create even more powerful results. His groundbreaking advances were seen as revolutionary, earning him accolades from leaders in the feng shui community around the world

Ang’s expertise in feng shui has been sought out by some of the most successful individuals, firms and celebrities worldwide – including professional athletes, businesspeople who need guidance on making decisions based on auspicious timing as well as chefs seeking harmony in their commercial kitchens. He also consults architects designing everything from homes to laundromats using Feng Shui principles. Thanks to his profound insights coupled with his honorable nature and total dedication to each project he takes on; Ang has earned himself a sterling reputation among those looking for sustainable balance through spiritual connection with environments.


Feng Shui Master Ang promotes an ancient Chinese philosophy that incorporates various elements of nature and the universe into our everyday life. Through this philosophy, he attempts to bring balance and harmony between the environment and the people living in it.

At its core, Feng Shui is about energy”or Chi”and how it should be implemented throughout our lives. It is believed that by creating specific relationships between the physical objects we come into contact with, we can improve the flow of Chi and thus achieve a greater quality of life. The basics of this practice include the choice of materials used to decorate a space, its orientation toward magnetic fields, and much more.

Master Ang educates his students on ways they can reorient their environments and tap into unseen spiritual forces using physical symbols such as mirrors or crystals. He believes that proper positioning of these items brings calmness and clarity to one’s mind while creating beneficial energy within a space.

In addition to determining which specific items should be used for these purposes, Master Ang also provides instruction on how to arrange them for maximum efficacy. His teachings emphasize prompt action in order to find success in reaching spiritual enlightenment through Feng Shui techniques. By following his guidance, individuals are said to experience deeper peace of mind as well as happiness from achieving inner balance with the world around them.

Focus & Expertise

Ang is a respected Feng Shui master with extensive experience in the practice. He has developed a unique approach to Feng Shui services that helps individuals and businesses create balanced living and work spaces that attract positive energy. His signature approach incorporates both traditional Eastern methods of Feng Shui, as well as modern Western ones.

Ang’s philosophy on Feng Shui revolves around the idea that when we live and work in our homes and offices, they must be organized and balanced in order to bring us success and good luck. With his balanced approach, he looks at both Yin (passive) and Yang (active) elements of a space to ensure optimal Chi (energy). Ang believes this should be done for both interior design as well as outside landscaping, bringing balance between nature, the planet, and its inhabitants through chi flow pathways in an environment.

He also emphasizes using symbolic decorations that capture the five elements of energy such as water, fire, Metal/minerals-wood-earth for a space”each element plays an important role in allowing energy to move freely throughout the area. In addition, Ang works with clients to help them find ways to emphasize areas where different energies can be amplified or focused so that it reaches its full potential. This includes paying close attention to location-specific energy fields so that even small changes can make a big difference in our lives. In short, Ang is committed to making sure each service he provides truly brings harmony into your life.

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Feng Shui Master Ang has been a practitioner of feng shui in the East Asian tradition for over 30 years. He specializes in creating balanced, harmonious environments by carefully studying energy patterns and placement of objects. He has consulted on numerous projects spanning from residential homes to commercial buildings, hospitals, offices and warehouses.

One of Feng Shui Master Ang’s earliest successes was working on a 6-story shopping center. He created balance across each level by placing key elements such as plants and statues in strategic locations that would strengthen energy flow throughout the interior spaces while also allowing patrons to move freely without feeling obstructed or trapped.

In addition to this success, he has helped hundreds of families improve their living conditions through his knowledge of chi-energy placement and Feng Shui principles. These projects included turning windowless basements into bright, inviting living spaces and clearing out clutter from narrow hallways to increase circulation. His clients praise his attention to detail and ability to obscure underlying imbalances with minimal effort yet still yield powerful results.

Feng Shui Master Ang is not only dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional Feng Shui practices but also staying up-to-date with modern decorating trends in order to create an aesthetically pleasing design scene as well as a healthy spatial environment for everyone involved. He believes anyone can benefit from applying Feng Shui principles through personalized consultation tailored for individual needs; whether it’s about boosting peace and harmony in a living room or using lighting fixtures to energize a workspace. He continues to share his expertise through lectures at universities around the world, teaching aspiring students how they too can become aware of their environment’s energy capabilities while understanding how they personally interact with it on a daily basis.

Projects & Services

Feng Shui Master Ang is a highly experienced and knowledgeable Feng Shui consultant. She offers an extensive portfolio of services that encompass both basic and advanced levels of engagement.

For those seeking a foundational understanding of the principles behind Feng Shui, Master Ang provides introductory workshops or classes which cover the history and theory underlying the practice, as well as simple directions for incorporating the practice into daily life. For more adept practitioners, she offers certification programs to further develop skills and knowledge in this ancient craft.

Beyond her instructional offerings, Master Ang provides on-site assessments in which she evaluates spaces to identify ways to create balance and harmony in accordance with traditional Feng Shui guidelines. She works with clients to develop strategic plans featuring custom recommendations such as furniture placement, color schemes, artwork selection, lighting arrangements, and any other design elements necessary to bring about the desired shift in energy.

Additionally, Master Ang holds a selection of lectures on various aspects of Feng Shui ” from navigating major life transitions such as career changes or moving to a new home through the lens of ancient Chinese philosophies ” for individuals who would like to explore deeper aspects of this spiritually-infused art form. With her comprehensive repertoire ranging from educational resources to practical advice for creating meaningful transformations in one’s physical environment, Master Ang continues to make unique contributions to the world at large.

Tips & Tricks

Feng Shui Master Ang is a renowned expert in this ancient Chinese art, which combines ancient architecture and energy to create harmonious and well-balanced environments. He has been practicing feng shui for more than two decades now and offers many tips for people who are looking to implement it into their lives. Ang suggests the following strategies:

1. Start with Your Intention ” Before implementing any changes or strategies, take some time to think deeply about what your goals are with your space. Visualize it in your mind’s eye and write down the statements that best express your desired results. For example, what kind of energy do you want coming into the room? What should people feel when they enter it? What would make it more inviting and calming?

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2. Consult the Map – The Bagua map is an essential tool often used in feng shui to visualize the nine different energizing designations within a space while differentiating between positive and negative areas. Pay attention to where certain items such as the bed, stove, or desk fall on the grid and consider how to optimize them according to principles of balance and flow.

3. Add Natural Elements ” Utilize natural elements like plants, fabrics, aromas, etc., to add colour and life into your space! A little bit goes a long way as these help revitalize stagnant energy while inviting prosperity and good fortune into a living environment. Make sure you choose pieces that really speak to you”these will become lasting symbols of beauty while cultivating positive vibrations every time someone visits!


Feng Shui Master Ang offers several services to make his teachings accessible to anyone interested in learning more about Feng Shui. He hosts regular webinars where people can ask questions and get advice on how to use the principles of Feng Shui in their lives. Master Ang also holds public seminars at various venues around the world, giving those who are unable to attend an online course a chance to benefit from his expertise. His teachings have been featured in numerous media outlets, such as television programs and magazines, offering another outlet for people to learn from him without needing to be at one of his events. Additionally, Master Ang creates educational resources for practitioners of all levels, including books, courses and articles available for purchase on his official website. Finally, Master Ang regularly answers questions and provides advice on topics related to Feng Shui via his social media channels. These services make it easy for anyone with an interest in this ancient Chinese practice to learn more and apply its teachings in their own life.


Feng Shui Master Ang has moved many hearts, minds and lives with her incredible wisdom about the Chinese philosophical system of Feng Shui. She is something of a living legend in Feng Shui circles, having been practicing since she was a teenager. Master Ang is widely respected as an expert on all things related to Feng Shui, and has served as a mentor to many practitioners who have gone on to be successful in their own right.

Considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on Feng Shui, Master Ang’s teachings on using the environment to bring balance, harmony and prosperity into one’s life have inspired countless individuals around the globe for generations. Whether it’s her book tours or international seminars and lectures, Master Ang always manages to leave those fortunate enough to hear her talk with a profound sense of understanding into the complexities of energy flow through space and time.

Loved by many around the world, Master Ang has demonstrated unwavering commitment to teaching practical principles that ensure success and wellbeing in precise areas such as career growth, wealth accumulation and romantic relationships. Not only does she provide logical guidance in these matters but also offers insightful advice on how major lifestyle changes can lead to peace and satisfaction within oneself. It is this very approach that makes her teachings so sought-after no matter which corner of the world she speaks at.

In addition to providing insight into the ancient practices of Feng Shui, Master Ang also encourages a spiritual journey towards self-realization and inner contentment ” something that those who come across her are never likely to forget. Through her vast knowledge of Chinese metaphysics, thousands have been permanently touched by being able to interact with this influential teacher whose superior wisdom continues to spread far beyond what could ever have originally been imagined

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