Feng Shui Lucky Colors for Business

Introduction What is Feng Shui & How to Utilize it in Business

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy of aesthetics, design, and energy that emphasizes the harmony of the natural environment. The primary intent behind Feng Shui is to maximize the energy balance in any given space, allowing it to reach its highest potential. In terms of business, applying Feng Shui principles can help create a more productive atmosphere, increase income and draw customers to the space.

One way to start incorporating Feng Shui into your workspace is by utilizing specific colors thought to be especially lucky or prosperous. Colors such as green, blue, purple, or yellow are believed to promote luck and prosperity. In particular, adding touches of red in the kitchen or office bring a sense of passion and enthusiasm while incorporating black can signify stability and reliability.

In addition to introducing certain color tones throughout your workspace, take simple steps such as placing plants around different areas or using mirrors to create visual depth. Gradually make small improvements keeping in mind how you want people to feel when they enter your work environment; calming vibes can act as a form of relaxation when multiple tasks are being completed at once while vibrant designs uplift energy levels for maximum productivity. Overall don’t forget that even if you incorporate all these color schemes and additional features – from the desk placement down to artwork -it has no value if it does not reflect your personal style. Incorporating traditional Feng Shui elements found during time-honored practices should be used as tips rather than rules crafted specifically for one person’s living space.

The Benefits of Incorporating Feng Shui into Your Business

The Feng Shui practice of utilizing certain colors and elements when designing an office space can be immensely beneficial to businesses. By incorporating these principles, businesses can create a workspace that naturally leads to a feeling of positivity, flow, and prosperity. A well-designed Feng Shui space cultivates calmness and the flow of positive energy, creating a nurturing environment for employees that can trigger creativity and improved productivity.

Successful entrepreneurs who have employed Feng Shui in their workspaces include personality coach Marie Forleo and business strategist Tony Robbins. According to Marie Forleo’s Feng Shui designser Jeannette Shaw “Marie wanted to create an energizing office which provided her room for business growth as well as being comfortable for her team.” Tony Robbins has also been known to use Feng Shui in his offices worldwide; he believes in the power of nature to enliven spaces.

Green Color In Bedroom Feng Shui

In short, businesses that employ Feng Shui in their offices often benefit from improved focus and circulation of energy through balanced elements such as color schemas and earth tones that maintain a sense of harmony within the welcome atmosphere. With the acknowledgment of lucky Feng Shui colors for business comes the potential for enhanced productivity, creativity, morale, organization, communication and balance; all qualities necessary for any successful endeavor!

Lucky Colors for Business

The color red is associated with fire, which brings the energy of vibrant action, passion and movement. People can feel excited and energized when seeing the color red. Red is used to increase the flow of fortune and protect against any negative energy that could be coming. This color stimulates a person’s desire to succeed in business endeavors by stimulating ambition and competition.

The color blue is associated with water, which corresponds to gracefulness, creative thinking and flexibility. When surrounded by blue it encourages feelings of tranquility and reliability. Employing this color can encourage respect within the working environment by improving communication between leadership and staff members, as well as encouraging collaboration between co-workers.

Green is connected with wood – symbolizing warmth, fertility and growth. It evokes the idea of health, luck and abundance. Incorporating elements of green in the work place provide a soothing atmosphere for employees to work in without feeling stressed or overwhelmed from their day-to-day tasks at work; as well as increases creativity as people are often more productive in such an environment.

The color yellow is connected with earth, representing stability and groundedness in life; prompting one’s personal development, intellect and self reliance through assertive behaviour and emotional strength. The colour yellow can also assist in decision making by fostering communication between coworkers or employees within various teams or departments, giving them the opportunity to better understand one another’s intentions for their business goals.

White symbolizes metal, representing clarity in thought patterns; aiding one’s ability to pay attention to detail while planning (or task completing). White casts out any preexisting negative energies while creating a serene scene perfect for productivity at work – assisting employee’s ability to pick up key points while simultaneously noting down instructions given by employers creating effective task accomplishment rate towards success of the business establishment overall.

How to Incorporate Lucky Colors in a Business Setting

Feng Shui Lucky Colors for Business can help create a productive and prosperous business energy, which is one of the most important aspects of Feng Shui. Incorporating these colors into a business setting involves adding accents of these colors to make a calm, inviting environment. For example, adding low lighting in the various shades of red symbolizes wealth and painting walls with blue can symbolize trustworthiness and tranquility.

North Facing Room Feng Shui Colors

The exact placement of the accent colors should be determined by selecting an appropriate Feng Shui layout for the business space. For example, when applying the Eight Mansion Method layout it involves determining 12 distinct areas of the building which is based off the orientation of each corner to gain a more specific result. This type of fitting also takes into consideration which direction each area should face in order to improve its potential according to strategic objectives – such as bringing in wealth or solidifying customer relationships. In this way, applying accent colors such as red, orange and yellow will attract prosperity while blues and greens will serve to deepen loyalty and trustworthiness among customers.

In addition to wall color, furniture pieces such as rugs, sofa cushions or drapes can also provide lucky colors for your business setting. Consider using plants in pots or baskets that are brightly colored with shades such as pink or purple for an added Feng Shui effect that produces healing energy throughout your workplace. Overall keeping these Feng Shui luck colors present within your business space brings harmony and balance which helps create ideal conditions for success.


Feng Shui Lucky Colors for Business is a helpful guide that provides insight on the use of colors in business settings to promote success and attract luck. These colors have various implications depending on the context and situation, such as red indicating success and good fortune; yellow suggesting wisdom; purple representing wealth; blue being calming; white imparting clarity and protection; green encouraging growth; black providing guidance; and gray providing introspection. By incorporating the correct colors into their decorations or logo design, businesses can attract luck for their venture. There are also many other elements to consider when using Feng Shui colors according to individual locale, goals, industries, and preferences. It is important for individuals to conduct further research about how colors can be utilized instead of blindly following basic principles. Additional resources include books on color theory along with online blogs from Feng Shui professionals.

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