Feng Shui In Bedroom To Attract Love

Feng shui is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries in the Far East to promote well-being, harmony, and balance in a space. It uses the energy of a person’s environment to create a sense of peace and harmony.

There are many ways to incorporate this practice into your home, but one of the most popular areas to use feng shui is in the bedroom. It is believed that doing so can help attract love and also increase positive intimate relationships in a space.

Organizing Your Bedroom According To Feng Shui Principles In order for feng shui principles to take hold, particular items must be arranged in specific ways. When organizing your bedroom according to these principles, it is important to focus on promoting a feeling of calmness and harmony within the room. The bed should be placed away from all windows to prevent any outside currents interrupting sleep and relaxation.

Furthermore, objects such as mirrors should not be facing directly towards the bed as it can promote feelings of unease and insecurity instead of love. To encourage positive chi energy within your bedroom, plants are recommended as they act as natural air purifiers and bring vitality back into the room. Ideally, opt for plants with rounded leaves as these represent feminine energy which will evoke feelings of serenity and comfort when placed near the bed.

Feng Shui Colors To Activate Love Energy Certain colors are said to promote certain energies within a space which may contribute to feelings of love when combined together within a bedroom setting. Some colors may be more effective than others in terms of arousing romance between partners so it is important to find out which ones best suit you personally before committing any hues on walls or furnishings throughout your home.

A pink-toned color scheme works best at evoking passionate emotions between couples while playful colors such as orange are known for inspiring creativity and bringing joy into an atmosphere.

Shades from earthy elements such as brown offer grounding vibes which can help couples feel more secure without feeling overwhelmed by passionate tones like pink or purple magnetize sexual attraction within a relationship if needed replacing bright colors with more neutral shades if they overpower calming energies would be much better suited for creating balance throughout a bedroom design-wise.

How to Create a Romantic & Balanced Bedroom w/ Feng Shui

Feng shui is a form of Chinese philosophy and energy architecture that dates back many centuries. This method of interior design has recently become popular in western culture due to its potential for promoting physical and emotional health. Creating a balanced bedroom with feng shui can be beneficial when looking to attract love into your life as it helps to create an auspicious energy flow that increases the chances of a romantic connection being made.

Clear Away Clutter

The most important thing to do before attempting any type of feng shui arrangement for romance is to clear away all clutter from the bedroom. Clutter of any kind is seen as disruptive to healthy energy flows in feng shui, so it’s essential that all non-essential items are removed from this space.

This includes paperwork, electronic gadgets, and anything else that might detract from a peaceful atmosphere. If possible, avoid having storage areas for clothes within sight in the bedroom as these can be just as distracting even when tidy.

Create Harmony Through Colours

Using specific colours in the bedroom can be effective when creating positive energy through feng shui and allowing for an atmosphere conducive to attracting love. Soft shades such as pink or light blue bring out feelings of tenderness, while tones like rose quartz or lavender will bring more passion into play.

No matter what colour you choose however, make sure it’s not too bright or overpowering – nothing will interrupt your sleep faster than a glaringly bold shade on your walls.

Bring Nature Inside

Symbols of nature should also be brought into the bedroom where possible, whether we’re talking about plants, flowers or artwork featuring lush scenery and landscapes. Plants help cleanse the air while also injecting some life into the room; if you choose cut flowers instead then don’t forget to refresh them regularly so that they stay fresh and vibrant – dead petals won’t bode well for romantic energy in any shape or form.

5 Elements of Feng Shui to Attract Love

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging a living space to create balance and harmony within one’s home or office. This balance encourages the energy flow to be positive, bringing in good luck and fostering relationships. It can also be used for bedroom decorating, specifically to attract love into one’s life. There are five main elements associated with this practice; colors, lighting, mirrors, clutter control and earth elements such as plants and nature items.

When selecting colors for your bedroom walls, vibrant hues such as pink or orange will help foster loving energy. Additionally red is believed to activate passion when it comes to matters of the heart and should be used with caution. Softened lighting such as candles is believed to set a peaceful atmosphere that is best for romantic feelings and emotions while bright light fixtures can often destroy the mood with its harshness.

Feng Shui Plants for the Bedroom

Mirrors are an important feng shui addition as they represent double happiness. By balancing the number of objects in pairs like two nightstands or two pictures frames on either side of a dresser gives helps bring romantic thoughts into focus in one’s mind connecting them to their desired partner.

Clutter also plays an important part in Feng Shui as it can block energy from flowing freely around your space. Finally incorporating Earth elements like plants or decorative stones spread throughout the room helps bring together all the previously mentioned components by grounding it and making it come alive sustaining love between partners forevermore.

Understanding the Relationship Between Colors & Love

Feng shui is a thousand-year old practice of geomancy, a form of divination used for understanding the energy connections between people and aspects of their environment. Feng shui practitioners believe that everyone’s personal space should be harmoniously arranged to bring balance and attract love into one’s life. The application of this practice in the bedroom is particularly important since it can directly influence romantic relationships.

The correct colors of various rooms in the home play significant roles in invoking emotional responses and generating positive energies which can support healthy love within the bedroom. Generally speaking, certain colors are associated with strong emotion related to matters of the heart.

Red and pink are often chosen for bedrooms because they stimulate passion-the red is exhilarating while pink promotes comfort and joy-but other colors may also be relevant in supporting a healthy Frug Shui space when used tactfully.

Light blue and green are equally essential hues for activating emotions related to unconditional love. While green helps people seek external calmness, light blue creates inner peace from which they can better express contentment towards loved ones without judgement or inconsistency.

Additionally, light gray or gold wall coverings have been known to make profound atmospheres in regards to trustworthiness, security, elegance, and generosity; all crucial components to foster authentic affection through frugality in a room devoted solely to sleep yet innately connected to romance within an intimate relationship.

Utilizing Creative Furniture Placement to Enhance Love

Feng shui offers a variety of concepts for improving many aspects of life, and one of those areas is creating bedrooms that foster love. To apply these principles while decorating the bedroom, it’s important to start with proper furniture placement.

Where to Place the Bed

One of the basic Feng Shui bed placements suggest positioning it near an open door, central in the room and away from any other furniture or wall corners. It should also sit in a way so that when lying in bed you can easily see the entrance but not directly angled towards it. The headboard should be placed against a solid wall for support and stability if possible.

Enhancing Love Through Color Choice

To attract positive energy into the bedroom and create a feeling of love, color choice plays an important role. Light red is traditionally associated with romance whereas neutral shades contribute to relaxation. Shades of pink are thought to balance masculine and feminine energies too as long as they do not become too heavy or dark due to their stimulating effect on emotional activity.

Decorations for Drawing Love

Apart from color choice, decorations that draw love into the room are also essential. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Place two nightstands on either side of your bed;
  • Add a water fountain near the entrance to signify furthering relationships;
  • Include artwork that represent balance between opposites;
  • Use mirrors so that you can see yourself while sleeping.

Bringing Sweet Touches & Symbolic Elements Into Your Bedroom

Feng shui energy theory can be effective when harnessing specific elements in the bedroom to attract positive love energies. Introducing energy symbols, such as crystals and art pieces depicting couples, into your space can create an atmosphere of receptivity and create a powerful invite for love to enter. Light-filled rooms with high ceilings or walls painted in warm colours such as pink and yellow will balance emotional energies within your relationship.

Create An Open Space

To make sure love can freely come and go through your home, keep the pathways open between your living area, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and stairwells. Ensure no objects are blocking these passageways and remove any clutter from the areas to invite an energetic flow.

Objects that block access represent obstacles which will prevent couples from coming in contact or cause difficulties in relationships once there is a conflict. If there is a bookcase blocking a pathway move it away from the door entry as it symbolizes an obstacle existing within the connection to another person.

Lighting Implementation

At nighttime dim the lighting levels down to promote relaxation and intimacy but be careful not to introduce any shadows that may create greater darkness – this will also help energize romantic feelings present in the bedroom yet remain subtle enough to be inviting to couples. Placing two bedside lamps on either side of the bed offers strong support for marital unions whilst promoting reciprocity between both people.

Keep curtains open during daytime so that natural light reaches all parts of your room – again this helps balance emotions avoiding potential disputes stemming from darkness while providing clarity for interactions with others.

Feng Shui Bedroom Wardrobe

Conscious Mindful Decoration

In most cases good Feng Shui starts with mindful decoration choices that have been thoughtfully picked with intention rather than just done impulsively. Instead of minimalistic styling, opt for artwork which consists of imagery associated with long-lasting relationships along with crystals which bring out cosmic vibrations associated with passion and romance such as rose quartz or rhodolite garnet versions – they look great both aesthetically pleasing yet also spiritually supportive too.

Last but not least add some comfortable seating around the bed so couples can relax together promoting wellbeing support when engaging in intimate talks alongside opening up deeper physical connections without being too overbearing across their environment either emotionally energetically speaking.

Implementing Organization & Clutter-Clearing to Influence Love

When it comes to Feng Shui, the bedroom is always included as one of the important areas to target in order to help bring love into your life. It is believed that by implementing simple changes such as clearing away items that don’t have a purpose and introducing calming colors and symbols can influence your space and create the right atmosphere for love.

Firstly, it’s important to create an energy flow by removing any clutter from your room – this could be anything from old bits of clothing gathering dust at the bottom of the wardrobe, stored magazines on shelves, or even small decorations that you’ve had lying around since childhood. This will open up the energy field of the room and create clarity in order to attract meaningful connections.

Having a clear space also allows you to easily navigate through your dwelling without feeling overwhelmed and scattered – which balances our emotions when looking for potential partners.

The next step would be adding various romantic accessories like artwork that symbolizes connection between people or incorporating some breathing plants into your bedroom. Not only do they bring a touch of nature indoors but they also help keep a healthy air quality within the room, resulting in better sleep quality – which can encourage deeper emotional connection between couples in relationships.

It’s also good practice to introduce sensual tones like pinks and reds into your décor too – these usually represent unconditional love and patience, two essential components needed for every long-term relationship. Just ensure not to overuse them so the overall atmosphere doesn’t become overpowering or intimidating yourself or potential partners who will eventually enter the space.

Finally, introducing souvenirs from old memories like photographs of dear family members or framed tickets from successful vacations will further support maintaining a balanced environment whilst encouraging new additions into intimate moments like commitment between individuals. These reminders motivate us to cherish existing loves as well as look into ones we might have disregarded before.

All these elements will invite positivity into your home due to their comforting properties, thereby creating more chances for romance and securing any existing relationships which are currently challenged by current hard times.


Easy ways to utilize Feng Shui for love and harmony in the bedroom comes down to two main things – purging your old energy and bringing in new energy. Purging involves taking everything out of your living space that has negative associations from past relationships or just anything that might bring on stress or unhappiness.

Once you have cleared out all those bad vibes, you can start to bring in the good vibes. Incorporating items such as mirrors, crystals, essential oils, art with inspirational words or images, and plants can help spread positive messages throughout your space and attract love.

Another key factor to utilizing Feng Shui for love and harmony is to make sure there is a clear flow in the bedroom. Clutter takes away from relaxation which doesn’t really put anyone in the mood for romance so be sure to keep this area free of stuffiness and messiness as much as possible.

It’s also important to make sure that your furniture pieces are not blocking any pathways which might inhibit the natural flow of energy around your bedroom while making it feel cold at the same time.

Finally, proper sleeping arrangements should also be taken into account when trying to create an atmosphere conducive for love within one’s bedroom using Feng Shui principles. Sleeping with the headboard against a wall will optimize good energy being directed back towards both partners while allowing them both a sense of restfulness as well creates an environment where they can cuddle up without worrying about intrusions from their neighbors or outside noise occurring.

Additionally, if one partner decides they need their own space then having two adjacent beds may still give you the intimate connection without crossing personal boundaries – soft pillows stacked between each bed will create an inviting bridge joining you both together without any discomfort.

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