Feng Shui For Love In Bedroom

Feng shui is an ancient art of balancing energies within one environment and can be used in many different areas of life, such as for a home or business. When it comes to creating love in the bedroom, feng shui is especially useful for optimizing the flow of energy in the room so that it radiates positive energy for a romantic atmosphere.

In order to create this atmosphere, there are certain elements you should keep in mind when arranging your bedroom with feng shui.

Color: Identifying colors that create a loving atmosphere The colors you choose to include in your bedroom can work to either draw people closer together or put up a wall between them. Red has long been considered a powerful color that is connected with passion and fiery emotions while pink carries calming tones which will bring out feelings of love and peace.

Other colors connected with energy balance and tranquility such as blue, green, and purple also help create a loving space that will invite someone close to you into the room whenever possible.

Layout & Positioning: Placing objects towards harmony One of the most important aspects when it comes to using feng shui for love is how one places objects throughout the bedroom. The basic idea behind this approach is to place items or furniture in positions where they emphasize connection, openness, and mutual respect for each other’s personal space.

Normally when two people are sharing the same room they should place their beds at least three feet apart as this encourages positive energy exchange between them. Similarly any heavy objects like dressers should stay away from directly above or near your bed so it won’t carry negative vibes down on you while you sleep at night.

Textures & Soft Fabrics: Transforming through texture Adding textures through soft fabrics such as comforters, rugs, blankets etc can go along way not only improving the look but also helping in achieve an inviting atmosphere between partners. Soft elements such as these helps disperse an overall cozy feeling throughout which positively effects those who enter by bringing out warm feelings linked with affection even without speaking about it at all.

Furthermore fresh flowers placed around creates an even more appealing view that helps establish love inside the room itself without too much effort on our part whatsoever.

Conclusion: Unlocking Love Through Practicing Feng Shui In conclusion practicing feng shui within your own private space can really help open up pathways for something as special as love. Everything from color selection all the way down to fabric choice goes into establishing whether its brings out good luck charm with couples’ relationships or otherwise hinders its potential growth going forward over time.

Consequently taking these suggestions seriously might just turn your dull everyday rooms into lifelong rooms filled with wonderful memories shared along side someone special.

Exploring the Bedroom

In feng shui, the bedroom is considered to be the most important area of the house when it comes to creating a harmonious and conducive space that can help one attract positive energy. The placement of the bed is critical for this purpose since it is said that this influences how much good luck one can attract into their lives.

The most important thing in applying feng shui principles to the bedroom is to ensure that there is a balance between yin and yang energies. Yin is considered to be calm and reflective, while yang refers to active and energizing energies. When combined in harmony, these two forces are believed to bring about both spiritual and physical balance in ones life.

Feng Shui Symbols in Bedroom

To create an ideal atmospheres, or activate love energy potentials in the bedroom, certain auspicious objects can be used as feng shui symbols: from Chinese coins near the bed to water elements such as aquariums placed low near the bedside. These should be chosen according to personal tastes and desires.

Other examples could include crystal spheres on either side of an entryway mirror for health benefits, or using vases filled with colorful flowers against a red wall for stimulating passion or romance among partners.

Love Spray: Aromatherapy Solution

Aromatherapy solutions are also ideal for attracting love energy into a bedroom. Essential oil mixtures made with jasmine flowers, rose petals, orange blossoms, clove buds and sandalwood chips can help cleanse any negative vibes left inside by infusing fragrant scents throughout all corners of a room. Furthermore, incense sticks such as patchouli or musk may also be used for creating love rituals that reinvigorate romance within couples.

Creating a Positive Space

Bedrooms are a place for two people to feel close and connected, making it an important room for couples to share. To make sure the bedroom is inviting these Feng Shui tips can be used:

  1. Place the bed away from both doors and try to angle it towards the centre of the room.
  2. Declutter the bedroom; remove any items that are broken, unnecessary or romantic reminders of past relationships.
  3. Choose and hang artwork that reflects an image of connection and togetherness.
  4. It’s important to select bedding that has a smooth texture like cotton as this will promote feelings of love and comfort.

To intensify the feeling of intimacy in a bedroom utilizing Feng Shui reducing clutter around the bed is an important step. Clutter makes it difficult for energy to move freely, cluttering up positive flow in the energy. By removing objects such as old emotional memories on bookshelves or magazines at nightstands can help improve feelings offlove in the space.

Exercise caution when hanging artwork however as certain images could evoke unwanted emotions. It may be helpful to avoid pictures that have grief related topics, natural disasters, family disagreements or anything related to negative emotions. Instead selecting art pieces that focus on nature scenes such as photos from exotic places or paintings with heartwarming messages sends off positive emotional vibes.

Lighting should be kept low with dimmers as harsh lights create unwelcome distractions when sleeping; natural light is preferred but sometimes outside noise can become intrusive-in this case use blackout curtains if necessary. Decorating with calming colors such as white, grey or blues helps keep their energy balanced so they can sleep soundly without distraction during cuddles times.

When selecting furniture in bedrooms pick wood materials since this tends to hold energetic love vibrations better than metals do; round shapes like Grecian chairs emit good energetic waves which doubles up on love feels when sitting down in chairs for quality conversations.

Colors of Love

Feng Shui for love in the bedroom is about more than just the furniture arrangement and symbols. The colors you choose to decorate the room with can also be used to help enhance the flow of positive energy and create a space that promotes more loving interactions between couples.

Plants in Bedroom Bad Feng Shui

While crisp whites, calming blues and pastels are often overlooked as options for a romantic space it’s important to remember that all colors can have a meaningful impact when applied intentionally to create an atmosphere of love.

Shades and tones of red are probably the most popular choices among feng shui practitioners looking for colors that help foster love in the bedroom. Red is considered a very intense color from a spiritual standpoint, which is why it has traditionally been used as a symbol of passion, energy and courage. When combined with other warm hues like oranges and yellow, these colors can help stimulate conversation by creating a vibrant atmosphere or create strong connection through physical touch.

It’s also important to be aware of how different shades of color interact with each other in order to accurately transition into the desired outcome. Some people find that deeper tones of red such as magenta provide comfort while lighter shades may cause discomfort or distraction due to its intensity.

There should also be an emphasis placed on balanced use of brighter colors with muted or neutral tones in order to avoid harshness or visual overstimulation when it comes time for restful relaxation together. Soft blues, purples, greens and whites work well together when trying to encourage serenity without straying too far away from passionate vibes as well.

By understanding what type of atmosphere you’re aiming towards with the use of Feng Shui principles along with selecting colors appropriately according to their underlying meanings it’s possible to create an truly intimate setting filled with peace and harmony in your own bedroom.

With thoughtfully chosen elements and attention paid to detail understanding how Feng Shui works for love helps provide guidance on how to best apply this practice in your own home life for better relationship management overall.

Aromatic Love

Scent is one of the most powerful factors influencing our emotions, and it can play a huge part in helping create the perfect atmosphere for romance. Choosing the right aromas to incorporate into your bedroom’s design can be a great way to increase feelings of affection and connection.

To get the most out of aromatic love, try incorporating essential oils such as lavender, rosemary or jasmine into diffusers or even scented candles. These fragrances have been used in traditional practices around the world for centuries, and can help with relaxation, emotional balance and improved communication between partners.

The Power of Plants

Feng shui also recognizes plants as having natural energy and vibrance which can boost romantic energy in a number of ways. Many people find plants aesthetically pleasing so incorporating some potted clippings or a full-sized plant into your bedroom design could bring an extra sparkle to your relationship.

Live plants tend to retain more vibrant life force energy than their artificial counterparts so this may be worth considering if you are wanting to add real nature elements in to your Feng shui beloveds boudoir.

Mirrors & Crystals

Couples wanting to take their romantic intent further may want to consider including mirrors and crystals within their room’s feng shui decor scheme too – specifically ones that symbolize strength friendship which represent commitment, fidelity and eternity such as rose quartz for instance. Additionally they may choose larger mirror placed alongside each other using either short or tall heights-gives off strong emotions of love & setting lightings appropriately not only adds beauty but help diffuse certain negative energies as well.

Lastly: The selection process plays important role while decorating ideally you both should look over different options together rather then one compromising an object or accessory against another.

Romantic Accessories

When it comes to Feng Shui principles and practices, the bedroom offers many opportunities for couples to elevate their romantic energy by using beautiful and meaningful decorative items. As most of us understand, our bedrooms are our spaces of rest and retreat – and when Feng Shui is embraced in this space we can enjoy even greater balance, harmony, and romance.


One of the most alluring items people use to instantly elevate their bedroom’s romantic energy is a few strategically placed candles. Not only do they bring soft lighting into a room that helps make it more inviting but also a flicker of light from unscented candles oozes romance with ease.

Placing candles on bedside tables or dressers is a simple way to add some romantic candlelight glow. Candles are also powerful because they represent passion and will naturally activate any relationship’s fire element.

Aromatherapy & Incense

Using aromatherapy for your bedroom décor adds a layer of ambiance that’s perfect for sensual moments with your love. Lavender, chamomile, citrus green were believed to attract love into one’s life and help set the mood with romantic allure.

Incense is another way that you can amplify positive energy in your bedroom so it encourages connection between partners; its mystical scents often evoke otherworldly experiences too. Place rose quartz incense holders around your room or be creative with available holders – ceramic flowerpots work well.


Roses have been go-to flowers for decades; they just ooze romance whenever they’re presented as a gift. Use roses artfully in your home décor by adding some color scheme within the bedroom: painting the walls in blush pink or magenta is an ideal move if you want to draw people’s eye towards the palette with red motifs entrenched within it – especially around windows where natural light floods through every morning.

Also, consider placing black tinged vases with scarlet roses scattered near nightstands or dressers will also bring luxurious elegance right at home without effort.

Signs of Love

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese discipline of decorating a living space, based on understanding harmony with nature. One form of this which is relevant to fostering love relationships in bedrooms is to incorporate certain symbols into the bedroom design. The following are some symbols that can be used to increase the love energy in a bedroom:

  • Red: Red symbolizes passion and love. Adding touches of red through artwork, throw pillows, even bedding can bring more positive vibrations associated with romance.
  • Crystals: Crystals come in various types and shapes such as rose quartz, tigers eye, or amethyst; all with unique properties depending on the crystal. Placing crystals near the bed or hanging them will bring positive energy.
  • Images: Placing inspiring images such as a photograph of yourself and your partner together or art depicting couple in loving embrace bring more romantic vibrations.
  • Love Maps: A love map is thought to be able to help you magnetize your ideal kind of relationship through drawings that represent it in visual forms. Hang this up somewhere visible so it can manifest what it needs faster.
Good Colors for Bedrooms Feng Shui

In addition to these symbols, there are many physical positioning techniques used in feng shui for love which can be implemented such as leaving space between the beds for “love bridge” which encourages connection and understanding between two parties. The colors used for wall paint should also be suitable which consist mainly warm tones and pastels instead of cold browns or blues. You can also use essential oils like ylang-ylang to promote harmonious energies into your room.

When using any symbols from feng shui for love purposes make sure they are in proportionate amounts; don’t overdo it by creating too many money signs or images that may come off as tacky. Avoid letting clutter build up so that there is room fresh vibes and no stagnant energy.

Keep the area tidy and organized while making sure there is still balance within its design – too much warmth could lead one feeling suffocated – adjust accordingly until a perfect balance has been found.

Building for the Future

Feng shui is more than just a design principle, it hopes to invite harmony and balance into all aspects of our life. In particular, the bedroom holds great potential for those seeking an environment that invites abundance and balance in their romantic lives. These tips are sure to bring the best out of your own bedroom’s energy and create a space of love and growth.

Making Room For Romance

When designing or redecorating a bedroom with feng shui principles, one should always consider creating a conducive setting for romance by optimizing the space to be as inviting as possible. Choose warm colors such as reds, oranges, golds, etc., which can activate energy making us feel passionate.

You can also use various symbols like candles or rose petals to symbolize romance in the room while removing any distractions like televisions or phones from your visual field so that you focus on creating connections with your partner instead of getting distracted by other things.

Liiving Area Arrangements

The placement of furniture is also very important when it comes to establishing proper feng shui within the living area of your bedroom. Always avoid putting beds facing doors or windows because this will block off energy flow entering into the room leaving you feeling blocked.

Whenever possible arrange beds together in pairs placing night tables either side to promote intimacy between partners sharing the bed. Other pieces of furniture should be arranged accordingly in order to protect sleepers from any negative energies that may be coming in without overpowering one’s personal comfort zone with too much clutter blocking off their own paths towards success and better connection with their partner.

Adequate Lighting

Finally it is very important never neglect having an adequate source of lighting in your bedroom since having it too dark can disrupt sleep cycles including increasing emotional sensitivity leading to restlessness while sleeping next to someone else.

If possible use multiple sources if light through lamps placed strategically around a room providing ample amounts illumination but not too intense so it aids people drifting off into lalaland without disturbing them mid-way through dreaming about being together with their significant other forever.

Light in the Dark

A key element to creating an ideal space for attraction and intimacy in your bedroom is a pleasing balance of natural and artificial light. It should not too bright, as this could be too stimulating but it is also not desirable to have the area too dark. According to Feng Shui principles, light fixtures can be used to create a pleasant visual comfort and atmosphere.

Feng Shui offers several tips and guidelines for how to use lighting effectively. Here are some examples of what you can do with natural and artificial lighting in your bedroom:

  • Natural Lighting: Place large windows or glass doors around the room which will let in plenty of natural light during the day. Use sheers, curtains or blinds on these windows so that you can control the amount of sunlight that enters the room.
  • Lamps: Soft lamps, such as Himalayan Salt Lamps or candles are great for providing diffused light during the evening hours. Avoid using fluorescent lights, as their radiation can be disruptive to calming energy.
  • Mirrors: Hang a mirror on two walls in opposition from each other to reflect more light throughout the room. As an added bonus, this will help rejuvenate positive chi flow.
  • Candles: Scented candles come in many colors and fragrances and are perfect for adding a touch of romance to your bedroom ambiance. You may also find that scented candles are useful for balancing energy if there is any negative energy vibes in the room.

When finding ways to bring more warmth into your bedroom through lighting considerations, remember that ideal chi needs energy from both darkness and light. Neither one must overwhelm the other nor be ignored; strive instead for a balanced blend of warm lighting sources throughout your space.


Feng Shui principles have revealed the power and importance of creating a space filled with clear intention and awareness. Incorporating feng shui methods for love in the bedroom can be a powerful tool to enrich your emotional relationship with your romantic partner. Most importantly, it is essential to recognize that feng shui isn’t about activating specific objects; it’s about how these elements together create a supportive energy field in our bedroom that reaffirms the specialness of being together.

A harmonious and inviting bedroom promotes growth and allows you to gain richer insight into your connection with your beloved. With intentional modifications, the energy of your home flows best when we design our space from the inside out. We can set intentions through rearranging furniture placement, intentional décor, or adding meaningful symbols expressing our highest aspirations for love. Our bedrooms become an altar in which we bring forth reverence and appreciation for one another as ardent lovers.

In conclusion, using Feng Shui effectively in the bedroom starts by setting loving intentions within tools readily available in any home such as color palettes, artwork displays or bedding materials. It is essential that both partners fully invest their energy into styling this space based on their individual styles, tastes and preferences.

When done correctly, they come together to create a nurturing atmosphere filled with positive vibrations – conducive to appreciating one another’s presence at the deepest level – invigorating passion within each other every single day.

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