Feng Shui For Wealth 2017

Feng shui for wealth 2017 is the practice of improving a person’s luck by arranging the space around them in terms of color, direction, shapes and placement of items. This ancient Chinese technique is believed to bring balance and harmony, creating a powerful energy flow that can manifest positive changes in one’s financial health.

While some people consider it merely superstition, more and more individuals are using feng shui as a complement to their personal financial strategies in an effort to create greater financial stability.

By employing this practice, the goal is to boost personal wealth. Feng shui practitioners believe that if you make prosperous changes both inside and outside your home, your luck should also increase.

There are many simple and effective ways to bring better luck into your life financially such as activating base energies by placing crystals when entering rooms or placing ferris coins on windowsills to draw prosperity. Some people also choose to hang specific images or use certain colors they believe will attract money-making opportunities.

But for true wealth improvement one must take contemplation deeper since the physical aspects often aid in materializing positive improvements within ourselves rather than being only objects visual representations. These tangible elements remind us our daily mantra of living life with intentionality while we remember that wealth improvement comes from internal belief systems, mental building blocks, compassionate behaviors towards others, releasing jealousy and envy of things or people we don’t have yet.

Building something from nothing requires confidence and trust-in ourselves, which fengshui understands well.

Furthermore combining fengshui with other proven strategies like goal setting & budgeting as well as eliminating debt accrued upon oneself are essential part of anyones transformation into financial success story regardless if certain western world views it through prayer or Chinese tradition.

Everyone has their own role to play when it comes onto harnessing money-winning opportunities and ironically finding peace & comfort inside oneself whilst doing so connects us across cultures, languages & religions which strengthen our global community and alleviate poverty along the way.

History and Origins of Feng Shui Principles For Wealth

Feng Shui, which means “wind and water” in Chinese, is an ancient practice that originated in China over 3,000 years ago. The fundamental principles of Feng Shui are based on balancing energy called “Chi” in the environment in order to bring luck, abundance and prosperity into one’s life. Although Feng Shui has been practiced for centuries by Chinese culture followers, it only started to gain popularity in the Western world at the turn of the 20th century.

Focused Intentions

The essential theory of Feng Shui is that objects create energy with their own intentions and energy influences our lives. For instance, when placing furniture or décor strategically around a home according to traditional Feng Shui practices then it sets focused intentions within ones surroundings. This allows positive energies to flow unhindered around the room and creates balance within its inhabitants lives.

Five Elements Theory

Another powerful tool incorporated throughout traditional Feng Shui practice revolves around the five elements theory (five elements being water, metal, wood, earth and fire). The five elements each represent physical associations appearing throughout nature such as fire representing sunshine and wood representing growth.

Each element has its own energies associated with it and are used to access a deeper understanding on how to harmoniously position objects accordingly in relation to the five elements intensions when applying Feng Shui principle practices within a space.

Colour Symbolism

One commonly overlooked stye attribute connected with creating wealth through a homes décor accoring to traditional feng shui influencials is by using colour symbolism effectively inside ones space setting. It encourges peoeple by attuning themselves visualy within an envirement energized under colour rich resonations such as reds inspire natural feelings of boldness enerizing new beginnings ans open opportunities whilst yellow colours promote seets og stimulation paveing way for future success on numerous levels.

Exploring the Five Elements of Wealth in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice believed to bring balance and positive energy into one’s life. A key part of Feng Shui is harnessing the five elements of wealth to create prosperity, encouraged by the movement of Qi (energy). The five elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal – each represent a different type of wealth.


Water represents money. It is recommended that an item in the shape of a Water Dragon be placed in the east corner of the living or leisure room, kitchen or hall for maximum benefit. Having items that include hidden reservoirs also improves one’s cash flow and abundance. Furthermore, plants such as lucky bamboo with flowing water around it provides clarity in decision making which could increase income potential.


Wood represents growth and opportunity; from it come beginnings and success stories. Place representations on any species near the main entrance to your house or office building as well as near your work space for better collaboration with peers and co-workers. Wood decorations symbolizes development within projects while green plants also introduce beneficial qualities associated with this element.

With these recommendations at hand, further action steps can be taken to amplify Feng Shui energy in regards to its values related to wealth:

  • Placing meaningful images such as golden dragons with notes about ambition in prominent locations
  • Choose colors such as yellow (the color of royalty) when remodeling areas that are associated with money.
  • Place heavy objects like granite balls along pathways leading up main entrances
  • Capture sounds like waterfall or babbling brooks for a peaceful background sound.
Feng Shui Flowers For Wealth

Tips and Strategies for Applying Feng Shui For Wealth

Feng Shui is a complex system of ancient Chinese energy that helps balance the home and business environment. It works by reliably generating brand-new energies which brings health, wealth, prosperity, and harmony to us. When properly applied, Feng Shui for Wealth can help create a stream of positive financial energy into our homes, businesses and lives.

One way to bring in wealth-building Feng Shui energies in 2017 is to use the Bagua Map. The Bagua Map is a nine by nine grid divided into eight sections that correspond to specific energies in your home or business.

The bagua map should be displayed on the wall that is facing the front entrance from inside the home or business so it can direct wealth energy towards toward you. Once you locate each area within your home or business that corresponds with the Bagua Map, start applying items such as coins or symbols of money and abundance like an image of leaping koi fish where your wealth corners are located on this map.

In addition to using traditional Feng Shui cures such as images of coins to attract money into our lives, there are several other aspects to take into consideration when applying Feng Shui for Wealth:

  • Organize all your finances including documents and bills.
  • Repair minor damages around house (such as loose door knobs)
  • Display items made from metal like metal symbols
  • Bring more light into any room
  • Declutter – remove unused items from those areas.
  • To Increase Abundance Place Items In Groups Of Three Or Multiples Of Nine

Organizing your finances into a single place gives better clarity about where one stands financially instead of having scattered accounts here and there; this removes distracting hanging threads making it easier for new flowing streams of abundance to enter into their life space.

Additionally, having any damages fixed quickly and also ensuring doorways particularly the front entrance gates are easy to open will allow good energy flow within premises, impacting overall wellbeing as well as bringing wealth potentials along with it.

Metal items used as decorations around home give out positive vibrations which in turn has been known to increase ones resources when placed correctly potentially increasing net worth substantially over a period time.

Light always dissipates darkness acting like a beacon for inviting positivity by providing more illumination on matters pertaining success; furthermore decluttering is essential since removing unwanted fixtures provides better breathing space figuratively speaking allowing smooth entry for all good things desired.

Lastly placing anything in groups or multiples of nine resultantly attracts useful chi’s leading towards inflation in abundance whether we realize it sooner or later eventually proving extremely beneficial down line eventually yielding more fortune then could have ever imagined before starting implementation of Feng Shui tips.

Enhancing Your Home for Wealthifestation

Feng Shui has become an increasingly popular way to uncover ways to manifest one’s desired success, particularly in terms of financial matters. Hence, many have taken up the practice known as Feng Shui For Wealth 2017 – the attempt to use this ancient Chinese practice to become more prosperous and abundant through strategically rearranging their home’s layout and setup.

Unblocking Your Financial Flow

When practicing Feng Shui for wealth, it is essential to ensure that energy is allowed to flow freely throughout the home. Blockages and constrictions in certain areas can bring about stagnation or laziness; thus, symbolically removing these obstacles can help create an influx in one’s finances.

Breaking patterns or creating changes such as opening curtains to allow beams of light into a room, adjusting furniture positions, or maintaining a clean environment are all important aspects of unblocking potential sources of wealth.

Gathering Natural Elements Into Your Home

Another important step in bringing prosperity into the home includes introducing meaningful decorations they call “cures” (or remedies) which are believed to attract positive energy or luck. Cures are objects made from natural elements like metal, plants, wood and water; thus bringing nature indoors can help fuel abundance within your space.

They come simplified forms like placing a bowl of oranges on your dining table or more elaborate solutions such as hanging wind chimes outside your windows with specific sequences representing financial opportunities.

Creating A Wealth Corner

One of the fundamental practices taught by Feng Shui gurus involve setting aside a corner which will cultivate productive energy dedicated towards abundance and fortuitous happenings.

Depending on specific spaces concerning which direction each door faces – based off the Bagua chart – one should designate an area for cultivating good fortune and showcasing any riches acquired over time This includes collecting symbols that represent wealth (such as coins) alongside inspirational affirmations regarding one’s desires for having money as well organizational items used for work productivity.

The Importance of Colour to Attract Wealth in Feng Shui

The colours that you use are very important in Feng Shui, especially when it comes to wealth. Colours can deepen your connection with a certain condition or state and attract more of it into your life; in this case, wealth. There are three main colours associated with Feng Shui: yellow/gold, purple and green. Each of these colours symbolizes wealth, abundance and prosperity in life.

Indian Feng Shui for Wealth


In the Chinese culture, yellow is considered to be a sacred colour as it holds powerful energies and vibrations. It is the colour for the “Yang” energy which brings about courage, optimism and action to fulfill ambitions goals. Gold or golden yellow in particular is believed to bring in financial luck and riches to those whom it surrounds. Using gold decorations around your home or workplace will increase your chances of attracting money into your life.


Purple is another common colour used by practitioners of Feng Shui to enhance their ability to manage money better and attract greater fortune into their lives. Purple also represents energy related to spirituality; it is believed to attract divine guidance from the Universe in order for them to get all the right directions to achieve success both financially and spiritually as well as expand one’s wisdom horizon.


The colour green stands for advancement, growth and renewal – bringing forth new projects, ideas, relationships or careers opportunity which would eventually bring abundance into our lives. In some cases where people lack good funds management skill, they could benefit hugely by introducing green elements into their space for positive changes on financial matters that include declining debt levels as well as reviving sound credit ratings.

What’s great about green color is its flexibility – aside from benefiting our finances situation its energy can also do wonders when harnessed for health reasons such as providing us with comfort during times of stress or anxiety caused by financial matters so we could stay focused on achieving our financial goals without further setbacks due to physical or emotionalhealth problems.

Where Wealth Energies Should Be Placed

According to the principles of Feng Shui, wealth energies should be placed in specific areas of your home or business. This will create an environment that encourages good fortune and prosperity in all aspects of your life. Here are some tips for placing wealth energies in the correct areas:

  • The south-east area of a space is where wealth energy should be focused. This area has traditionally been associated with prosperity and abundance.
  • The north-west corner of a space can also be used to promote money luck. This part of the space is related to career success and personal growth.
  • Items such as a fountain or wind chimes can be used to activate money luck. The sound of running water is especially beneficial in attracting positive financial energy.

One way to do this is by using items that represent wealth and abundance. Keeping symbols such as a piggy bank, gold coins, or precious gems can help bring in fortune. There are also many types of plants, sculptures, and paintings that represent abundance and can be used to energize the room with prosperous vibes. Symbols like gemstones and crystals such as agate, pyrite, or citrine have been long believed to attract financial energy into home or workplace.

In addition to these traditional objects, items that invoke positive feelings such as family photos or lucky charms should also be added around the home or office space. These creative elements will create an atmosphere full of joy and good fortune. Clutter should also be removed from open spaces as it stagnates chi energy hindering good luck entering into your life.

Guidelines for Maximising Wealth With Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that has been used for centuries to improve the flow of energy to bring harmony, health and wellness. Feng shui can also be applied to maximize wealth in 2017. Many people from all around the world strive to increase their abundance in life by applying simple feng shui principles to attract prosperity into their lives. Here are a few guidelines on how one can increase wealth with feng shui this 2017:

Firstly, the use of auspicious colors will help one harmonize their environment and attract abundant energy in. Various shades of red or pink are believed to be a very potent source of wealth chi and should be incorporated into the home through wall paint, decorations, and furniture. Crystals such as Pyrite can also be placed where sunlight can come contact it; displaying these crystals in various areas of the home will aid in boosting chi that brings us fortune.

Secondly, having live plants or blooming flowers in various parts of your home is beneficial as they produce fresh air and positive vital energy while absorbing harmful electromagnetic fields produced by electronic devices. Trees planted around our dwellings and front court yards create a shield that protects us from negative chi flying around outside which can impact our luck negatively.

Lastly, cleanliness is key when coming to maintaining an attracting palatable energy which is cause for growth money-wise especially during 2017 as clutter accumulates negative energies such as those caused by stress, anxiety and guilt.

Clearing out any old items we have around that corresponds with past memories will help bank in more positive energy for any type of prosperity as the emphasis here is on attracting new sources of income rather than holding onto things from the past for nostalgic reasons which often blocks off new opportunities coming our way this year.

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