Feng Shui Shapes For Wealth

Feng shui shapes for wealth are all about using the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui as a way to bring more success and prosperity into one’s life. This is based on the idea that certain shapes in the environment and around the home can bring wealth, power, and success when placed in certain areas of your space. By incorporating these special shapes into your home, you can create a wealth-friendly feng shui atmosphere.

The most common shape used with feng shui for wealth is the octagon or infinity loop. It has been said to attract weath energy by replicating an immense amount of cash flow.

According to traditional Chinese philosophy, this shape symbolizes infinity which makes it an ideal choice for creating a permanent source of finances and abundance. This design is also believed to help assimilate all positive energies around it so that it attracts money from all avenues thus resulting in stagnation of wealth accumulation.

Rectangles are another very popular type of feng Shui shape for wealth. It is known for its balance and structure. Placing this shape in prominent area of your home or office will promote stability and security which are key elements to long term financial success.

Using this Feng Shui shape displays forward momentum towards achieving goals, providing structure for both financial and personal growth while maintaining that essential balance needed to ensure continued progress towards overall objectives. Rectangles are also often used when displaying images or symbols that represent ambition, like photographs of people achieving their dreams or successful businesspeople who have achieved great things.

No matter which style you decide to decorate with, Feng Shui shapes for wealth gives you tools to attract greater abundance and prosperity into your space with minimal effort through creative designs.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a distinctive form of Chinese geomancy that helps create an environment for success and prosperity. Understanding the fundamentals of this system can help you choose the best shapes for enhancing the potential for wealth in your home or business. The five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – are represented by particular shapes.

Shapes that Represent Wood

Wood is associated with new beginnings and growth; it’s also thought to withdraw yin energy. The most common shapes associated with wood are:

  • curves
  • triangles
  • rectangles
  • zigzags

The color green is used as a visual representation for wood in feng shui, signifying luck and opportunity. Curved lines symbolize plants growing alongside an ever-flowing stream; triangles represent mountains that give stability while providing unlimited potential; rectangles are seen as farms where crops can be grown; and zigzag patterns signify bamboo which provides lasting sustenance.

Unlocking the Secrets of Feng Shui Shapes for Wealth

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is thousands of years old and continues to be accepted by many cultures even today. It believes in the universal energy called “Qi”, and uses it to bring about beneficial changes in surroundings. One way of increasing wealth through Feng Shui is through the use of certain shapes, colors, and objects. Many people believe that incorporating these items into their home can improve their finances.

A key shape used to increase wealth, according to Feng Shui, are squares or rectangular forms. These shapes symbolize stability and having a solid foundation for your wealth. The reason squares or rectangles are important shapes for those seeking success in financial matters is because they represent both financial resources as well as good luck and fortune. Additionally, squares create balance which promotes an increase in one’s abundance, enabling them to achieve their goals more efficiently.

When using Feng Shui for increasing your monetary fortune it is also important to remember that different colors carry different meanings as well; red indicates fire and passion whereas green is associated with nourishment, health, growth, and abundance. Similarly symbols like dragons, tortoises or fish are all used to represent protection and long-term financial pursuits respectively and can be included as part of your Feng Shui design if desired.

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Applying this knowledge correctly will not only help keep money flowing in but also aid you in gaining wisdom and insight needed to make wise decisions when it comes to financial matters.

In summary incorporating various shapes such as squares or rectangles along with auspicious symbols like dragons or fish into your decor can positively affect not only one’s current finances but lead them down the path of long-term success as well. Coupled with the right colors which promote inspiration or ambition red or green respectively anyone looking to further their monetary standing should consider the assistance of Feng Shui energy for added strength and guidance on their wealth journey.

Exploring the Properties of Square For Financial Success

Feng Shui shapes are believed to serve as symbols meant to attract different sources of energy. The shape of sqaure is said to be the symbol of wealth, and many cultures use this shape in their design aesthetic when it comes to finances. The Chinese believe that squares have four points for the four directions on a compass.

The eastern point is connected with the beginning of life, and western point represents ending. Combining these two forces create balance in our lives and financial plans.

The concept of using squares to bring financial stability or wealth can often be found in the buildings that are built with squares in mind; for example, banks and other wealthy institutions often utilize this concept. In addition, when crossing paths with squares throughout everyday life, most individuals make sure they take extra steps such as having some coins on hand.

It is believed by those who practice Feng Shui that having money on them will encourage prosperity as it will keep their financial situation strong and flowing.

Square shapes represent material strength because of its strength associated with a powerful base; a structure that isn’t easily toppled offers protection against external challenges including financial strife while promoting steadiness within one’s own home life or finances. Square shaped objects such as tables, paintings or sculptures can be utilized as focal points in addition to mirrors tilted towards entranceways for drawing wealth into the premises and increasing fortune according to Feng Shui practice.

Moreover incorporating square art work can help bring stability into an office, bedroom or living room helping deflect any negative energy away from an individual’s personal matters into focused places allowing energies surrounding wealth to reinforce one’s plans leading towards financial success.

Unlocking Financial Abundance with the Triangle

The triangle shape in Feng Shui is a powerful symbol of abundance and wealth. Found throughout many cultures, it represents the union between heaven and earth. By following the principles of keeping this shape in your home, you can tap into its power and unlock financial abundance for yourself.

In terms of Feng Shui, the triangle is believed to have three faces – heaven, earth and humanity – that come together to form an unbroken link that opens up a pathway towards prosperity. This shape also signifies productivity, which explains why bankers prefer to keep triangular shapes in their work offices.

Three Tips for Utilizing Triangular Shapes for Wealth

  • Place triangular shapes towards the entrance of your home.
  • Look for signs of triangular shapes when decorating e.g., pyramid-shaped ornaments.
  • Make sure the base end of the triangle is pointing downwards as a sign of good luck.

Using these tips will help guide people who wish to incorporate triangles into their existing decor as well as those who are starting from scratch. People can choose items such as crystals, rocks and artwork with triangular designs to bring more wealth energy into their homes or businesses. Alternatively, decorative accessories in the form of tridents may be used to represent an increase in prosperity.

Another way to include triangles into your decor is to hang triangular mirrors on walls around the house. Not only do mirrors reflect ambient light which energizes chi but they also help activate all three sides of the triangle which brings forth earthly goodness based on Feng Shui principles. In addition, placing a bronze object at each vertex reinforces this effect even further by magnifying chi from different directions and protecting against negative influences coming from outside sources.

Reaching Financial Goals with the Hexagon

The hexagon is a powerful shape in Feng Shui and can be used to create wealth and abundance. This six-sided shape represents balance and stability, two important elements to cultivate when attracting financial success. By incorporating the hexagon into your home or office, you will not only benefit from its aesthetic value but also its energy-generating powers.

There are a few steps to take in order to use the hexagon as an effective Feng Shui tool:

  • Create a strong representation of the hexagon: Paint an image of it onto the wall or place a figurine holding one, for example.
  • Position it in a location that best suits your financial goals: Positioning it here can help enhance its power and draw positive energy towards it.
  • Visualize yourself achieving your financial goals: Picture yourself already living out these successes while looking at the hexagon.

Once these steps are followed, you should start seeing the benefits with time. Over time by being exposed to wealth generating energies this should add up and ultimately bring about success in your financial endeavors.

Feng Shui Tips For Wealth 2015

The most common colors used for feng shui related objects are red and gold; in this manner you can decorate with these colors when creating a strong representation of the hexagon, such as pictures with red borders or a golden sculpture. Placing these signs near windows allows more money energy from Chi to enter into your space as well. Ultimately this serves as an anchor point for positive energy within your space so that its effects may spread throughout.

Generating Financial Abundance with the Circle

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of creating balance and harmony in our environment. It has long been believed that by arranging the physical shape and elements of our living space, we can influence our lives and fortunes. One particularly powerful way to do this is by placing certain shapes around us to attract wealth. Of all the shapes utilized in Feng Shui for generating wealth, the circle is one of the most important.

The circular shape carries a strong positive Feng Shui energy associated with money. It can be used in many ways to bring financial abundance into your life, such as:

  • Displaying symbols or items with a circular shape near your entrance door or in your workspace.
  • Placing a round mirror in an auspicious spot to reflect positive energy around you.
  • Filling a bowl with coins or other small round objects and displaying near your door or desk.

Applying Feng Shui Principles for Wealth and Prosperity

Feng shui is an ancient practice that focuses on creating balance and harmony in our homes and lives through the careful placement of furniture, artwork and other objects. In traditional Feng Shui, certain shapes are believed to bring wealth and prosperity into a space. Here are some tips for incorporating these may riches-bringer shapes into your home:

Optimising Wealth ThroughShape

  • Rectangles and squares: Solid, rectangular shapes such as cabinets, sofas, tables, or dividers create a feeling of stability which can attract good energy.
  • Circles: According to Feng Shui principles, circles represent flow and energy – perfect for bringing in abundance and wealth.
  • Bells: Bells are commonly used as they are thought to give off good vibrations that help attract good fortune.
  • Healthy plants: Plants with multiple leaves such as bamboo or money tree plants will invite prosperity into the home.

To begin applying Feng Shui correctly in your space it is important to familiarise yourself with the five elements – earth, water, fire, metal and wood. Each element represents an area of life from health to relationships. Understanding the connection between the five elements helps bring balance across all areas of your life. Applying feng shui principles using shapes for wealth is a great way to create an atmosphere of peace and abundance.

One way to use crystals in this regard is by placing them behind you when you sit at your desk while working. This will help increase focus on goals that lead towards success and financial stability. Additionally, you can place bowls or vases filled with coins near entrances or exits to invite wealth into your house.

Finally, objects such as piggy banks welcoming coins placed in easy to see spots emitting a positive energy of abundance can promote increased wealth throughout the entire home.


Feng Shui shapes for wealth are considered one of the best ways to channel energy around a home or office, and create an environment that is conducive to prosperity and abundance. By utilizing different symbols and shapes that promote positive energy flow, as well as balancing elements in the space, users are sure to reap the benefits of incorporating these powerful tools in their space.

Everything from décor to furniture placement can be taken into consideration when designing a wealth-attracting Feng Shui environment.

Carefully consider your career aspirations while putting together Feng Shui shapes for wealth. Visual representations of success can help keep you motivated and encourage you to strive higher. Chi energy wall art depicting rising stars or dragons ascending mountains make excellent decorative accents that will fill the room with ambition.

In addition, try incorporating other symbols associated with good fortune such as coins, goldfish, and water features into your existing design scheme as well. These bring calming energy which helps promote a healthy atmosphere of peace and abundance.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to any remaining negative vibrations within the space that could be impeding your progress towards financial fortitude. Trim any vines off houseplants or trees that may be creeping too close and causing a disruption of chi in your workspace; also take note of shades in the room – dark colors tend to absorb Chi rather than moving it along its intended course, so opt for lighter hues instead.

Likewise focus on increasing sources of natural light where possible to infuse a sense of positivity into the room. After all these steps have been taken and completed properly users should start noticing significant improvements in their sense of security as well as attract more money into their life soon after.

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