Feng Shui Cures For Wealth And Prosperity 2016

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that centers around the idea of creating harmony in one’s environment to bring good luck. The same concept applies when it comes to attracting wealth and prosperity into your life, as a feng shui expert can offer up specific cures and remedies that will mingle with the energy flows of your home or business in order to bring about an influx of abundance.

Here we take a look at some key feng shui cures specifically tailored for bringing wealth and prosperity into your life in 2016.

The Wealth Corner: Known as the ‘wealth corner’, this is one area where most people focus their attention when looking for ways to enhance wealth-generating potential. This is usually situated either in the lower left or upper right corners of a living space, depending on the location within a country.

Any objects placed here should be symbols related with money, such as both figurines and pictures of deities associated with money or gold ingots sports cars, bags, etc., The aim being if you put visualizing success here then you are more likely to attract it into your life.

Crystals & Other Adornments: Beyond figurines there are several traditional adornments used for increasing wealth chi in the living space including diverse types of crystals; golden mirrors; chimes; coins/bells wrapped in red silk; statues like laughing buddhas or Chinese cats; and inspiring images such as lotus flowers that symbolize “growth”. Additionally garden terracotta pots filled with soil refers back to traditional Chinese beliefs about keeping nature close for achieving stability within family finances.

These ornaments should be treated with respect – along with using incense and bowing during prayer – so they are seen as vital links between us and our financial aspirations rather than something akin to “lucky trinkets” getting dusty on the shelf Stop Spending (Frantically).

And Then Let Money Flow In: While it might seem counter intuitive, simply having more control over how you spend your money can make a huge difference when trying manifest greater levels of abundance into your life – even if poverty rather than prosperity appears imminent right now.

Employing frugal practices like downsizing homes, cutting down credit debts ; renewing negative old habits like gambling/binge shopping etc., that could easily empty bankaccounts trying break even after regular nights out will only do more harm than good. Consider taking positive steps towards reducing unnecessary expenses by better analyzing spending habitslogging details about what gets bought nonessentials (and how much wasted weekly).

This firmer grip on expenditure will help free up cashflow for investing elsewhere – something crucial creating genuine success are developing crafty money management skills.

How to Tap Into Abundance and Financial Success With Feng Shui

Feng Shui cures for wealth and prosperity in 2016 can significantly bring abundance, financial success, and luck into your life. Before you decide which Feng Shui guidelines to follow, it is essential to learn the basics of Feng Shui.

The ancient Chinese art of placement known as Feng Shui seeks balance by understanding how the environment reflects energy as manifested by Chi. The practice has been used for centuries to bring good fortune, harmony and balance to living spaces. The ancient philosophy focuses on clearing away clutter from life while boldly embracing positive energies that will help enhance one’s overall personal growth and success.

Below are some of the recommended Feng Shui tips for utilizing this energy-shifting process for cultivating wealth:

  • Clear Your Space: Start any type of action with an organized space surrounded by clutter free surroundings.
  • Set Intention: Make sure all of your intentions are set clearly on creating a fertile ground.
  • Enhance Fire Element: Utilizing the power of five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – fire element is inevitably related to financial gains.
  • Use Crystal Money Trees: Placing a crystal money tree at a Northeast corner in their bedroom or office can attract wealth.
  • Wear Lucky Colors: Wearing colors associated with money such as green, white and gold can bring good fortune.

Feng Shui principles require taking initiative in implementing changes that are conducive to the purpose in attaining wealth. This means having focus on where you need to funnel your energies in order attain financial success and those actions that would be discordant or unlikely to bear fruit. Being clear about what kind of energy the space should contain so that it assists in accumulation of riches and abundance is vital.

Other than having an intention set and visualizing an ideal outcome energetically parts must be willing to take steps towards actualize goals. This could involve being more optimistic about outlooks while also playing close attention surrounding circumstances related both within internally or external ones present externally.

Key Principles and Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a practice originating from China meant to organize and arrange one’s environment in order to bring about certain desired goals such as wealth, prosperity, good health, and harmony. This practice helps to increase the positive energy in your home or office that has the potential to help improve your life. Every type of energy has specific elements associated with it.

For example, water is associated with wealth and abundance and metal can represent a strong willed individual. Additionally, colors such as red and orange are associated with luck and success because they add warmth to a space. All of these elements can be incorporated into the home or office space through remedies like artwork, plants and furniture placement in order to create an optimal environment for achieving desired goals.

There are many different ways one can apply Feng Shui cures for wealth and prosperity in their home or workspace that incorporate these key principles of Feng Shui mentioned above. One way is by bringing water into the space which represents wealth energy.

Feng Shui Ship For Wealth

Having fish tanks, fountains, or simply plants with water features will help promote the flow of money throughout the space. Metal elements like coins or bells are also used to attract positivity into the space as well as attract means of abundant income opportunities accordingly.

Additionally, color comes into play again here when it comes to Feng Shui cures for wealth and prosperity 2016 since bright colors like reds and oranges can be used for this purpose too. Bright colors like these represent passion which adds vibrancy and enthusiasm for continued work towards furthering economic success in life.

This doesn’t mean that you should be painting your walls bright red though; certain colored objects such as rugs or artwork can be utilized for this desire instead. Finally, having plants within the living area can help promote positive energy as well since they symbolize growth just like money does naturally speaking.

What are the 5 Key Money Areas of a Home?

Feng Shui states that certain areas of a home are linked to financial prosperity and career success. It is important to ensure these key money areas are well looked after in order to attract wealth and abundance into your home. Here are the 5 key money areas of your home:

  • Front Door: This is the main entrance to your home, making it the most important for attracting external good luck and energy. Ensure it is well maintained and kept free from clutter.
  • Wealth/Money Corner: The wealth corner is located in the farthest right back corner from your front door. Place a display of fresh flowers or a pot of money plant here.
  • Desk Location: For career progress, place your desk opposite (not under) a solid wall which will give you support against changes or challenges that may occur
  • Pantry Or Kitchen: The pantry should be organized and clean in order to keep with the energy flow within the household.
  • Bedroom: This is an area of rest and rejuvenation. Hang crystal balls by the window or place 6 Chinese coins under the bed as indicative of energy to accumulate wealth.

Feng Shui Cures and Symbolic Talismans to Attract Wealth and Abundance

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that dates back to the time of the Qin Dynasty. It combines physical elements in our environment with energetic principles and focuses on creating balace and harmony to attract wealth, health and prosperity. Every year practitioners of this art develop cures designed to draw good fortune by capitalising on energy currents like Sheng Chi or auspicious directions like North West and North.

Attract Wealth Through the Use of Symbolic Talismans

For those looking for a quick fix to their financial woes, symbolic objects can be used as a reminder of a specific goal or desire; using symbology allows us to focus our energies on inviting abundance into our lives. Popular items include props such as fish decorations, money coins, tortoises, happy Buddha statuettes and laughing Hotei statues.

By strategically placing these around the house in wealth corners along with symbols like peaches and oranges one can increase luck associated with finance. Coins that are under glass or water also offer protection from negative influences, giving us those extra chances at bigger profits in life.

Create Flow With Specific Colours

Colour plays an important role in Feng Shui practices. For example reds are seen as vibrant and energizing and are thought to create forward movement linked with advancements made when seeking financial growth (including promotions).

To harness this kind of power it’s advised to introduce splashes of deep red into décor every now and again particularly in areas where money is likely to gather – For instance garages and main entrances are linked with larger expenses so promoting an energized atmosphere works well here too.

Also consider introducing touches of colours like golden yellow or royal purple which represent authority figures – allowing us to capture small moments where we may feel empowered thanks inspirational subconscious messages embodied through colour selection alone.

Place Things of Value Along Feng Shui Bagua Areas

When planning wealth cure arrangements consider paying attention to Feng Shui Bagua areas; these sections represent particular aspects of life so placing items that signal importance within them helps lock down luck for prosperity within corresponding fields meaningful worth (career/tasks etc). As an example opting for representing pieces placed near north west will provide clarity around project decisions while peach blossom images strategically placed towards East creates opportunities for romance partners.

:  By correctly mapping out items it’s possible create more powerful statements when working on success evoking transformation.

Decorating Your Home to Invite in Prosperity

Feng Shui is traditionally used to bring good luck, wealth and abundance into your life. Applying Feng Shui cures in your home can help create a positive energy flow that encourages wealth and prosperity. For some ideas on how to use Feng Shui to attract greater wealth and prosperity in the year 2016, read on.

Create a Clear Path

The first step when applying Feng Shui principles is to make sure your home’s entrance has an open path all the way through it. Clear away any mess or obstacles from the entrance so that prosperity can freely flow into your home. A clean path signals to potential opportunities of all kinds that they are welcome with you.

Mirrors Enhance Money Flow

Mirrors are said to be able to take in and reflect back positive energy flows, allowing more money and wealth for their owners – double the amount of mirrors in your entrance way or living room for a boost of financial rewards throughout 2016. Place them across from windows if possible as this will create a light bouncing effect which further amplifies the effects of improving wealth luck.

Healthy Plants Abound with Abundance

Bring nature indoors in 2016 for added supportive energy towards creating wealth within your own space with live indoor plants, flowers and growing herbs. This simple act will invite nature’s forces into your home allowing natural energies of abundance permeate its very being to foster greater success and prosperity into it’s inhabitants lives too.

Understanding the Power of Color in Attracting and Amplifying Wealth

Feng shui cures for wealth and prosperity are very powerful tool that can help enhance your financial prosperity. One of the most popular culprits that many people tend to use when it comes to creating feng shui cures for wealth is the power of color.

Feng Shui Items for Health Wealth and Happiness

Colors possess the power to influence our moods, emotions, and even the energetic vibrations that are present in any given environment. By understanding the development of different colors and seasonal principles, one may be able to create an effective level of energy flow to help attract positive wealth chi into your space.

The key element to feng shui is finding balance between your interior decor and specific purposes in life. This includes attracting a good energy flow for transforming any particular space or a general feeling of wellbeing throughout your living area. That said, here is a short list of colors and their corresponding meanings:

  • Red – helps bring good luck
  • Orange – represents courage, strength, and passion
  • Yellow – stimulates feelings of optimism and hope
  • Green – promotes growth in terms of health, finances, relationships.
  • Purple – signifies abundance, good fortune, spiritual growth.

Furthermore, each color has its own Feng Shui purpose for attracting different types of energies depending on which season you’re in currently. For instance during summer months when there is much sunlit warmth around then yellows could be used more often as they amplify positive energy which can be equally beneficial for stimulating vitality in personal relationships as well as strengthening business bonds with new potential customers or clients.

Similarly during winter months when there’s an absence of warm light then red could be introduced to help attract financial stability since it has been known historically as a “wealth-bringing” color since ancient Chinese times.

It’s important to take time evaluating all possible combinations prior to introducing a few select hues into either personal or professional spaces. Temperature plays an important role too; earthen shades should be favoured over bold primaries like reds – or – blues in rooms where natural sunlight cannot penetrate easily since this will likely cause unwanted discomfort due to high luminosity levels from these pigments eluding too much heat.

Additionally one must consider selecting supportive additional design elements within their home such as mirrors or windchimes whose shape symbolism can further accentuate wellbeing resonance throughout one’s domain.

Using Mirrors to Reflect Wealth and Good Fortune

Mirrors are an important tool in feng shui and have been used for centuries to bring wealth and good fortune. According to the Chinese art of placement, mirrors can reflect energy away from a home and deflect bad luck or negative energy. Here are some ways to use mirrors for better prosperity:

  • Hang two or more mirrors side-by-side facing outwards to double the amount of natural light in your home.
  • Hang one large mirror at the front door, allowing visitors to be immediately surrounded by good fortune as they enter your space.
  • Place a mirror near cash registers at business establishments to encourage customers to conduct transactions quicker.
  • Put smaller framed mirrors on your desk or workspace, which reflects back onto your face as you work – activating positive energy which helps attract abundance.

In addition, it is important that mirrors are placed in areas where there is a lot of activity. This brings attention from potential clients which could lead to opportunities for prosperity. As always when it comes to feng shui remedies, be sure that any images reflect back in a pleasant manner and do not obscure open spaces.

Also make sure that any pictures being reflected back have happy colors associated with them – bright yellows, oranges, greens, and blues rather than darker ones such as black or dark browns. Lastly make sure the reflection shows something which symbolizes luck and prosperity rather than sadness, gloominess or pain.


Feng Shui, the traditional Chinese art and philosophy, is a powerful tool for restoring balance in our homes and businesses. By creating an environment that facilitates positive energy flow, we are able to attract wealth, health and happiness into our lives. The cures suggested in this article can help you use the Principles of Feng Shui to live in abundance and manifest a prosperous future.

The various cures described in this article provide different ways of placing objects in our homes or offices so that we can nurture good physical health as well as emotional and mental well-being. Good Feng Shui practices encourage us to use materials such as wood, metal, earth and fire to allow energy flow freely into our space.

We can also use symbols that represent wealth such as dragon images, lucky bamboo trees, gems or coins placed at certain positions within our home to create an energy of financial security.

Living mindfully with Feng Shui is not about creating a perfect home environment that follows strict rules; instead it’s about creating an atmosphere of awareness where the principles are understood by all who inhabit the space. This understanding means making small changes over time as we learn each one’s effect on bringing greater balance and harmony into our lives.

In order to experience true wealth – mental acuity, physical comfort and spiritual peace – adopting the philosophies of Feng Shui allows us to find just the right way to make our spaces blessedly abundant in all areas.

The reawakening of good chi allows us to receive positive influences from all four directions – north, south east west – which promote core stability while bringing aspirations towards successful material wealth. As these influences begin to take shape would notice how quickly we feel balanced naturally peaceful more empowered compassionate joyous and less prone towards fear anger doubt worry stress sadness or depression?

In essence a profound sense of inner peace will take hold liberating us from destructively limiting thought patterns while enabling greater personal potential altogether.

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