Feng Shui For Love 2017

Feng shui for love 2017 is a popular term used to describe the practice of using ancient Chinese techniques to make positive changes in one’s romantic life. These methods range from arranging furniture, using appropriate colors and symbols, to utilizing natural energy sources like wind and light.

It can be an effective tool for improving relationships or attracting new ones, providing both psychological relief and practical assistance. With its various benefits now recognized by many, feng shui for love has become increasingly popular year over year.

The primary benefit of using feng shui for love in 2017 is the modification of energy flows within intimate relationships. As with all things related to feng shui, subtle shifts in an environment have profound effects on people’s attitudes and feelings.

By creating a space that follows the principles of balance between the five elements – fire, water, wood, metal, and earth – harmony can be brought into one’s romances. When a relationship allows a healthy balance between giving and receiving on both sides, it’s much more likely to succeed and stand the test of time.

Moving beyond individual intimate relationships, applying principles from feng shui provides a general boost when looking for love in 2017 as well. By implementing meaningful symbols that signify relationship strength such as flowers, candles or incenses into one’s living situation, they will be sending out strong signals of open heartedness which attract chemistry with potential partners.

In addition also practicing mindfulness meditation or yoga at home will further increase this feeling of openness, enabling one to create romantic connections more easily.

Overall considering its many benefits there is no doubt feng shui for love can have positive application throughout 2017. This ancient system based on Chinese traditions offers valuable insight which when understood can greatly improve chances of success regardless if you are lookinglooking to initiate a blooming romance or strengthen a current one. Through balancing out energies within our living environments we naturally open up ourselves further to forming beautiful connections with another person.

Evaluating Your Home Environment and Feng Shui Love Sectors

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that believes one’s surrounding environment has a profound impact on their body, soul, career, wealth and most importantly for this article: love life. It’s said if your home is in balance with the laws of nature and energy it will return positive benefits to all areas of your life, including romantic relationships. So what should you look out for when incorporating feng shui to bring love into your home?

First off, assess your home environment. Are things running smoothly or are there loud arguments and tension between family members? If the atmosphere is negative it’s likely any prospective lovers won’t be around long enough to even become a factor.

Creating a positive environment includes introducing natural elements such as plants while removing clutter like piles of magazines or newspapers which block Chi (life force energy). This allows harmonious energies to freely move throughout the home – increasing happiness, joy and more importantly love.

Then examine the sectors in your home that could have an impact on potential relationships. Here is a list of six sectors or rooms commonly associated with bringing love-enhancing Feng Shui into our lives:

  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Office/Study Room
  • Dining Room
  • Entry Way/Hallway
  • Kitchen

To bring these rooms into harmony according to feng shui principles these ‘love’ areas should incorporate shades of pink and red along with representations of couples such as photographs or paintings; this will subtly remind people both consciously and subconsciously they are not alone in their pursuit for companionship.

Mirrors located next to doors and windows allow more room for chi connections between two potential people, as will anything which can generate movement such as wind chimes on window sills by again actively sending energy signals outside into the world.

Light colors indicate greater intimacy while darker hues create an inviting spaciousness allowing deeper conversations to arise from within one’s own space at a minimal level of distraction.

Decorating for Love with Feng Shui

Love can be a powerful emotion and one way of allowing love to flourish is by using the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. Decorating with Feng Shui is said to influence energy flow in the home in order to bring harmony, balance and overall well being. Here are 5 steps to harnessing this energy for greater love:

  1. Create a Love Command Center: A great way to start your decorative transformation is with a designated area that will become the Love Command Center. Make sure this area has plenty of oxygenating green plants around it and face this part of the room in an auspicious direction that brings good energy based on Feng Shui directions.
  2. Add Romantic Paintings: Choose romantic images for paintings or artwork you would like displayed in the Love Command center. Opt for images that promotes romance such as lovers embracing or a couple dancing together.
  3. Arrange Bedroom Furniture: The most important factor when decorating your bedroom using Feng Shui is that both partners have equal access to the bed. Make sure bedside tables, dressers, closets and other furniture is balanced for both sides so that neither person feels as if they have less than the other.
  4. Use Red Accents: Adding touches of red throughout your bedroom can be an easy way to create more available love ingredients according to Feng Shui. Items such as bedding, vases, lamps or artwork can all be used with shades from light pink to vivid red.
  5. Apply Feng Shui Cures: Some traditional cure applications include two identical pairs (symbolizing your union), 2 Mandarin Ducks figurines facing each other (promoting partnership/relationship permanence) along with displaying pictures from previous happy days (reminding you of why you’re together). These cures must also be placed in appropriate locations based on the flying stars chart determined by year of birth and activity within the household.
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Choosing the Right Colors and Shapes for Your Love Areas

Feng Shui for love in 2017 has specific criteria that will attract more romance, good energy, and healthy relationships. If you are looking to bring more love into your life, it is essential to know the right colors and shapes associated with your current love area. Your love area or “relationship area” can be determined by finding the relationships sector in your house and establishing where this sector resides.

Knowing the right colors and shapes that belong in this space is key to inviting more positive energy for nurture love into your home. Fire element colors such as red or pink create enthusiasm and warmth, but also over-stimulation which tends to create feelings of frustration or irritation in a relationship.

Earth tones such as yellow, beige, or brown creates balance that nourish a relationship while having enough sustenance to keep couples at peace with one another without causing any arguments or feelings of resentment.

The other important component of feng shui for Love in 2017 is selecting the correct shapes for every area of your home. The shapes that are known for nesting relationships include circle, heart, trinity shape (which looks like a triangle), infinity symbol (which looks like a figure eight), parabola (also known as the life-path shape which looks like an upside down U).

All of these shapes send out energy for new beginnings and help strengthen existing bonds when placed strategically around furniture pieces or near pathways inside of a room. Knowing which color and shape combinations work best are all part of feng shui knowledge that must be followed in order to increase the likelihood of finding a romantic partner or strengthening current relationship bonds throughout the year 2017.

Positioning Your Bedroom to Welcome Love

Creating the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom is important for attracting love. Feng Shui principles help guide you to make it a welcoming space for both yourself and potential partners. It’s essential to de-clutter, have plenty of open space, display items that represent romance and start strong relationships, and create an inviting look with gentle colors and pleasant lighting.

Be sure to start tidying up your bedroom as soon as possible by clearing away any clutter or unnecessary items such as books or electronics that might distract from the energy that you want to create. This helps clear out stagnation that can prevent opportunities from arising.

To further enhance positive energy flow in your bedroom, be sure to remove any items related to former relationships including looking at old pictures of an ex-partner or other reminders of a past relationship.

Lighting is something else to consider when creating a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Soft, forgiving light is usually best when it comes to demonstrating intimacy. Choose some lovely lamps if possible which can help set an inviting tone when trying to attract new relationships into our lives. Adding some scented candles or burning incense can also help set the right mood; depending on what you prefer.

Paintings are another option when considering how you would like your romantic sanctuary for two look like – hang images of beautiful places travelled together or meaningful scenes like mountains representing fertility and growth will help create the perfect backdrop for fond memories together down the line. You could also accentuate some areas with red tones which symbolize passion and adventure – two important ingredients for sustaining lifelong healthy relationships.

Just be careful not to overdo it so that the room looks too loud or busy because too much red hues may become overwhelming rather than soothing and harmonious.

Appropriate Placement of Artwork, Mirrors, and Objects to Attract Love

Feng Shui suggests that there are certain placements and types of artwork, mirrors, and objects that can help to attract love in one’s life. The following list explores some of these placement principles for optimal energy flow in the home.

  • In the bedroom – Place two bedside lamps on each side of the bed for balance, a mirror opposite or near the bed for amplified heart energy, artwork depicting loving couples or happy families over the bed or entrance door for inspiration, and a mandarin duck couple figure on each side of the headboard.
  • In the living room – Place couples artwork before entering the room from another area such as a hallway to create an atmosphere of romantic energy. Place two identical consoles either side of a fireplace and if you have them include vases filled with fresh flowers. This will symbolize harmony and relationship stability.
  • On window sills in any room – Hang wind chimes outside windows as their gentle sound will provide positive chi into your home. Place pictures in frames at windowsills that reflect light entering through them to make a clear statement about being open to welcoming someone into your life.

A great way to use feng shui to attract love is by making sure the entryway has plenty of light leading into it. Having good energy movement through this space helps set romantic vibes throughout your home. Enhance this with plenty of beautiful plants around your doorstep and bright colours such as pinks, purples and oranges landscaping this entrance space. Of course some candles anywhere in your home should do wonders too.

Angi Ma Wong Feng Shui Dos and Taboos for Love

Living with positivity also encompasses how food is prepared within our homes so be sure to have all ingredients available when cooking so they don’t need to be running around looking for something they are missing; this creates an atmosphere where nobody gets frustrated or angry about anything.

Having fresh flowers present is also very beneficial not only when hosting guests but also just as decoration around our home too; they spread positive aroma during which brings greater joy all round.

Incorporating the 5 Elements For Maximum Love Benefits

Love and the 5 Chinese elements can be connected to increase their benefits for each other. By setting up a Feng Shui space with respect to romance, individuals will have more than likely better luck in the area of love, and potentially reap amazing rewards for doing so.

One approach to this is to use the 5 Chinese elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water-in such a way that they can positively influence love relationships. These elements fit together in a cycle of generating and controlling energy. This principle is known as “the five element cycle”.

The Five Element Cycle Benefits

  • Wood generates Fire
  • Fire generates Earth
  • Earth produces Metal
  • Metal yields Water
  • Water nourishes Wood.

Therefore it is important to understand each element with relation to its potential effects on aspects of human relationships including love life and those romantic attributes: joyfulness, creativity, passion and laughter. Read on to learn more about what each element has to offer:

Wood: Good Luck & Stable Growth in Relationships

The Wood elemental emphasis is currently found in many Feng Shui spaces meant for realising good fortune when it comes to luck in finding true romance – after all, it is these strong yet delicate branches that give sheltering joy quite like no other emotion out there.

With proper placement of certain artefacts related to the wood element (such as green plants or tall foliage) one can easily create an atmosphere that fosters further feelings of companionship & gatherings with intense joyfulness. Thus wood plays an important part when trying manifest great luck when searching for meaningful relationships.

Fire: Passionate Love & Heartfelt Moments

A strong presence of the fire element during Feng Shui sessions devoted towards finding true love can only add up too much spark within any atmosphere – enhancing passion & desire greatly.

Objects related directly with the fire element should be placed within easy proximity wherever possible; some of these might include red candles, lava stones or even orange clothes around the premise if applicable. Embracing fiery symbolism throughout also assists in encouraging deeper levels of insights which are usually cherished by couples whetting their competitive edge while complimenting each other fully.

Earth: Bond Strength & Stability In Interactions

When creating a successful environment conducive towards stronger love bonds and harmonious interactions between couples it is wise to embrace elements from within mother nature itself – creating wonderful landscapes wherever possible.

The inclusion of wind chimes along with special earth signs such as turtles or dragon sculptures encourage positive energies that synergise deeply; reminding individuals how interconnected they actually are regardless of which souls may seem far away from anothers at times promoting protective strength & stability always stands vigilant – always awaitinhg for calm heartful moments.

An Ancient Chinese Love Ritual for Couples

Feng Shui For Love 2017 is an ancient Chinese ritual designed to strengthen the bond between two romantic partners. The ritual involves taking six steps that bring the two closer together in union. These steps center around bringing light, energy, and harmony into their relationship by adjusting items such as furniture placement or even artwork on the wall.

The first step of Feng Shui For Love 2017 is to add what’s known as “yang energy” to your home with items like bright lighting, mirrors and lively colors. This will bring strength to the relationship and represent an active level of energy that can be shared and embraced by both people simultaneously. Additionally, it creates a strong feeling of hope and passion which will help drive the love in the relationship forward.

Another important step when using Feng Shui For Love is being mindful of doorways and entryways into your home or bedroom space. This allows couples to draw a distinct boundary between outside stressors – like work commitments – and personal relationships with each other. They can also use doorways as valuable opportunities to greet each other warmly and exchange positive energy throughout the day.

Finally, art pieces can have a powerful effect on relationship dynamics when considering how objects can affect our emotions in profound ways. By strategically hanging colorful paintings or artwork at eye-level near windows or important spaces for spending time together, this can act as a reminder for two people to take note of their love for one another-not just on special occasions, but every day when actively engaging with these visuals from around the house.

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