Feng Shui Corner For Love

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of applying various methods to the environment in order to achieve a sense of balance and serenity. One of the common Feng Shui usages for creating a comfortable atmosphere is incorporating a corner dedicated to attracting and maintaining love in our lives. Known as the ‘Love Corner’, this area can bring couples closer and aid singles in finding their perfect partner.

Types Of Elements The love corner has many elements which one can integrate in order to benefit from the feng shui process. For starters, items with circular designs are best used as they symbolize infinity – especially if it’s for couples who want to stay together forever.

Other examples include candelabras, wind chimes, mirrors and images of double happiness signifying partnership. Additionally, one should also make sure that items like red roses or dried lotus petals are present around this space for added energy as red radiates passion and provides an ideal aura for flourishing relationships.

Moreover, lighting this area with pink, purple or fresh flowers will create more romance energy needed in this corner Creating Your Love Corner Once people have gathered all the necessary ingredients for the Love Corner then they must deploy them effectively so that it can stand out from other areas in your home.

To bring out maximum benefits from feng shui principles one should always position pieces like statues facing outward towards the room rather than pointing towards something else – such as a wall or staircase which could signify blockage or stagnation within the relationship.

Furthermore, colour is also essential within designing this specific corner – therefore balancing chromatic intensity by using light pink curtains or duvets would be most effective when styling it up - these all contribute to bringing positive energies into your space where feelings of love and affection will flow without interruption.

History and Traditional Uses of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that involves creating harmony within a space. Its purpose is to bring about balance and positive energy in the environment, so as to promote physical and emotional wellbeing, in aspects such as health or finances. This type of corner specifically focuses on for love.

How Feng Shui Coroners For Love Work

Feng Shui Corners for Love work by turning your home into a space filled with loving and supportive energy, encouraging relationships to bloom or existing ones to be bolstered. To do this, you need to create the right balance of Yin and Yang – the two elements that comprise all living matter. Once this has been achieved, the proper placement of objects can be used to activate certain areas of your home where connections can be made.

Items Used In Creating A Feng Shui Corner For Love

  1. Crystals: Crystals are believed to have the power to draw out negative energy from an area and replace it with love and positive vibes.
  2. Love-Inspired Art: Artwork is said to help humans attract compassionate souls into their lives.
  3. Candles: The light from candles make it easier for people to communicate better with one another.
  4. Flowers: Placing bouquets of fresh roses or carnations (or both) amplifies the feelings of love among those present.
  5. Gifts: Receiving gifts brings joy not only on special occasions but also on normal days.
  6. Mirrors: Mirrors are believed to invite good luck into a space and repel bad vibrations which promote stronger connections between people.

Identifying and Clearing Energy Blockers in Your Home

The power of feng shui can be harnessed to help create a positive atmosphere that supports and enhances relationships. One of the best places to start is by focusing on the corner of your home that is responsible for love – the Relationship/Marriage area. To identify where this corner lies, take a look at the Bagua map. It consists of nine sections, with one section located in the Relationships/Marriage area.

To maximize the flow of energy in this section, it is important to identify any physical objects or items as they may be blocking energy from flowing freely. Some things to look out for are:

  • Spiral staircases
  • Sharp furniture corners
  • High shelves with heavy items

Each type of obstacle has its own unique effect within this area and should be dealt with accordingly. When it comes to dealing with spiral staircases, consider modifying their structure so that there is no “spiral” pattern created when you go up or down them.

Sharp corners on furniture can also impede a peaceful flow of energy so cover them up with some fabric or rags in order to deaden their effects. Meanwhile, high shelves with heavy objects will need to be lowered and rearranged in order to ensure optimal energy movement within this area.

Other more subtle obstacles that block chi movement are often found in clutter like piles of old magazines and papers, unorganized piles of mail and other miscellaneous things that take up space in our homes. Therefore, it is important to make sure this part of your home is neat and well organized – keep only those items you really need here and store the rest elsewhere.

How to Feng Shui Your Room for Love

Additionally, replace any unwelcome symbols like photographs of ex-partners, funeral acknowledgments or presents given long ago from people who are no longer in your life (now considered bad luck). Finally, adding new items such as fresh plants can energize this section even further by encouraging harmony and good fortune into your life.

Preparing Your Space for a Feng Shui Corner For Love

When setting up a Feng Shui corner for love it can be helpful to arm yourself with knowledge and supplies for maximum effect. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Think about the purpose of the corner. Are you looking to attract a new love into your life or strengthen an existing one?
  • Clear out any objects that may subconsciously inspire negative thoughts in your relationship.
  • Pick a spot that will be comfortable for both partners. Ideally, it should also give you access to positive energy and be in front of an open window.

Next, it’s time to create the ideal environment for your corner. Items such as crystals, pictures, and candles can help create this space. Crystals such as rose quartz can bring calming energy and unconditional love into the area while green aventurine can reflect the bright and positive vibes that you are seeking.

Placing photos that represent happy moments shared together around the area acts as reminders of why you selected each other and gives off warm energy overtime those memories are recalled. Finally, strategically positioning candles around the room provides a gentle light and hot wax has been known to draw in powers of attraction from all directions when lit with intentions of romance in mind.

Elements To Place In Your Feng Shui Corner For Love

The application of feng shui principles to have a happy relationship has been widely used throughout history. Placing essential elements in your home’s ‘Love Corner’ is believed to bring harmony and positive energy for creating and nurturing relationships with your significant other. Here are some popular items that many think should be placed in the Love Corner:


Crystals such as Rose Quartz, Malachite, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Raspberry Calcite, Red Aventurine and Amber are said to radiate energies of love that can aid in harmonizing a lovers relationship. It is commonly suggested to place crystals around keypoints of the house as many believe they foster calming effects that can support romance.


Lighting candles helps to infuse soothing, warm lighting which may create a romantic atmosphere within the home. Candles also act as natural air fresheners that can help to reduce stress levels when lit. Burning aromatherapy candles on special occasions such as anniversaries can provide an opportunity for couples to appreciate each other’s companies while positively impacting their emotional wellbeing.

Images Of Lovers

Carefully chosen images of couples passionate about each other will create a metaphysical teaching point within one’s domain, allowing them to gain insight into creating loving relationships with their significant others. Furthermore these images serve as motivators during times of difficulty between partners by reminding individuals why they fell in love in the first place.

Techniques For Enhancing the Feng Shui Of Your Corner

Feng Shui can be applied to any corner of your home as it is all about energy and how different items interact with each other in the environment you are living in. Creating a Feng Shui corner in your home that is special for love will not only attract positive energy to this space, but also around your relationship or partnership. Here are some general tips to enhance the Feng Shui of your love corner:

  • Declutter – Clearing away clutter from the relationship area of your home is very essential. Clutter blocks the flow of positive energy and taking out whatever is unnecessary can transform the space.
  • Interior Design – Design the interior in a way that appeals to both parties such as painting with romantic colors like pink, red and white, hanging mirrors in a strategic spot, displaying family photos, adding comfortable furnishing, etc.
  • Placement – Having two comfortable chairs placed at a right angle or an armchair facing outward towards an entry point can foster better communication between partners which encourages deeper conversations
  • Lighting – Lights evoke emotion therefore having candles around the room will create an atmosphere of warmth and passion.
  • Decorate – Personalizing this corner with meaningful accents that have special significance for each individual can make this space feel like it’s own special sanctum. It could include art pieces that have romantic symbolism or showcases of meaningful gifts from one another.

Adding plants into this lover’s corner is thought to attract abundance and improve fertility because plants bring vibrant energy which brings life back into stale parts of your home. Good choices include bamboo, ferns and jasmine vines which bring growth according to Feng Shui masters. Having topiaries + terrariums gives off a more classic aesthetic vibe rather than traditional houseplants if that’s more suited for you.

Mandarin Duck Feng Shui For Love Luck

Go beyond simply jade green foliage by selecting plants with petals containing deeper shades of red, purples + pinks so when looking around this love-focused zone tends to add layers of romance + positivity to its atmosphere. Mirrored surfaces reflect these additional tones perfectly and amplify how those natural hues mingle together too.

Visualizing Your Desired Outcome

Every person has a unique corner of their home that most resonates with the vibrations of love. When using Feng Shui to amp up your atmosphere and create an environment for love, it all begins with visualizing your desired outcome. Ask yourself, what do I want to bring into my life?

Do I desire a long-term relationship, passionate nights of stimulating conversation or just more loving playfulness in the house? Once you have clear intentions regarding what you wish to attract into your life, write them down on a piece of paper or draw out images representing each one.

When it comes to finding your Feng Shui corner for love, take the time to get creative and float around different areas of the home that can act as conduits for these energies. Knowing which direction will best amplify the energies that you wish to attract is key in discovering your perfect corner (or corners.)

for love. Each area is associated with certain elements, such as north is associated with water, east represents wood energy and west stands for metal influences; by considering which element best aligns with the type of energy you’d like to invoke can help direct you in making your choice(s).

The comforts within this corner should be reflective of a limitless connection between individuals along with actively inviting new relationships into one’s life. The feeling must be tender and welcoming in this space while being bold and brave as well; an active reminder that one is able to draw upon any situation where they may find themselves struggling emotionally and confidently soothe negative feelings involving dating or relationships.

Aspects such as picturesque art pieces depicting harmony between genders along sensual plants like lavender are oftentimes used as part of a décor because they can evoke strong emotions. Allowing beneficial images from nature, compassionate colors from crystals such as rose quartz or manipura citrine can generate pleasant inside us when we look at them or simply pass by them every day – efforts like these will help create an inviting atmosphere for positive effects surrounding love & relationships.

Final Touches

Setting up a Feng Shui corner for love doesn’t involve any complicated or difficult concepts. In fact, it’s actually surprisingly simple. The most important thing to remember is that by creating a special physical space dedicated to your love journey, you’re reinforcing your enthusiasm and desire to create positive change within both yourself and your partnerships. Let’s take a closer look at what should be included in your Feng Shui-inspired corner.

Start with the bed of your choice – whether it’s a full size bed or just an individual bedroll mattress. Bed linens and cushions can then be chosen to suit your personal style while also contributing to the overall atmosphere of the room and its purpose.

Choose colors that are soothing and restful, spending time selecting ones that inspire tranquility and harmony. Don’t forget about their textures too; satin, cotton, velvet all add their own unique quality to the bedding arrangement so think carefully about how each will contribute to the overall theme.

When positioning the furniture in your Feng Shui corner for love, make sure there is enough space between items for you to maneuver about comfortably. The idea is also to create an inviting atmosphere that allows plenty of clean energy or chi into the room when coupled with open windows or doors where possible.

Use symbols near furniture such as animals or plants which represent fecundity, fertility or rebalancing energy flows around the room while mirrors are excellent choices for dispersing negative energy quickly out of the area. If you do have mirrors though make sure they don’t reflect anything back on people who sit in them as this is considered very unlucky.

Some common décor accessories thought suitable for pops of color and ambiance in this space include not only candles but special incense from far flung parts of planet earth which allow aromatic qualities range from clove oil blends, sandalwood sticks, jasmine flowers & honeysuckle buds infusing exotic aromatherapy qualities throughout rooms creating harmony by their scent alone.

Other décor items like fresh flower bouquets placed strategically near bedsides create fragrances certain memories upon entering their presence while displays pictures taken during happy times foster positive self talk once again influencing minds positively by mere glance at happier occasions gone by.

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