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A Feng Shui Expert Philippines is someone who has extensive knowledge on the ancient Chinese practice of arranging and setting up interiors to achieve a harmonious atmosphere. The belief is that by following these principles, an individual can improve their luck and well being in life. A Feng Shui expert possesses specialized knowledge about physical elements such as color, placement of furniture, fabrics, floor plans and overall interior design. They also understand the concepts and theories behind these elements, including Yin and Yang, Five Elements theory and trigram formulas used in making predictions. A suitable Feng Shui expert can provide an accurate assessment of an individual’s home or workspace based on the surrounding environment for increased health and prosperity. Moreover, consultations may also be done in order to suggest corrective measures for any negative energies that could affect a person’s life.

Different Types of Feng Shui Practices Explained

Feng Shui experts in the Philippines have been developing and refining their techniques for centuries, first originating in China. There are various branches of Feng Shui that focus on particular types of energy and areas of life such as health, wealth, relationships, knowledge, and more.

It is also believed that different kinds of energies respond to different kinds of objects differently: some beneficial energies will be directly helpful while others might cancel each other out due to conflicts between the objects’ energies. Hence, when applying Feng Shui principles it is important to place the right items in certain areas around the house which can be best determined by a Feng Shui expert.

The main types of Feng Shui practiced in the Philippines are Form School or Landscape School Feng Shui (also known as Classical or Traditional Feng Shui), Compass School or 8 Mansions Feng Shui, and Five Element Theory or Water/Fire Birds Eye View Feng Shui.

Form School or Landscape School Feng Shui focuses on land formations such as mountains and rivers near one’s home and how it affects the flow of chi in one’s home. It looks at how the environment outside a structure interacts with the actual structure itself, analyzing features like its location on earth’s curves and direction from which qi arrives from via “dragon veins”.

Compass School or 8 Mansion Feng Shi uses a traditional Chinese compass called a Lo-Pan to measure directions using eight sections known as mansions (east-south east being Sheung Chi Fung). Each section has an associated virtue associated with it that either enhances one’s prosperity when properly taken advantage of or hinders it when neglected.

Five Element Theory / Water/Fire Birds Eye View uses mathematical calculations derived from five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water – and their interactions with each other to explain events both positive and negative happening in our lives and our relationships with others. This kind of application also considers directions when placing objects around our homes as too much fire can destroy wood but if wood overcomes fire then expansion can occur energetically speaking.

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Benefits of Working With a Professional Expert

A professional Feng Shui expert can be of tremendous help in improving the energy flow in your home or business space. By creating an environment that is pleasing to the eye and optimistic for the soul, these experts can increase your personal/ professional success, wealth, health and happiness. Working with a professional allows you to take advantage of their expertise in reading the energy flow of spaces and offering effective suggestions on how to create the right balance of yin and yang. They will look at where chi (life force) is blocked or trapped, suggest remedies that can reduce or eliminate negative energies, as well as provide insight into improving life through a conscious relationship with one’s environment. Professional Feng Shui experts also have access to a huge knowledge base on various layouts, symbols and items that bring positive energy. They know how to place objects in order to attract auspiciousness from Heaven (chi from above) and harness prosperity from Earth (chi from below). Furthermore, their consultations usually take into account one’s birth chartand astrological influences which may also play an important role when looking at Feng Shui solutions.

Essential Room-by-Room Consultation Topics and Techniques

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of improving one’s overall wellbeing through the placement and arrangement of physical elements. It is believed that by carefully considering the energy flow in a space, positive chi (energy) can be generated for better health, wealth and happiness. A Philippines-based Feng Shui expert would know how to generate this positive chi in any environment. Such an expert would likely cover essential consultation topics such as geomancy, yin-yang balance, good luck symbols and directions of the five elements.

In addition to such consultation topics, a Philippines-based Feng Shui expert can offer specific techniques to enhance the potential of existing environments. Techniques may include advising on furniture layout, artwork position and arrangements of access points such as doorways or windows to create symmetry within the space. Furthermore, it might suggest adding mirrors or plants to strategically bounce back negative energy and invite fresh air flow into the room respectively. Colour coordination should also be taken into consideration accordingly as each colour generates different types of energies in Feng Shui terms. Smaller details such as adding water features like water fountains can also be suggested based on their ability to encourage relaxation and abundance. As per traditional Feng Shui practises, specific items have their own power according to the relevant gods or deities they represent in order for individuals to achieve favourable fortune or peace in life – which a proper practitioner should educate their clientele about.

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Qualifications to Look For in a Feng Shui Expert Philippines

When looking for a Feng Shui expert in the Philippines, there are some qualifications to look for that can help you make sure you are getting the best possible service. The most important qualification is experience with traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles. Ideally, the Feng Shui expert should have studied and been trained in these principles at an accredited university or institute. It is also beneficial to look for an expert who has had experience consulting with other clients over a period of time and who can show various successful outcomes from their work. It is also important to ask questions about the type of advice they offer, such as space clearing techniques and evaluation methods. Additionally, it is essential to make sure that any professional you are considering is qualified to practice Feng Shui in your specific region or locality. Finally, it is recommended to select someone whose values align with yours, so you can be certain that their advice will be tailored for your unique circumstances and not generic advice only.


Engaging the services of a professional Feng Shui expert Philippines is an excellent decision when looking to create positive energy and balance in your home. A skilled advisor can help you identify and adjust any long-term obstacles or imbalances while offering guidance on how to adopt specific lifestyle practices that will promote well-being, prosperity, and harmony within your space. Ultimately, by working with a knowledgeable consultant, such as those available through Feng Shui Expert Philippines, individuals can create harmony between their physical environment and the personal energies going through it. The potential for profound shifts in attitude and manifestation — both at home and in life — are well worth any investment alongside the calming atmosphere that results from harmonizing one’s living environment with these ancient indigenous practices. With the support of Feng Shui Expert Philippines, you can make adjustments easily to maximize your living comfort and look forward to welcoming peace and prosperity into your life.

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