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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice from more than 3,000 years ago that has gained worldwide recognition. It is a complex system of geomancy and related knowledge about auspicious arrangements for promoting balance, good luck and prosperity in many aspects of life. Feng Shui has been adopted in the Philippines since it was first introduced by Chinese merchants sometime during the 11th century. It has since become an important part of Filipino culture, often being employed in the construction of new buildings or houses, as well as choosing interior design accessories.

While to many people Feng Shui is simply thought of as something to do with “good luck”, there is much more to this ancient practice than meets the eye. Its teachings on the placement and arrangement of objects, the proper orientation of structures, and even the color choices used can all be beneficial when used properly. Indeed, viewed through a different lens, Feng Shui helps promote harmony within our physical environment while providing us with balance and protection in times of strife or disarray.

In modern times, Feng Shui has become increasingly popular globally due to its ability to improve one’s quality of life but also because it promotes environmental awareness and positive energy flow throughout rooms and homes. Today there are hundreds of different types of feng shui accessories sold online as well as in stores in the Philippines that can cater for every taste, budget and requirement – from basic energizer kits for home use to large-scale works intended for commercial spaces. These feng shui accessories aim to improve overall health and well-being through carefully chosen pieces such as balancing elements (e.g., plants), cleansing crystals (e.g., quartz), correcting artifacts (e.g., mirrors) and enhancing accents (e.g., Ming vase). Ultimately, these components all seek to boost chi energy levels within one’s home so one can live harmoniously amidst nature’s laws and what is right according to their own faith or beliefs system

Historical Background of Feng Shui in the Philippines

Feng Shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is an ancient system of beliefs and practices that originated in China more than 3,000 years ago. It has become increasingly popular in the Philippines over the past few decades. According to traditional Chinese belief, Feng Shui seeks to bring human life into balance by arranging our physical environment so that it represents a harmony between the elements of water, fire, earth, metal and wood.

The concept of Feng Shui was introduced to the Philippines mainly through migration from neighboring countries such as China and Taiwan. Chinese migrants continued to spread the traditional practice of Feng Shui throughout Philippine culture centuries later during the height of Spanish colonization. This was evident through their introduction of various types of religious practices like ancestor worship which fused seamlessly with traditions already present in Filipino culture at that time. Today, it is possible to see many connections between ancient Feng Shui practices used by the early Chinese immigrants and modern interpretations in homes across the country.

The popularity for incorporating Feng Shui principles into home decor and accessories is increasingly evident in the Filipino market today. Many energy enhancing items such as wind chimes or lucky cats can be found throughout stores in cities like Manila in a wide array of shapes and sizes; from small to large trinkets made out of porcelain or glass figurines which help harness personal luck and attract prosperity into one’s life. Additionally, various services including consultations with experts are now available for creating harmonious spaces inspired by this philosophy through arranging furniture placements harmoniously according to one’s individual needs—ultimately seeking cosmic balance between humans and nature around them.

Traditional Feng Shui Practices in the Philippines

In the Philippines, traditional forms of Feng Shui are still practiced today. Landscape architects and other environmental professionals often use effective placement of windows, trees, rocks, and water to ensure a balanced energy flow in a given space. Additionally, many Filipinos decorate their homes with traditional accessories that have been believed to bring good luck and harmony. These items typically include mirrors, plants, wind chimes, incense burners, artwork depicting good fortune symbols such as Fu dogs or dragon masks, and crystals for protection. These objects can help create balance between elements in a home or workplace and enhance its overall energy levels. Many Filipino families choose to consult with an experienced Feng Shui master to verify their layouts before proceeding with the arrangement of furniture or installation of accessories. This helps ensure that all aspects of the space correspond with basic principles of Feng Shui theory. Ultimately, these practices are meant to boost one’s prosperity and success – when correctly implemented according to tradition – by harmonizing energies with environment surrounding it.

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Modern Practices of Feng Shui in the Philippines

Feng Shui has become increasingly popular in the Philippines, and many Filipinos have adopted it as an essential part of their lives. There are several schools of thought when it comes to Feng Shui, and each one may take a different approach to achieving the desired balance of energy. In the Philippines, most practitioners rely on the Bagua Map, which divides a space into nine sections associated with specific areas of life such as wellness, relationships and money. These zones are enhanced by introducing certain symbols, materials and shapes that are said to positively affect the energy flow in each area. The Chinese Art of Placement is one of the main techniques used in Philippine Feng Shui; this includes arranging furniture and objects in a certain direction so they do not block positive chi energies from entering the space. Other tools used in modern Philippine Feng Shui practices include mirrors, water features such as fish ponds or fountains, plants and even wind chimes or bells designed to bring good luck. Additionally, there is an emphasis on using Feng Shui accessories like crystals, incense or bamboo fountains to further promote positive energies and prosperity.

Benefits of Feng Shui Accessories

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese tradition that believes certain elements of one’s home affect its inhabitants’ health, wealth, and luck. Adding certain Feng Shui accessories to the home can help create a more balanced and harmonious atmosphere. These accessories can range from furniture to artwork to small decorative items. For example, Feng Shui suggests utilizing plants and stones which can bring positivity into your space. In the Philippines, many Feng Shui items such as Greenery Bamboo water fountains and Yin Yang mirrors can be purchased online or at local spiritual stores. These artifacts are believed to bring a positive energy and attract abundance in your home. Additionally, other popular items are crystals & gems which reduce stress and provide emotional support. Furthermore, wind chimes & bells also act as powerful sources of good energy; they ward off negative influences in your environment by creating calming vibrations through their sounds. Ultimately, these gifts from nature help enhance mental clarity, balance emotions, and usher in positive energy for ways you can never imagine.

Different Types of Feng Shui Accessories Available in Philippines

In the Philippines, there are different types of Feng Shui accessories that can be incorporated into any home or office to help promote feelings of concentration, luck, prosperity and success. One popular type of Feng Shui accessory is a Chinese style wind chimes. These chimes produce a sound that is believed to bring good luck and balance energy in the home or office. Additionally, crystals and stones such as rose quartz and jade, known for their spiritual healing properties, also make excellent Feng Shui accessories for the Philippines home or office.

Other popular Feng Shui accessories available in The Philippines include pi yaos and Fu Dogs. Pi Yao are mythological creatures from Chinese folklore, renowned for their power of protection and feng shui uses they have to attract wealth, health and love luck. Fu Dogs are also mythical beasts which are believed to have protective powers. They are powerful symbols of protection that can be placed in key areas around homes or offices.

Plants can be another great addition to homes or work environments as they create positive chi while helping to improve air quality levels. Lucky Bamboo arrangements with 6 stalks symbolize strength and prosperity while Jade plants – also known as money plants – are said to attract abundance into the surroundings. Alternatively, duranta trees – often termed ‘the bird´s paradise’ – represent an eternal cycle of life due to their constantly changing colors throughout the year.

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Popular Brands and Prices of Feng Shui Accessories in Philippines

Feng shui accessories are becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines for people looking to add luck and prosperity to their homes or offices. There is a wide variety of brands that offer traditional, modern and handcrafted pieces to suit any style. Popular brands include Tanlong, Lighthouse and Lucky Dragon.

Tanlong offers a selection of luxury feng shui accessories to promote positive energy flow in your home. Their items range from traditional wind chimes and five-element coins to more modern accessories such as crystal charm pendants and Tibetan singing bowls. Prices vary depending on the item but most pieces start around $15 USD.

Lighthouse has been around since 1987 and specializes in handcrafted sculptures inspired by Chinese culture such as dragons, grasshoppers, Fu Dogs, horses and more. Their pieces can be found in various sizes ranging from small table sculptures to larger ones meant for outdoor décor starting at $25 USD.

Lastly, Lucky Dragon offers an extensive collection of authentic antique feng shui items made of jade, rose quartz and citrine sourced directly from China. All products are ethically conscious and priced competitively with items ranging from $20-$45 USD for bracelets, amulets and bells made of high quality stones that can bring tranquility into any space.

Where to Buy Feng Shui Accessories in Philippines

Feng shui accessories are becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines as more people seek to incorporate the principles of this ancient art into their daily lives. They can be bought in many different stores, both online and offline, so finding what you need should never be too hard. Offline stores tend to have very diverse collections of Feng Shui accessories such as lucky charms, crystals and gemstones, images of gods and goddesses, incense sticks, essential oils and aromatherapy sprays. Alternately there are many online retailers selling specifically designed items for the practice of Feng Shui such as bamboo flutes for good luck, wind chimes for prosperity, and various shapes and colors of crystal balls for protection from bad luck. Additionally there are many workshops run by professional practitioners which offer an even wider selection of items sure to make your home feel balanced and harmonious.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of integrating the elements and energies in one’s environment to produce a harmonious effect on life. Although many people understand Feng Shui as a way to organize furniture, it is much more than that. By incorporating Feng Shui accessories into your home and office, you can increase positive energy flow, create more balance in your life, and open yourself up to greater experiences and opportunities. In summation, here are some tips for using Feng Shui Accessories Philippines:

1. Place Mirrors to Reflect Positive Energy – Mirrors are excellent tools for reflecting energy and promoting Yin energy in the surrounding area. Try placing them opposite a natural view such as a garden or beautiful scenery both inside and outside of your home or office

2. Use Wind Chimes – Decorative wind chimes bring calming harmony when the wind blows through them. They can be hung around windows, doorways or patios to bring luck and fortune and create positive Chi

3. Place Crystals – Crystals come in many different colors with each color having its own healing properties. Certain crystals like blackobsidian help absorb negative energy while others like rose quartz promote love, acceptance, protection and understanding

4. Hang Sun Catchers – Sun catchers hang generally hang off of window panes redirecting light throughout your living space creating an uplifting ambiance while protecting from evil force energies

5. Add Water Fountains – Water fountains simulate rain bringing both peace and fortune along with special elements that can help heal mental blocks allowing for inner clarity By utilizing Feng Shui accessories Philippines properly, you are investing in a better life experience filled with positivity and success!

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