Feng Shui Elements For Bedroom

Feng Shui elements for bedroom can help create a more tranquil and calming atmosphere for sleep. This ancient practice is said to have originated from the Chinese, and is now used widely all over the world.

It’s based on the philosophy of balance, harmony, and energy in relation to our living spaces. When put into practice correctly, Feng Shui works by organizing furniture and accessories according to its principles with an aim to create inner balance and positive energy flows that should result in a sense of well-being.

In Feng Shui, colors, lights, decorations, mirrors as well as furniture placement are very important. Different types of colors or combinations of different colors are suggested according to the area of the room where they reside.

Applying colors with certain saturation levels depending on how much natural light penetrates your bedroom will help you adjust your home décor accordingly too create an overall cooling or warming effect for your comfort when spending time in it.

Mirrors can be used strategically – both inside and outside your bedroom – also influenced by its size and shape since this element brings light into dark areas when placed properly for maximum impact with less risk of undesirable reflections like door reflection says traditional feng shui knowledge.

Additionally adding sources of indirect lighting such as wall mounted sconces candles or outdoor lights can also be effective while at same time not draining your wallet. Focus on being cautious about avoiding too many decorative objects that interferes with free movement in you bedroom thus preventing energy from getting blocked – keep only few personal items that make you feel good upon looking at them; they will work their magic even without effort from you.

A few plants around the room complete this pleasant blend when we combine all these elements according to the principles of Feng Shui for designing bedrooms into our domestic architecture projects.


The Bagua is one of the most important tools in Feng Shui for creating balance and harmony in a bedroom. The Bagua is used to map out the energy flow in a space, highlighting areas of the bedroom where certain Feng Shui elements should be placed to bring harmony and happiness. The five elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal are all represented on the Bagua-each located according to their relationship with the other four elements.

Water is associated with north area of a bedroom because it’s believed that this part of the room brings good luck. Having water related images or objects such as an aquarium or fountain will create balance in this area. It’s also important to have good air circulation near these elements so they don’t become stagnant and negative energy doesn’t accumulate.

Wood represent south and east areas of a bedroom which are strong sources from yang energy that gives drive and motivation to its inhabitants. Having furniture with wooden material or having plants are both great ways to bring wood element into your bedroom and maintain its organizing energies.

Wood can be used as decoration as well as functional pieces like desk or chair with wooden construction for work purpose. Additionally, it’s important that you make sure your furniture isn’t made out of iron material since it’s believed iron conducts negativity through magnetism and disrupts good vibes in your space.

Fire represents south-west area of your bedroom which serves an incredible source of passion, success, courage, prosperity & fame by igniting inspiration within you towards pursuing dreams & achieving goals. Decorating using light red shades can bring warm atmosphere into your sleeping space while using natural light such as LED lamps is also excellent way to have calming effects on your entire room itself just by adding some lighting fixtures around it.

Furthermore, having dark colored rugs on floor can ground fire’s energy creating subtle yet effective ambiance giving rise joyous outlooks.

Wood Element

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art, and science, which originated over 3,000 years ago. It focuses on harmonizing people with their surroundings through understanding how certain elements can interact with each other in a particular space.

One of the most important elements in feng shui is Wood, as it brings balance and health to any environment when used correctly. Applying the principles of this element in a bedroom creates not only peace and harmony but also boosts natural energy flow.

Incorporating more wooden materials within a bedroom can be done in many ways:

  • Adding furniture made of wood can help to instill a sense of warmth and comfort. This could include wooden bed frames or dressers, as well as end tables.
  • Adding window treatments such as blinds or curtains made of natural fabrics is another great idea. These materials bring an organic touch into your space while still helping to regulate the amount of sunlight exposure.
  • Hanging artwork with nature-inspired themes containing tones and textures related to wood will bring an additional calming influence into your bedroom environment.

The use of wooden accents and furnishings contributes to creating an easy-going atmosphere where sleeping patterns are improved being conducive to peaceful dreams. Wooden surfaces can help absorb sound vibrations because they are naturally absorbent which adds greatly to the sense relaxation that comes from a room furnished with wood. Additionally, certain types of carpets contain wood fibers that contribute to naturally freshening the air indoors by releasing phytoncides.

Wood can also be used in Feng Shui remedies such as practice meditation near wooden objects like drums or flutes; keep bamboo plant on one side of the bed for extra energy; or even placing a small wooden box filled with coins under the bed for solvency boosts.

Study Table In Bedroom Feng Shui

Fire Element

The fire element carries an aura of warmth and passion that can be used to bring excitement and energy into the bedroom. The emotional connection between individuals is strengthened through the use of a red-hued fire element, while energizing orange tones create a positive atmosphere for stimulating conversation. Positioning the fire element in an attractive display will encourage generosity and appreciation from both partners, promoting harmony in the bedroom.

Using candles or lamps to create an even distribution of natural light are suggestions which link this element to its complementary Bedside Triangle of Success. This triangle refers to three elements that create an effective balance: natural lighting, water elements such as fountains, and plants with leaves representing wood or air elements. All three of these objects combine to provide a sense of relaxation and renewal within the atmosphere.

Adding further texture and ambiance to your room are wall sculptures expressing emotions or symbols associated with the Fire element such as dragons, lanterns and tapestries. These pieces draw one’s eye towards their presence which can induce an overwhelming feeling that stimulates passion towards someone without physical contact being necessary. Additionally, massage oils designed with this Fire elemental influence affect both body and soul similarly while acting as reminders during a time when amorous activity is required.

Creating tropical themes throughout your bedroom such as displaying pineapples or including a bright splash background will ensure that all senses are engaged when spending time in this space creating long lasting memories associated with romance once felt amongst you both during previously unforgettable evenings spent here together.

Earth Element

The incorporation of the Earth element into bedroom designs is an ancient practice that originated in China. This popular practice was called Feng Shui and it was based on the belief that arranging furniture and objects in specific ways promoted harmony in a space.

In particular, the Earth element can help foster communication among members of a household while also providing grounding properties. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at how you can incorporate the Earth element for communication and grounding in your bedroom.

To start off, incorporating earth tones and textures into your design is essential when it comes to working with this element. Materials such as timber, wood, rock and terracotta all offer calming vibes and are excellent for achieving more grounded interiors.

Choosing furniture made from these materials will bring a gentle, earthy vibe to any room, especially when paired up with neutral colors like creams, tans or light greens. Visual elements like hanging artwork depicting natural landscapes or wooden sculptures can also be great design choices for representing the Earth element.

After setting your theme with specific materials and visual cues, it’s time to layer in other features associated with the Earth element. Below is a list of additional suggestions to get you started:

  • Add plants around the room – Lush indoor plants always bring life into any interior.
  • Hang nature-inspired tapestries – Nature-inspired Tapestries are ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere.
  • Incorporate crystals – With their strong elemental energies, crystals are great for boosting positive vibes within your home.
  • Create cozy reading nooks – Create cozy nooks with pillows or bean bag chairs which provide comfort for deeper relaxation.

There are countless ways to embrace the earthly elements when decorating a bedroom. Keeping key elements of relaxation in balance helps manifest good energy no matter what type of design you’re aiming for; whether tropical bohemian, modern glamor or farmhouse chic.

Additionally, furnishings such as large rugs can really tie together an area while also contributing to feelings of comfort and grounding our space further enhancing Feng Shui principles. All these designs ideas should make sure your bedroom layout stays balanced between communicating connection among family members whilst providing peacefulness for getting adequate rest each night.

Metal Element

The Metal element helps bring mental clarity and emotional stability into the bedroom. This can be achieved by using a combination of metal furnishings, such as headboards, bed frames, and wall art pieces to create an atmosphere of balance and control. The cool, calming tones of metal evoke feelings of tranquility that help to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Additionally, it is also believed that these objects are excellent protection against any negative energy circulating in the living space.

The use of metal accents in a room’s decor plays an important role in Feng Shui principles because it promotes better thought-processing capabilities when integrated with existing elements within the environment. For instance, incorporating items such as a compact overhead chandelier reflects light from all angles while creating an energized ambiance compared to larger lighting features like floor lamps or ceiling fans that tend to focus energy flow.

In terms of how this influences wellbeing, metal helps maintain harmony between family members due to its reflective nature which allows individuals the opportunity for self-reflection and inner growth. Furthermore, it encourages orderliness during times of chaos since its structured design promotes clarity which enables us to understand our thoughts better.

Whether it’s a subtle hint through decoration or implementing larger pieces of furniture in your space such as side tables; metal accents add refinement to any home while promoting improved wellbeing on many levels.

Water Element

1) Hang water features near the window – Water features can be hung near windows to form a calming atmosphere and reduce negative energy. Placing a Zen Rock Garden or small Tabletop Water Fountain in the bedroom is a great idea. This will help to give the space a relaxed and soothing vibe while also providing healthy EMF-free ions which are said to benefit sleep quality.

2) Add reflections – Mirrors in particular, are very important for good Feng Shui as they reflect energy and bring in more positive chi into our lives. Place two mirrors diagonally across from each other; this will create both movement and balance.

How to Make My Bedroom Feng Shui

3) Use Aquatic Themed Artwork – Aquascapes, images of inland bodies of water, or abstract artwork depicting its turbulent nature can be an effective way to enhance the presence of this element in your bedroom.

4) Incorporate essences and scents related to Water-There is an abundance of scent options available nowadays derived from natural ingredients that have been used over centuries for revitalizing spirit and mind such as lavender, amongst others. Incense sticks or wax melts with fragrances that contain hints of aqua are ideal for invigorating the atmosphere with watery energy.

5) Consider Buying Houseplants That Require Lots Of Water-Plants like Boston ferns make great additions to any room as they require plenty of moisture and thrive best when placed near windowsills where they’ll be exposed to indirect sunlight throughout most parts of the day or night.

Aside from adding more oxygen into your environment, these types of house plants will absorb negative energies which correspond with heavy emotions such as stress or anxiety while maintaining a nice lively decor indoors.

  • Hang water features near the window
  • Add reflections
  • Use aquatic themed artwork
  • Incorporate essences and scents related to Water
  • Consider buying house plants that require lots of water

Dedicating one area within your bedroom dedicated solely towards this element can be highly beneficial if it is used correctly – placing items associated with aqua on dressers drawers, shelves or even lighting pieces such as lamps work wonderfully too. It should also be remembered that items need not always correspond directly with traditional ideas; using swirly patterns, ripple design slates/ sculptures depict this same flowy attribute associated with water often enough too.

Furthermore, blue rugs are known for expelling negative energy so placing one by your bedside can really make for a much more emotionally at home sleeping environment.

Reviewing what makes you feel calm around water elements themselves – whether it’s experiencing their serenity through seasonal rains, humid saunas or even freshwater springs – then applying these feelings within other aspects around your home such as objects; artworks; lighting pieces etc really plays an important part towards achieving a balanced level of energy when sleeping at night.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of creating balance and harmony within one’s environment by strategically arranging furniture, household items, art pieces, and other objects. By doing so, Feng Shui practitioners believe that a person can maximize their physical and mental health.

Creating a Feng Shui bedroom is no exception; proper placement of items in the room can ensure an overall sense of relaxation, allowing you to more restfully spend your time there. This blog post discussed some of the most important elements to consider when setting up a bedroom according to Feng Shui principles.

The first element discussed was colors-the colors of a bedroom have the potential to have a huge impact on how the space feels. Warm, comforting colors such as yellows, oranges, and reds should be avoided; instead, natural shades like blues and greens are more calming for the mind. It is also important to consider lighting-try using lower watt bulbs or lanterns with dimmable settings for more control over brightness levels.

Furniture placement is another key element when setting up a room in accordance with Feng Shui principles; large furniture pieces should never be placed directly across from another object in the room as this will create tension and negative energy flow between them. Try avoiding clutter as well; having too many items in your bedroom will create a chaotic energy that won’t promote better sleep or relaxation time.

To further harmonize your bedroom according to Feng Shui principles, it’s important to consider plants or decorations that bring positive energy into the space – these could include artwork depicting nature scenes or plants like bamboo which promote strong wood energy according to Feng Shui beliefs. Placing mirrors in your space can also help open up tight spots or deflect any negative chi (energy).

Additionally, hanging crystals near windows will help clear out any nightmarish vibes while adding additional beautiful elements into your room’s decor scheme. Finally, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all of these suggestions just remember not to take it too seriously – ultimately everything comes down to what makes you feel comfortable and creates a relaxing atmosphere for you personally.

When setting up a Feng Shui bedroom at home it is best to keep these ideas in mind – they can serve as great direction when designing how you would like your personal space arranged. You may find helpful resources online including guides and videos from experts that demonstrate various tips and tricks for achieving balanced spaces for better living conditions inside any home.

Answers to any additional questions on this subject should also be available through university research libraries or local branches of interior design businesses offering consulting services related to this topic. Overall though following basic principles such as keeping things clean and maintaining good balance composition within each space should have anyone well on their way towards creating their own peaceful heaven right inside their own homes.

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