Feng Shui Romantic Bedroom Colors

At its core, the ancient art of Feng Shui is based on the philosophy that how you organize and purge items in your bedroom can help create a more harmonious energy. Color plays an important role in creating a romantic atmosphere, because it has the power to evoke certain emotions and set tones. Using deep, yet calming hues such as rich blues, greens, and purples are typically seen as ideal for promoting balance and romance within a personal space.

Using Feng Shui-friendly colors to create a romantic ambiance in one’s bedroom depends on understanding several basic principles that have to do with how each individual color affects us emotionally. Specifically, the primary colors used should be energizing yet peaceful enough to promote relaxation.

For instance, purple is often associated with wisdom, passion and luxury – providing a sense of elegance while stimulating warmth. Creating a master suite out this hue may prove beneficial for couples looking to enhance their intimacy together.

Blues create feelings of openness which promotes trust and understanding; they also symbolize calmness and peace; great for those who may suffer from insomnia or have trouble decompressing after a long day. Additionally, green nuances bring in positive connotations such as balance stability; perfect for those needing structure or groundedness in their lives especially post-quarlesmesne.

Ultimately, understanding the dynamics of various colors is key when attempting to implement feng shui into one’s living space whether trying to spark romance or find overall life harmony. When chosen correctly however, these colors can create beautiful spaces that promote relaxation and offer spiritual balance both individually – although usually best enjoyed together by two people in love.

Recommended Colors for Romantic Bedrooms

Creating a romantic bedroom is essential for those wanting to enhance their love life. As it expands upon the bedroom’s existing intent, emphasis should be placed on decorating it in the most fitting and flattering way possible. From the pillow choice to wall colors and furniture arrangements, each element should allow each partner to feel comfortable, appreciated, and loved.

Feng Shui understands the importance of choosing appropriate colors as part of this plan – this Ancient Chinese practice believes specific hues can promote relaxation, joy, equality, passion and peace – all important elements for a successful romantic relationship. Each hue provides a unique energy and color resonates with different people according to their individual personality types so that they may receive tailored benefits.

The following list provides an overview of the colors traditionally recommended by Feng Shui:

  • Light pink – Energetically associated with tenderness
  • Deeper red shades – Tied to passionate energy
  • Peach shades – Promote tranquility
  • Creamy whites – Represent purity
  • Lavender – Stimulate romance
  • Deep blues – Connected to trustworthiness

Additionally, when working with multiple colors in a single space or looking for suitable color combinations for your walls and window treatments it is best to make sure you select neutral base hues then add colorful accents which can be changed out easily based on preferences or moods.

For example grey or beige along with ivory provide a calming backdrop which enables such main focal points as images, soft textiles or flowers become more prominent thereby allowing creativity within the design process two flow easier.

Lastly avoiding darker shades such as black can help increase positive energy flow and create an inviting atmosphere for love making couples looking for privacy possibly within small spaces.

How to Choose Feng Shui Colors

Choosing the proper Feng Shui colors is an important part of setting up a romantic bedroom. Not only do the right colors contribute to feelings of calm and contentment, but they also help to provide the necessary building blocks for a harmonious space. Before selecting paints and wall treatments, consider ways you can apply Feng Shui guidelines to your bedroom design that will create a beautiful atmosphere full of warmth and love.

The most common Feng Shui colors for a romantic bedroom are shades of pink and red as these are typically associated with feelings such as passion, tenderness, and stimulation. Other popular choices might include oranges and yellows, which inspire enthusiasm, energy, and joy. Regardless of what color you choose for your walls, ceiling or décor items, be sure that it complements both members of the couple so that you can create a space that feels personalized for both parties.

When incorporating several colors into one room it is also important to keep balance in mind; if you find yourself drawn to paint multiple bold colors on the walls or furniture pieces then perhaps use lighter versions of these same colors for bedding or floor rugs. As well, if you’re unsatisfied with simply painting a wall then add elements such as textured wallpaper to bring out contrast in your chosen colors without overpowering with too many bright shades.

If considering artwork or wall hangings make sure it follows similar tones (i.e., don’t hang bright blue artwork against lavender colored walls). Lastly, be aware of how much color saturation is inside your room and take note when something looks overly cluttered-if this happens try toning down some pieces or replace them altogether before establishing a sense of harmony in your bedroom oasis.

Best Feng Shui for a Master Bedroom

Incorporating Colorful Linens

When it comes to choosing colors for a romantic bedroom, many people don’t realize just how important choice of hue can be. The right colors and tones can set the mood, inspire romance and even have a calming effect in the room. According to Feng Shui principles, the best color selections are those that evoke passion and fire, such as deep shades like reds or burgundy combined with light creams or whites.

Incorporating these hues into the bedding can bring out all of the benefits of these romantic colors. One idea is to choose a single bright, lively shade and pair it with contrasting but complementary colors to create a stylish blend – this could be done using throw blankets or shams as an accent on top of basic white sheets and pillowcases.

If color blocking is something desired in order to make the bedding pop more brightly, one could also pair various blocks of solid-colored materials together for a truly eye-catching outcome.

When decorating with colorful linens, texture should also be taken into account in order to set off your chosen romantic shades even further. Incorporating things like velvet or brocade not only adds visually interest but also adds comfort – perfect for restful nights spent together. It may also be beneficial add in another shade from nature, such as shades of greens brought through plants situated around the room.

Ideas For Incorporting Colorful Linens

  • Choose a single bright shade – paired with contrasting yet complementary colors.
  • Colour block – pairing varous blocks of solid-colored materials.
  • Think about texture – velvet/brocade adds visually interest & comfort.
  • Bring shades of nature into your colour palette – adding plants around the room.

Incorporating Natural Elements

Creating a romantic bedroom takes careful planning and thoughtfulness. Feng Shui principles, specifically relating to the use of natural elements, can help create an uplifting and inviting space for couples. Utilizing the power of nature, you can establish a peaceful oasis for your partner and yourself and enhance the strong emotional bond between you both.

The most direct way to bring nature into the space is with plants or flowers which helps to support better-quality sleep while improving overall mental health. Adding a few shrubs, exotic plants, or flowers to the room will naturally boost the energy of the bedroom by making it more cozy, enticing, and restorative; taller plants are particularly useful in this regard.

Additionally, depending on your preference, you could even hang potted plants from ceiling hooks to create a focal point within the room.

Using natural elements towards furniture pieces helps to bring depth to any room’s design scheme. For example: adding a bed frame made with raw wood material creates an earthly feel as does incorporating items such as wool blankets or wicker baskets that can provide tactile texture throughout the space.

Other materials which work well for bedrooms include rattan chairs/tables and jute rugs or runners; these materials assist with grounding energy from entering too quickly or intensely into the room.

  • Adding a few shrubs, exotic plants, or flowers
  • Visually appealing bed frame made out of raw wood
  • Incorporating tactile furniture pieces such as wool blankets or wicker baskets
  • Rattan chairs/tables & jute rugs/runners for grounding energy.

Accent Pieces

Candles can be a great way to set the romantic atmosphere of the bedroom. Candles come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes so there are many options for matching candles to the color scheme of your feng shui romantic bedroom.

Placing several small votive candles around the room on bedside tables and dressers creates a soft and inviting atmosphere for spending time with a partner. Larger, scented pillar candles add a warm and cozy ambiance that isn’t overpowering but instead adds an intimate feeling to the space.

Art can also be used to help create your feng shui romantic bedroom. Whether it is framed pictures of you and your partner or artwork that depicts images such as hearts or flowers, these pieces help enhance the energetic flow of love energy in your room. Abstract art creates an energetic connection between two people creating an even more intimate environment for romance.

Plants are one final type of accent piece that helps create a peaceful and inviting space for love. Beautiful live plants bring fresh life into any bedroom, calming any stressful energies and adding beauty. Of course, artificial plants can also be used if low maintenance is preferred.

The most important thing when selecting accent pieces for your feng shui romantic bedroom is that they should reflect both partners and their unique tastes in styling. In this way, each person will feel seen within the space creating even more harmony between them both.

Benefits of Feng Shui Romantic Bedroom Colors

The art of Feng Shui has been used for centuries to create a peaceful and tranquil environment. Many people are now incorporating the use of Feng Shui colors into their bedroom design to create a more romantic atmosphere. By using certain colors, textures, patterns and symbols, you can evoke an air of romance and attraction in your bedroom that will bring you and your partner closer together.

The following list outlines some of the key benefits to applying Feng Shui principles in your bedroom design:

  • Create a feeling of harmony – Harmonious colors can be used to bring balance to your relationship.
  • Evoke positive energies – Using shades of peach, pink or red all have energizing qualities which make them ideal for creating intimacy.
  • Foster relaxation – Calming blues help to provide a feeling of relaxation where couples can enjoy quality time together.
How to Feng Shui a Bedroom

In order to best understand how to use Feng Shui colors in your bedroom design, it is important to first define where the four cardinal points in the room are, such as north, east south and west. Each corner has its own symbolism based on traditional Feng Shui practice. This guidance can help you decide what kind of furniture and colors work best in each area for desired effect.

  • North – Blue is a great choice for this corner as it brings about an element of trust.
  • East – Replenishing green represents growth and nurtures your relationship.
  • South – Red signifies passion which is essential for fostering strong physical chemistry between partners.
  • West – Soft neutrals signify emotional stability while providing a sense of security

Considerations for Incorporating Feng Shui Colors

When incorporating Feng Shui colors into a romantic bedroom, there are several special considerations that should be taken into account. One of the most important things to be aware of is that each color corresponds to a specific energy or emotion and should therefore be chosen in accordance with the desired effect.

For example, red is often seen as a symbol of passion and vitality, making it an ideal choice for creating a romantic atmosphere. Other colors such as pink and purple are also associated with romance and can create a soft, soothing ambiance in the bedroom.

In addition to the selection of colors, it is also important to consider how they will interact with larger elements in the room. For example, if you have items made from light-colored wood such as furniture or bed frames, you may want to use lighter shades of Feng Shui colors such as pink, yellow or cream in order to not overwhelm these pieces.

The opposite would apply when using dark wood elements such as cabinets or side tables – darker shades may help create better balance within the room. By carefully considering these relationships between elements and colors, you can ensure that your design will create both a beautiful and harmonious atmosphere.

The placement of the colors themselves can be just as important as their selection when creating a romantic atmosphere with Feng Shui principles. According to traditional teachings, areas like walls will have stronger impact on energy flow compared to smaller details like bedding or accessories, making it important to choose these areas wisely when establishing an environment conducive for romance.

Besides carefully inspecting any pre-existing architectural features – such as windows & doors which can signify both positive & negative connotations – take note where the bed location might be placed so separate areas can receive “romantic” attention instead of only centralizing it around one particular wall/item/furniture piece.

Finally remember that even though there are guidelines governing this practice, ultimately its success relies on understanding how best your particular configuration works alongside its environment – something you may have to adjust & observe over time until achieving satisfactory results.


When incorporating Feng Shui into your bedroom’s color scheme, the main idea is to create a sense of balance and serenity. Based on the formulas taught by traditional Chinese medicine, balanced colors can help create harmony and relaxation within the bedroom. For a romantic atmosphere, focus on warmer colors like shades of yellow, orange, and pink. Additionally, it is highly recommended that earth tones such as brown are used to bring in grounding energy.

The most important element when decorating a Feng Shui friendly bedroom is the bed itself. When positioning the bed it is essential to be mindful of its location in relation to the door.

In general terms, beds should be placed diagonally across from the door; this will ensure that energy can flow freely from one side of the room to another. Keeping clutter as minimal as possible while also adding art pieces that evoke strong emotions will further aid in creating a space filled with love and romance.

Finally, crystals have been long known for their powerful energy properties and emotional connotations; adding crystals to a romantic area such as a bedroom aids in bringing together fibers of positive elements which stimulate amorous emotions. Depending on overall design preferences also choose plants or flowers which help promote feelings related to happiness and passion yet be sure avoid over watering or overcrowding since this can overcome with other energies attracting negative vibes instead of amorous ones.

With all these elements taken into consideration success in achieving an atmosphere conducive to romance is within grasp.

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