Feng Shui 2 Ducks

Introduction to Feng Shui 2 Ducks

Feng Shui 2 Ducks is an alternative form of Feng Shui from the traditional system. It was created by Master Kua Chang and is based in the new energy of Qi, which is believed to be more powerful than the original energy. Unlike other forms of Feng Shui, it does not work with five elements and doesn’t limit its use of symbols to just one set of classical rules. Instead, it operates on the basis of yang (positive) and yin (negative) forces, working together to create harmony and balance. This system works on the principle that each ‘duck’—or area or space—needs its own type of qi that is particular to it, and that each duck’s energies should interact with those around it. It also works on developing an understanding of how our surroundings can influence our behavior; this ties into a belief that if we can understand our surroundings better, we will be able to bring more luck and happiness into our lives.

Benefits of Incorporating FengShui 2 Ducks

Feng Shui 2 Ducks is a type of Feng Shui practiced by many people in the belief that it may bring good luck, health, and wealth. It is based on the term “Duck” which symbolizes balance, flexibility and serenity. A Feng Shui 2 Ducks practitioner will work to make certain that their energy lines are unblocked and directed in a positive direction in order to attract positive influences into an individual’s life.

Feng Shui 2 Ducks can be used to promote harmony and balance in one’s environment. For example, Duck placement may be used to create a more calming atmosphere or to encourage productivity at work. Additionally, it can also be used to eradicate negative energy from a home or workplace.

Another benefit of this Ducking technique is its potential for elevating one’s own personal energy level. Many practitioners believe that negative energies are attracted to people who are off-balance and unfocused; through the use of energetic alignments which come from proper duck placement, these energies can be redirected toward a more positive state. Evoking feelings of self-esteem, confidence and joy can help individuals take even greater control over their environment and lives in general.

For physical health benefits, Feng Shui 2 Ducks works with the body’s natural energy flow in order to optimize its ability to heal itself. Through using carefully placed ducks as focal points for certain parts of the body, beneficial energy channels can potentially open up faster healing time if an injury has occurred or relieve tension if there is pain present otherwise.

History of Feng Shui 2 Ducks

Feng Shui 2 Ducks is an ancient practice of Chinese geomancy, according to which the placement of two ducks inside a home or business space is believed to represent good luck and prosperity. The art of Feng Shui 2 Ducks was first practiced by the northern Chinese during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Using two ducks as a form of Feng Shui is intended to create harmony, balance, and positivity within the environment; as ducks are connected to water, which symbolizes wealth in traditional Chinese culture. As far back as 4,000 years ago, various symbolism has been attributed to this practice. For example, some believe that having two ducks together in one place symbolises marital harmony within a family home. It is also said that if one places such ducks opposite each other it will bring financial luck and prosperity.

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The practice of using these two ducks has become so popular that items such as figurines have been created with them included in the design. Such decorations have become embedded in cultural traditions throughout China and other east Asian countries like Japan and Korea. In modern times they can also be seen on clothing items such as hats and t-shirts.

Feng Shui 2 Ducks still remains an important influence in East Asian cultures, despite its ancient origins. People today continue to believe that bringing two ducks into their living space will bring peace and fortune into their lives – a belief shared for thousands of years before them all across the world.

Explaining the Rules of the Game

Feng Shui 2 Ducks is a game where you use luck, strategy, and knowledge of different Chinese elements to create order out of disorder. Pieces are arranged on the board in alternating colors (black and white) and represented by various creatures and symbols that give clues as to how they should be used.

Each game begins with all the pieces scattered around the game board. Using the creature/symbol combinations they either earn points or lose points until they achieve their desired outcome. The pieces can be manipulated strategically to maximize points earned and minimize lost. Points are earned when you get a positive alignment of certain creatures/symbols when placed in combination with other pieces. For example, yin-yang opposites such as tigers (yin) and dragons (yang) can be used together in conjunction with fire and water elements to bolster point values.

The aim of the player is to manipulate these pieces strategically enough to move toward higher scored alignments thereby earning more points than those areas scored lower. Players must also watch out for treacherous traps while vying for higher scored outcomes as this could mean loss of valuable resources like time, money or positional advantage on the board itself. Mindful development of strategies around timing, position, luck and opportunity shifts are essential in taking maximum advantage of scoring potentials as well as avoiding traps set for unwary players who are sluggish in noticing these signs and potentials quickly enough before their opponents do

Setting Up the Game

The object of the game is to place all of your ducks in the pond first. To set up the game, players should begin by selecting their ducks and evenly distributing them on opposite sides of the table. Next, place a pond-shaped gameboard on the table between both sets of ducks. The pond should be placed in a crosshairs fashion so that it lines up directly with each player’s ducks. Ensure that all ducks are within reach of both players before proceeding. Lastly, choose one side to become the “start” side and place a marker such as a cup or bowl at that end of the table. When completed, your game setup should look something like this:

Ducks Pond
Player 1–> | __ __ | | ______________|___________________ |
|__||__| \_/ \_/
Player 2–> |||||||| Start –> End –< |-----|

How to Use the Ducks Effectively

The most effective way to maximize the benefits of Feng Shui 2 Ducks is by incorporating a few key tactics. First, when placing your Ducks on either side of your door or entryway, it is important to ensure that each Duck is positioned at about a 45 degree angle to the door, one looking out and the other looking in. This increases the power of their protection as well as their ability to draw prosperity into your home.

Second, to initiate full activation, it’s wise to move the Ducks around every few weeks – keep them slightly dynamic within their designated areas. Place them different places within their sections or flip the direction they’re facing so that they orate new energies into your home with each movement.

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Third, be sure not to place any electrical objects around your Ducks or birdbaths – instead nestle natural decorations around them like crystals, stones or plants. This ensures that positive energy flows unobstructed while enhancing the protective powers of these powerful symbols further. Also avoid exposing them directly to harsh sunlight or moonlight (or any other direct light source). The more vibrations you can help protect them from, the stronger and more lasting will be their effects in your home.

Adhering to those advanced techniques can provide an optimal environment for all your Feng Shui 2 Ducks endeavors, allowing for maximum impact!

Integrating Feng Shui 2 Ducks Into Your Home

Feng Shui 2 Ducks is a popular board game that focuses on concepts related to Chinese astrology and the power of energy within the home. If you are looking to integrate this game into your home, there are many design tips you can use to help make it an integrated part of your décor.

First, make sure that the Feng Shui 2 Ducks board itself fits in with your style. Whether you prefer a traditional wooden board or something more modern or vibrant, pick one that will stand out and show off your personality. You could also create a focal point in your living room by framing the board and adding it to the wall as artwork.

Adding different pieces of art around the house that aligns with themes found in Feng Shui 2 Ducks can be a great way to tie the two together. Ancient Chinese symbols like infinity loops, crane birds, bamboo leaves, yin and yang designs or dragon figures are all associated with elements from the game and will bring balance and harmony into each room. You could also hang up Chinese poems or quotes related to luck and prosperity to give your space character.

Finally, use colors throughout which are found in Feng Shui 2 Ducks such as yellow, green and red-orange to add visual interest while bringing balance into your home. With these simple tips, you can easily make Feng Shui 2 Ducks a permanent part of your interior design!


Readers can further their understanding of the power of Feng Shui 2 Ducks by taking steps to implement it in their everyday lives. They can start by purchasing a set of two Chinese ducks – usually wooden or ceramic – and arranging them in the proper way according to traditional Feng Shui principles. Some people prefer to place them in the southeast corner facing away from the northeast corner, for instance. Once they’re properly arranged, readers can observe the effect that this addition has on the energy of their home, workplace, or any other area where they choose to use it. Other steps include consulting with a qualified teacher or practitioner and studying books and other resources on the subject. By doing so, readers will gain a greater appreciation of how Feng Shui 2 Ducks harmonizes with their environment and how it helps to bring balance and good fortune wherever it is used.

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