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In Feng Shui, the north is related to water and associated with career and life path. This direction is also connected with detachment and letting go, while allowing things to progress naturally. The elements associated with North in Feng Shui are Black, Blue, grey and violet.

The North area of a space and your home can be an important area for improving your career progression or achieving goals. It is related to the element of water which symbolizes growth and potential. To activate the North area you should add representations of water such as a fountain, aquarium or blue colour accents to this part of the home. Paying special attention to your North-facing doors or windows is also important as it helps to promote better chi flow which is needed for positive outcomes in business, career and ambition. As with all areas of feng shui it’s important to remember that energy needs balance, so if you add too much energy to one side it will shift the energy away from other helpful areas so be mindful when adding elements associated with the North direction.

Benefits of Placing the North Direction According to Feng Shui

The North position is known as the ‘Northern Star’ in feng shui and has a variety of positive benefits associated with it. Placing focus in this direction can help to encourage success, career progress, and personal growth. In Chinese mythology, this position is thought to be a place of ambition and recognition; thus making it ideally suited for work or education areas. It also carries with it supernatural powers that can bring mental clarity and health benefits.

When placing focus on North in Feng Shui, the associated primary elements are water and metal to promote clarity and creativity. Decor with these elements will provide energy that invites prosperity into an area – whether physical objects or any interior design. For instance, a water fountain near the entrance door can symbolize luck and wealth for your home or office space; whereas metal wind chimes near windows can fill your heart with joy and contemplation.

Bookshelves situated in the North section of a room may also bring success – signifying knowledge accumulation and wisdom – along with inspiring motivation to reach goals because of its earthy tones. Moreover, mirrors should not be overlooked when placed facing North since their reflective power captures abundance from both personal development opportunities as well as hidden magical potentials.

Zodiac Connections

In Feng Shui, the North is associated with the Chinese Year of the Rat. The element that governs the North is Water, which is also a reflection of Rat energy. Those born in a Rat year are detailed, level-headed problem solvers and leaders, often thriving when working together with others on large scale projects and strategies. Rats have a strong affinity for money, promotion and financial rewards, naturally driven to succeed in their craft as well as to secure their peace of mind regarding financial security.

Rats are sometimes seen as taking advantage of others but they can actually be incredibly generous when given their due respect. Chi or energy coming from the North is best used to support communication between coworkers, especially in areas related to planning and strategy. Other zodiacs associated with this direction include Rabbit, Ox and Dragon. Rabbits are talented at making connections through relationships which provides them with greater opportunity for success while Oxen bring patience and reliability to any project; both being key qualities needed for successful outcomes. Dragons bring ambition, magnetism and courage completing the balanced energies associated with this direction.

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Specific Feng Shui Tips for the North

In the Feng Shui universe, North is associated with taking action and making decisions. The northern region of your living space should be encouraged to support these goals. An active and balanced energy will foster better focus, productivity, career enhancement and growth. Here are some tips for boosting North’s Feng Shui potential:

• Place items in North that have sharp edges – this can help in decision making and cutting away old patterns or habits that are no longer benefiting you. Examples include fans, wind spinners or a vase with sharp angles.

• Brighten up this area with lighting fixtures like wall sconces or floor lamps so that there is plenty of clear vision while working on projects or plans.

• Activate the element of water features such as an aquarium, fountain, wind chime or even artwork depicting water scenes can stimulate creativity, flow and success.
• Introduce plants in the north section to boost productivity, health and wealth opportunities throughout your home or work space. Bamboos are especially beneficial here due to their ability to increase abundance energies as well as provide crisp air circulation.
• Use blues, grey tones, cool green hues and dark jeweltones in furniture pieces and wall decorations to create a feeling of ambiance and calmness in this region of your house — making it more inspiring but still keeping it low-key when it comes time for work mode!

Common Mistakes When Placing the North Direction

One of the most common mistakes people make when using Feng Shui in their home is misplacing items in the north direction. The north area of your space governs your career, luck and reputation. As such, making sure certain elements are appropriately placed here is essential to ensure good fortune comes your way. But it’s not as simple as just moving a few things around any old way; items that should be in this section should be pragmatic and relevant to your career development. Items like an office desk, cubicle wall dividers and bookcases for important literature would be best suited for this corner if you want to attract positive energy and productivity when working from home. Likewise, if you’re concerned about workplace reputation then consider investing in attractive, classic furniture like wooden desks or leather couches with subdued colors that connote success, class and power. These two color groups – wood and earth tones – are also most likely to bring wealth and prosperity into your life

In addition to being mindful of what items to place in the north area, it’s also important to take note of other potential pitfalls one must avoid when decorating with Feng Shui. Avoid placing anything sharp pointed towards the direction as this can bring down energy levels severely. While mirrors can typically create a sense of balance they should never be placed in the North sector due to its reflective nature that distracts rather than energizing the space. Finally, try not to leave randomly placed objects as clutter is an unwelcome guest who strips away much-needed morale boost to excel at one’s job related tasks.

How to Create a Harmonious Home Using the North Direction

The north direction plays a special role in Feng Shui. It is associated with water, which symbolizes wealth and abundance. When harnessing this energy, it is important to create a balance between the elements of water and metal. You can achieve this by bringing together soft, curved lines and smooth surfaces with angular pieces and textures that create a contrast. Adding shades of grey or blue to your home will also help you capture and channel this energy in an effective way.

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To focus on the benefits of the north direction, pay attention to the details in your home décor such as furniture placement and art selection. Your goal should be to create an environment where peace, calm and contemplation can take place. Place items that represent your career aspirations and professional goals in this specific area to bring additional focus on these aspects of life. Incorporating Water elements like fountains or artwork depicting rivers & oceans can serve as an excellent visual reminder for wealth generation & abundance when used in the North section of your home.

Feng Shui encourages the overall use of the five elements to bring harmony within a space; however, paying close attention to how best we work with each directions unique qualities can help magnify its potential even further. While selecting design pieces for each area of your home – start with an understanding of what each zone represents & choose objects which correspond accordingly to bring balance & wealth into your living environment!


The North direction in Feng Shui is found to provide numerous benefits. It is linked with the symbol of water and the color black. The element associated with North direction is water; this is because it symbolizes career progress, productivity and success.

The North direction according to Feng Shui represents wealth, money and abundance. Its element Water can bring creativity and communication skills which make it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs or those who want to work from home. This part of your space provides you with opportunities for growth and stability.

Feng shui also recommends activating the North direction for parties, meetings and other events that are aimed at bringing down stress levels as well as creating a relaxed atmosphere. Placing pieces of furniture such as chairs, desks or sofas which mirror symmetrical shapes towards the north can help form a path of least resistance so one can enjoy a trustful interaction while being present in the environment.

When utilizing Feng Shui in the north building new networks becomes easier since interpersonal interactions become more authentic and genuine when done through this section of one’s space. Furthermore, having such energy concentrated around this specific sector helps people gain recognition among peers within their field or industry which eventually leads to greater amounts of fortune. Finally, water related decorative pieces such as aquariums help invoke positive vibes throughout all areas adjacent making it optimal for corporate houses or individuals looking for larger financial returns from what they offer others in exchange for their services

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