Feng Shui Cures For Love

Feng Shui cures for love can be a great asset to help improve relationships. Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy from China that seeks to organize one’s home environment in order to create harmony and balance in life.

By utilizing the power of the elements, along with specific symbolisms and colors, Feng Shui offers potential solutions to enhance one’s environment and attract positive energy, known as “Chi energy”, into life. Thus it stands to reason that when used correctly, Feng Shui techniques can be used to restore balance and harmony within a relationship.

For couples looking for quick ease from relationship conflicts, there are several things they can do right away. One of the best feng shui cures for love is activated by placing objects such as a beautiful crystal or statue of Quan Yin in the “relationship” corner of your bedroom (the far left corner when you enter).

The symbolic imagery helps to set the stage for a strong loving bond between two people; this “scenery” also brings out beauty and increases good fortune that comes with true intimacy. Additionally, setting up two rowsof mirrors facing each other from opposite walls will create an enveloping feel and encourage peaceful communication between partners.

Couples wanting deeper focus on their connection may decide on specific activities like weekly date nights in which they plan activities together or share spiritual practices like yoga or meditation as a couple. It might even prove beneficial for them to eat meals together as this simple act has been found to promote positivity in relationships while displaying trust and love toward each other.

Alternatively, getting creative by using different colored pillows on your bed or changing the wall color can further release stagnant relationship energy while stimulating balanced communication via new activities initiated afterwards.

Overall, using feng shui cures for love is not only easy but also relaxing and very useful towards developing stronger bonds with partner(s). Knowing what areas need more adjustment based off direct assessment allows couples an opportunity express themselves openly while having control over how much Chi energy they want circulating around them.

With patience and mindfulness, couples should take note of certain cures and employ them at intervals if needed so that both parties remain happy while working towards maintaining healthy ties within all realms – spiritual, mental & physical – ultimately creating more meaningful connections along their journey together.

Identifying the Problem

To begin the process of using Feng Shui to increase love in your life, it is important to identify the underlying issue that needs remedying. Some ways of doing this include asking yourself questions such as: what challenges have you faced recently in finding and maintaining love? What environment do you experience when in a relationship?

Have you noticed any patterns to these challenges or environments? A journal can be helpful for noting your answers and helping understand the dynamics of your relationships.

Feng Shui Cures

  • Place images or statues throughout your home that represent potential partners and healthy relationships.
  • Move around furniture in your space to create an inviting atmosphere for new relationships.
  • Be aware of the colors you have in each room; reds, pinks, and oranges are known to activate energy related to communication and emotional connections.
  • Remove anything that does not bring positive energy into your space, this includes clutter or pieces with negative memories or associations.
  • Add plants that enhance fertility such as bamboo shoots; place them to activate the South-East direction for extra luck.

Crystals: Use crystals as tools for healing

Crystals can be used as powerful tools when looking to heal emotions related to love. Rose quartz is one example of a stone strongly connected with love and nurturing while also releasing stress. Hang it near windows where sunlight can hit it and encourage its energy flow into the room. Other crystals associated with relationships include garnet, amethyst, rhodonite, rhodochrosite, tourmaline, topaz, moonstone, emeralds, jadeite amongst others.

Creating A Positive Space

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that brings balance and harmony into the environment. By using color, items, shape and placement of items, one can create a positive and balanced flow, which can promote energy that helps to bring love in the home. One of the main ways to do this is by using the five elements of fire, earth, metal, wood and water.


Fire represent passion and enthusiasm in your relationships. Use red candles or place crystal decorations around your home to draw in passionate energies. Red also symbolizes warmth so adding throw pillows or cushions to chairs with red cushion covers will warm up any relationship.


Earth creates stability for a relationship while it also anchors our day-to-day lives together. Place decorative items such as pebbles or terracotta pots on tabletops or shelves and add houseplants such as cacti or gardenias for extra nurturing energy that promotes long lasting relationships. Heavy furniture pieces like cabinets also help anchor down roots of trustworthiness in love.


Metal symbolizes clarity of communication and truthfulness between two people from maintaining honesty within the relationship for trustworthy commitments. Hang small mindful trinkets such as a dreamcatcher or simple key chains near windowsills to promote strength from within the bond while double picture frames celebrate a you-and-me theme with closer companionship mutually supporting each other’s dreams over time.

Feng Shui Number of Chimes for Love

Cleansing the Environment

1. A great way to cleanse a space is to start by burning sage, or smudging. Start off by opening the windows, then taking a bundle of sage and lighting it and wafting the smoke around each corner of the room while focussing on your intention that you want any stagnant energy to be transmuted; you can even say aloud words to express this intention.

2. You could also ring bells throughout the space; this will help release old energies from the past, making way for more positive vibrations and energy in the home.

3. You can use essential oils like lavender or rose as their fragrance helps activate passionate energies and unconditional love into any space. It’s best to spray a few drops around where love is desired (living area, bedroom etc).

4. You can use crystals around your home as they function as an energetic filter of sorts; and there are some specific romantic crystals like rose quartz which have earned a reputation for being natural love magnets due to its tender colour and emotionally loving energy properties. You may want to place one near your bed or living area if you’re looking for an extra influx of relationship mojo.

5. White candles hold exceptional power when cleansed together with an affirmation prior to being lit.

To do this light up a small white candle in front of you and close your eyes while repeating an affirmation such as “My home is filled with unconditional love & peace” at least 3-5 times (you can make up your own affirmations too.) Let the candle burn throughout the length of time needed for cleansing purposes or until it has finished entirely before removing it from the environment.

Feng Shui Remedies

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of placement, which seeks to create balance and harmony within a given environment. It goes far beyond simply setting up furniture and plants in the correct arrangement; rather, it requires an overall understanding of how energy flows throughout the home. Here we will provide some tips on how to use Feng Shui to bring about more love in all its forms into your home.

  1. Harmonize Yin and Yang: Yin energy is often associated with softness and warmth while Yang corresponds with strength and power. Ideally, there should be an even balance of both energy types in your living space, so try to incorporate items such as soft furnishings or warm colors into areas that are dominated by stronger objects like desks or rectangular furniture.
  2. Choose Appropriate Colors: While there are many different Feng Shui color-based cures for love, some of the most common are pink, red, white and lilac. Use these colors sparingly throughout your home or apply them to specific areas that you want to enhance further with loving energy.
  3. Set Up a Love Corner: In Feng Shui terms this corner belongs to the east sector of your house. Place two cushions or chairs here for you and your partner/lover; then add objects like a love plaque or Mandarin ducks statue (a traditional symbol of wife-husband fidelity). This corner should also feature plenty of pink candles provided they’re placed in glass holders.
  4. Accentuate Your Entrance Hall: This area acts as an introduction point for visitors so be sure to make it inviting by using natural elements such as fresh flowers, potted plants and wind chimes. These items will help move chi (positive life force) into the entrance hall from outside liberating any negative energies which need dissipating.
  5. Incorporate Images: Hang photos that depict happy relationships – whether family portraits or friends who displays affection towards each other – on walls around the house. Alternatively choose paintings whose images imply love including pictures showing lovers embracing lovingly.

Symbols and Colors

The emotions associated with love can depend on the symbols and colors that people use to decorate their homes. Some symbols, such as a pair of doves or a heart, are universally recognized as expressing feelings of love. Adding warm colors like pink, red, and orange to an environment can create a feeling of warmth and passion in any room.

The chi energy from these colors has been known to bring out the romance in couples. Placing pictures and mementos that evoke strong memories from throughout one’s relationship can also increase feelings of love and can make any area look attractive.

The use of Feng Shui for love does not end with symbols and colors; it can also be used in the practical components of creating an inviting atmosphere for couples or singles alike. Moving furniture around to create more seating options or intimate conversation areas encourages conversations between parties. Plants placed near windows can ward off negative energy and promote positive thoughts between individuals.

Mirrors should be strategically placed to open up a space, provide light, and give the illusion that there is space even when confined quarters are present. It’s important when using mirrors in Feng Shui that they have rounded edges so that the reflected energy within them will fill the room rather than focussing sharply enough to split it into pieces.

In addition to representing romance through symbols and colors, Feng Shui holds many remedies for improving one’s love life beyond visual cues alone. For example, if a person seeks to connect on a deeper level with their partner adding items such scent diffusers or candles with calming scents like lavender or vanilla could set a calming environment which is conducive for connection on both emotional as well intellectual levels prior deepening bonds between partners.

Feng Shui Wallpaper For Love

Implementing musical instruments such as bells or gongs helps create harmony by eliminating any negative or stagnant chi energies blocking progress in one’s journey towards finding lasting true love – which brings balance for yin/yang polarities within an individual’s life since ones internal energy will reflect into whatever physical environments then inhabit.

Knowing the Bagua

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that is centered around the intention of promoting good fortune, health, and joy in individuals’ lives. According to this philosophy, happiness can be achieved by creating balance within the home or other space through rearranging furniture and decorations in accordance with the Bagua map.

While it is believed that using Feng Shui to create positive energy in the entire living space can be beneficial in many ways, one specifically focuses on promoting good vibes within a relationship-by incorporating Feng Shui cures for love.

Identifying Love Areas

Within the Bagua Map, there are eight different sections, each correlating with a themed area such as fame luck or career luck. By identifying which section falls under Love Luck will help an individual focus on decorating their living space accordingly. Within this section of the bagua lies specific items such as relationship-color walls, artwork of couples, and figurines that symbolize loyalty and affection all used to spark romantic feelings at home and promote connection within the relationship.

Use Curative Furniture Placements

In addition to decorating strategically with specific colors and objects correlating with strong loving energies, curative furniture placements must also be taken into consideration. Feng Shui forces us to think twice about where we are placing our beds;recommending both partners’ side of bed have a clear view of the door without being in direct line with one another due to certain energetic influences that may be negative upon entering the room.

Something as simple as placing a mirror in between two night stands facing directly your partner’s bed can give you an indication of how well your connection is doing energetically; if there are any disruptions beginning to occur in terms of osmosis between two individuals such as arguments or lack of communication signs will start appearing sooner rather than later.

Know When To Leave Well Enough Alone

Above all it is important to remember not every aspect of our relationships deserve an intense investigation with Feng Shui techniques nor should constant doubt or disarray over any given state our relationships enter become our default setting moving forward-sometimes what seems like “bad energy” might actually resolve itself without needing intervention making manifesting love more difficult than necessary.

Some days will always feel worse than others but knowing time should be made for a special moment together instead just reacting without prior contemplation helps maintain connectedness regardless but don’t rely on Feng Shui techniques better left for extreme cases only rather then everyday occurrences vital even aftre reorganizing according to curative measures.


Maintaining a positive atmosphere in the home when it comes to love is an important part of creating harmony and balance in life. A few basic feng shui cures can be used to ensure that the environment remains conducive to love and helps protect its energy. Feel free to experiment with different ideas until you find something that fits your particular needs.

One way to make sure that the atmosphere stays positive is through the use of candles, essential oils, or incense. These items are known for their ability to create a peaceful and calming environment. You can choose scents that remind you of love and romance, such as lavender or rose, or select a more herbal scent like sage or sandalwood. The aroma will gently fill the space, releasing loving energies into it and drawing positive energy back in.

Another popular way to infuse your home with love energy is by displaying images of couples, friends, and family members engaging in activities together Displaying these images on shelves, mantles, desks, walls or even door frames activates beneficial chi energy for relationships as they spread love and joy through an area of your home. Additionally, hanging new pictures up refreshes stagnant energies each time making them more pleasant.

Finally, one should strive for peace and harmony within their environment by cleaning up regularly; adding new colors with rugs or throw blankets; placing calming objects such as crystals around; as well as listening to relaxing music while avoiding moments of anger or arguments with ones partner.

Keeping fights about small matters out of sight will help maintain a loving and beautiful home space which leads to improved relationships if done right away after spats rather than dwelling on them longer than needed.

Doing all this will ensure that the positive atmosphere continues throughout your household fostering happiness between members now while preventing further problems from arising over time.

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