Feng Shui Bedroom For Attracting Love

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system for achieving balance and harmony in a space, based on the laws of nature. As it relates to a bedroom environment, this means creating an area of peace and tranquility that promotes relaxation and positive energy.

This is often done by rearranging furniture, repainting walls, getting rid of clutter, introducing plants, or hanging artwork in a certain way. When focusing on feng shui bedroom for attracting love specifically, the goal is to create an atmosphere that nurtures and supports romantic relationships.

The Principles of Feng Shui Bedroom Design When considering how to design a feng shui bedroom for attracting love specifically, it helps to understand the principles and elements associated with that practice. Heavy furniture should be removed from the center of the room; color schemes should be in soft shades; lighting should be dimmed; and crystals can also be used to increase energy flow in the space.

It can also help to display symbols of love like pictures or mirrors evoking strong feelings of emotion so as to evoke feelings of passion when entering the space. Additionally bringing in earth tones such as wood or metal furniture also helps ground the energy present in the room and create an environment conducive to romance; plants have been known to bring balance as well.

Tips for Using Yin & Yang Using tools from both yin and yang practices can help in creating a more harmonious atmosphere within your personal living environment. Yin references female energy which is feminine activity such as resting or taking care of domestic chores; organizing accordingly brings about peace which creates love energy conducive to emotional relationship building.

In contrast Yang focuses on masculine activity helping cultivate strong attitudes that gives men their strength by stomping out chaos & distraction from outside world while engaging needs for protection & status enforcement within intimate connection scenarios. Bringing these two types together requires consistency yet fluidity between rules regulations because perfect combination hasn’t been completely written down letting creativity flourish best potential situations showing couples their true connections are just steps away if they pay attention small details during setup process.

Overview of Feng Shui Bedroom Set-up For Attracting Love

The best way to attract love into a bedroom is to utilize the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. Feng Shui is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to promote harmony and balance in the home environment as well as bringing positive energy flows into the life of its inhabitant.

The goal of practicing feng shui in the bedroom is to create an atmosphere of both comfort and romance, which will increase one’s chances for success when it comes to attracting a good romantic partner.

Creating Harmony with Color Scheme

When setting up a Feng Shui bedroom for love, color choice matters significantly. Yin colors (dark blues, purples, mauve) are best for soothing yourself after a long day and promoting relaxation while inviting in more intimate energies. Likewise, vibrant shades like bright pink or yellow can be used as accent colors around the room but should otherwise not be overly dominant in order not to distract from feelings of romance.

Assessing Bedroom Placement

The bed itself should be placed facing either a living area within the room or another bedroom (filled by nature). In feng shui this is thought to maximize feelings of connection and intimacy in relationships between partners using the bedroom. It is also important that each partner has at least two feet of space on both sides of the bed, to better encourage feelings of individual independence even when sharing something so intimate as sleeping together.

Adding Material Elements

Adding material elements such as plants; crystals; wind-chimes; incense; fragrant candles; art work or other items related to romance into a Feng Shui themed bedroom can help further enhance feelings of peace, tranquility and attract good fortune into one’s love life. When adding these physical items it is important however, not overcrowd or clutter any area with too many items – finally making sure not take away from overall feeling and look desired throughout the room layout.

Color Scheme Advice

The use of color in bedroom Feng Shui can be an effective tool for improving energy and creating a pleasant environment. When it comes to bringing love into your life, there are different ways to do this; however, colors can certainly play an important role. Below is a list of colors that help with attracting romance:

  • Red – A powerful color often used for passion and excitement.
  • Pink – A softer version of red, that can bring the sense of loving presence into the room.
  • Purple – A color associated with luxury and royalty.
  • Beige & White – Neutral colors that represent calmness and peace.
Easy Feng Shui For Love

The placement of the colors is also essential when looking to draw in love with Feng Shui. Red is best placed in EAST or SOUTH directions; pink should go towards the EAST-SOUTH direction; purple should go towards the WEST; and finally, beige and white should be positioned in the NORTH or CENTER positions to create balance.

This placement is important as it creates harmony between man and woman within relationships by having two colors complimenting each other. The arrangement will ensure both partners as are supported equally by Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine).

In addition, different textures can also help elevate the feeling of romance. You can incorporate textures such as velvet on headboards or pillows along with satin bed sheets – both great representations for sensual texture. Decorating your space with flowers or plants will activate enlightened energy which will bring abundance and blessings into your home.

Adding candles, whether unlit or lit as you read books together before sleeping will be inviting to passionate feelings between couples too. An alluring scent such as jasmine incense will fill the space with natural romance scents while playing soft music adds ultimate romance atmosphere.

Symbols and Décor Advice

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of arrangement, with the belief that proper placement can help attract certain energies into one’s life. In a bedroom setting, this means creating a balanced atmosphere which brings in love and balance. Here are some suggestions to incorporate the practice of Feng Shui into your bedroom that will bring in love and positivity.

Colour Palettes & Textures

Achieving a calming environment where love can shine should be the goal when working with feng shui. Soft colors such as lavenders, mauves or light blues are great options as they give off an air of comfort and tranquility. Incorporate textures such as velvet or silk to create a feeling of warmth within the room. Any fabrics used must be soft and inviting to achieve the desired feng shui effect.

Create Balance

To bring in love with feng shui, the concept of balance must be taken into consideration when determining furniture layouts within a room and other decor elements such as lighting fixtures or artwork pieces. It is also important to ensure that any furniture chosen for bedrooms is well constructed and sturdy to signify stability within your relationship which will open up possibilities for growth and happiness. All furniture should be properly aligned so that it appears symmetrical from every angle.

The Bed Placement

The bed placement in a bedroom area is paramount when trying to cultivate its energy if you’re looking for new love. The bed should never face the door – it must always stand diagonally across from it. It implies welcome guests (such as potential partners) but also allows personal space between yourself and them for comfortability purposes at all times – eliminating distractions while still maintaining ample amounts of respect between both parties involved.

Accessories Advice

Below are several accessories to use for enhancing the love attraction in your bedroom, using feng shui:

  • Mirrors – placing a mirror in the bedroom will enhance your relationship with your partner. Place the mirror strategically opposite of the bed, making sure it reflects all areas of the room.
  • Candles – adding candles in various sizes will create an intimate and romantic atmosphere. This is an easy way to add some energy into any bedroom.
  • Paintings – Hang two paintings on each wall. These should depict pleasant and peaceful scenes to promote positive feelings of love and harmony.
  • Colors Red & Pink – To Feng Shui experts, these colors are known as “the colors of love.” To attract true love into your life you can incorporate elements such as pictures, art, pillows, curtains or anything else in red and pink hues.
  • Romantic Photos – Place photos throughout your room that conjure up memories of romance between you and your loved one or yourself alone looking beautiful


Including music within the bedroom can also help instill a feeling of love. Playing relaxing jazz music or soothing classical pieces is perfect for creating an ambience that promotes intimacy between couples. Soft lighting is also important because it produces a calming effect which leads to more feelings of romance. Adding statues of couples hugging or dancing around the room will set a romantic mood that will surely bring true love into any relationships.

Incorporate scented candles or scents around your bed if you want to make sure that it smells fresh and nice at all times when you come back home from work. Lastly, having plants in the room helps freshen up air while promoting positive energy. And not forgetting long stems roses just evokes a sense of romance once you stepped through the door.

Recommendations for Enhancing the Energy Flow

Love-attracting feng shui is used to create a comfortable and befitting atmosphere in different parts of the house. Bedroom, for example, is one area that plays a crucial role in attracting love. Through practice and integration of several Feng Shui tips and advice, balancing the energy flow of the bedroom can be achieved.

Feng Shui Tips For Love In Malayalam

Following are some of the ways this goal could be accomplished:

  • Using fresh vibrant colors that bring enthusiasm into the room – such as yellow, pink, green or blue;
  • Placing crystals such as rose quartz or amethyst that represent unconditional love;
  • Adding couple statues which symbolize eternal romantic bond;
  • Incorporating an item with water element, such as a fishbowl to instill tranquility and peace;
  • Setting up candles ranging through light colors for a gentle energetic ambiance;
  • Displaying pictures of nature or two people in loving activities.

In addition to this, choosing the right furniture with delicate silhouettes helps build pleasant energy. Keeping soft materials over hard ones with round shapes gives rise to good chi (positive energy). Maximizing mirrors helps reflect favorable vibes too.

Organizing bookshelves or putting clothing away helps clear negative vibes that are taxing on emotions and prevents clashes among couples. Ultimately, keeping clean sheets and pillows as well as general tidiness promotes harmonious relationships in overall space.

Fusions with Other Practices

The bedroom is a place of rest, but it’s also where love and romantic unions can thrive. This is especially true if the right Feng Shui elements are employed. But what many practitioners forget to consider is incorporating other practices into the mix. These practices could help their client’s bedrooms draw more positive energy, creating an ideal atmosphere for romance – especially in light of the modern influences today.

It has been suggested that meditation and yoga could be fused with Feng Shui in order to create a better sense of balance within such environments. Meditating or engaging in Yoga helps bodies become better attuned to energies around them naturally, closing off any negative forces that may have come in binding with them during their day-to-day activities.

This movement empowers one over their own energy as well as potential external sources. Thus, when performed within the space of a person’s love nurturing area or “attraction corner” daily – ultimately drawing down favorable circumstances related to finding someone special or obtaining general good luck from loves end.

When considering how best to incorporate these practices into your Feng Shui Bedroom Set-up there are some key methods that you can use:

  • Create an organic colour palette throughout the room.
  • Minimize clutter and keep walls empty.
  • Set up meditation cushions around the bed.
  • Organize displayed items in pairs like two elephant figurines.
  • Include herbs and plants conducive to holistic health.

Visual cues such as paintings or photographs can also announce this fusion quite clearly; providing focus points for yogic poses or insight for reflecting while meditating; while bringing about a better understanding of ones desired desires related to love whether attracting it, healing from it or simply enveloping one self within its warm embrace whatever point they may be at concerning relationships.


Feng Shui bedroom tips can be used to improve and increase the love vibes in a space. To make sure that your bedroom is full of positive energies associated with love, one should spend time on meditating, fostering mutual affection between respective partners, and cleaning the room rigorously.

Incorporating colors such as pink and other strong red tones that are said to have romantic properties is beneficial. Placing a symbol of commitment such two birds in the east corner is also recommended.

The overall goal of using Feng Shui bedroom tips to attract love is to create an atmosphere in the most intimate parts of the house which is supportive of mutual relationships and harmony between two people. Red, gold, pink and cream are colors usually associated with good luck charms and symbolize passionate emotions required for a warm relationship.

Furthermore, meditation while sitting on a bed or lying down can help couples to flush out negative energy from previous relationships or old mental patterns as well as give both sides more time together to develop their bond which brings about feelings such as trust and understanding towards each other.

In conclusion applying Feng Shui bedroom tips for attracting love can benefit a couple by creating an environment with positive vibrations conducive for developing committed relationships built on reciprocated trust and admiration over time. This goal can be achieved by using specific colors like pink or objects such as birds placed in strategic positions in order to invigorate romantic energies within the bedroom space.

Additionally, meditating together gives couples more quality time together while also getting rid of any unwanted emotions from past experiences so they can start fresh as new partners without any previous ties holding them back from advancing further in their relationship going forward.

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