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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to use the power of harmonious energy to maximize the health, wealth, and success of individuals. By understanding and improving the flow of chi around one’s environment, one can create an atmosphere of peace and positivity in their home or office. The feng shui compass template is a tool used to understand one’s environment and orient oneself within it so as to create a balance between all aspects of life: physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual. This powerful compass can provide direction on how excellent experiences can arise from any location.

Using a feng shui compass template allows users to identify what areas they should target first when considering how to arrange objects around their space. Additionally, factors such as energy fluxes and disturbances are taken into account in order to determine which placement will bring about better luck and improved quality of life. Based on four directions (East-West/South-North), users can adjust the position of furniture and apply specific remedial measures for each purpose based on their desired outcome before making any permanent changes. Furthermore, by understanding specific aspects governed by each direction such as partnerships when considering West-facing walls or wealth when considering North-facing walls, users can better visualize the effect that these changes would have on their environments. In sum, using a feng shui compass template not only provides insight into the energy features present in one’s space but also provides solutions for creating more harmony in it – opening oneself up more fully to opportunities associated with increased vitality and motivation.

History and Meaning of a Feng Shui Compass Template

A Feng Shui Compass Template is an ancient Chinese divination technique that has been passed down for generations. It is believed to bring harmony and balance to the environment. The core of Feng Shui revolves around the interaction between the elements, directions, and energies in nature. By understanding these patterns people can understand how to live in harmony with their environment.

The use of a compass is an integral part of this practice. A Feng Shui Compass Template will contain charts and diagrams designed to help identify the cardinal and inter-cardinal directions, as well as all 8 hexagrams associated with each direction. Generally, these 8 directional energies are determined based on yearly geographic data about location specific star arrangements at different times of the year. These identified points are then used to calculate information such as personal positive energy sector placement, health & career luck sectors, low energy drains, bad health and wealth locations etc. By understanding this information it allows people to make informed decisions regarding furniture positioning and home alignment with universal order of Yin Yang so that their lives can be more nourished by positive Qi or energy sources that fill their homes with joy and abundance.

Types of Feng Shui Compass Templates

Feng Shui compass templates come in many different forms, each designed to help people orient themselves within the confines of their own homes and workspaces. The most popular template is the traditional Nine Palace Compass Grid, which consists of a grid with nine boxes arranged in coordination with the 8 trigrams of Bagua as well as north, east, south and west directions. This type of template is often used to determine which areas of a building are best suited for certain kinds of activities such as receptions, bedrooms or bathrooms. Another commonly used Feng Shui compass template was created by Master Joe Lok, known as the Luo Pan’s Lock pattern. This is an “eight by eight” chart divided in 16 squares representing the four directional cardinal points and key elements that affect the energies within a space. Other types of Feng Shui compass templates include the Traditional Flying Star Map which uses 64 hexagrams to determine how energy moves through an area; The Chinese Astrology Chart which assigns a numerical value to each section within an area known as gua; and the Ba Zhai system which looks into boundary divisions within a region and amass various types of celestial creatures that could represent changes or progressions within those specific sectors.

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Benefits of Using a Feng Shui Compass Template

A Feng shui compass template is a useful tool to maximize the flow of positive energy in any home or business. It’s based on map-making principles, but it takes into account the Chinese philosophy of how our environments are inextricably linked to our feelings and well-being. With a Feng shui compass template, you can determine the best “paths” for energy to travel through your space, and adjust furniture or activities accordingly. The benefits of using this template include creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being, maximizing productivity and concentration in work spaces, reducing stress and promoting harmony within relationships. It also encourages creativity and increases mental clarity. Finally, the use of the Feng shui compass template ensures that good luck will enter through doors and follow correct pathways throughout a room for greater balance and peace.

Applying a Feng Shui Compass Template in Your Home

Using a Feng Shui Compass Template in your home is a great way to promote harmony and balance. This template comes with helpful guidelines for positioning items in your home according to the principles of Feng Shui. The template includes a map of the Bagua, which is a form of energy mapping that divides your space into nine sections, each representing life’s key areas such as career, health and relationships. It also includes instructions on how to place furniture and objects in specific sections of the Bagua for optimal chi flow. Additionally, this Feng Shui Compass Template will provide advice about what colors to decorate with based on the type of energy you want to create in each area, as well as where to hang things around the house that symbolize the significance of these eight distinct areas. By following the guidance within this template and thoughtfully placing items around your home accordingly, you can welcome positive energy while helping yourself maintain emotional equilibrium on an ongoing basis.

Steps to Make Your Own Feng Shui Compass Template

1. Create a circular template of 14 inches in diameter and draw a 30-degree angle line from the center.
2. Starting at the top of the circle draw four evenly spaced lines going outward at an angle towards the outer edge of the circle creating 8 even sections which will represent 8 compass points.
3. Mark each section with their Chinese characters for East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest, North and Northeast.
4. Write out a description or note in each section while corresponding to it’s cardinal point or position on a Feng Shui Bagua Map.
5. Once satisfied with your template you can trace and copy onto larger sheets of paper or on poster boards to make your own Feng Shui Compass Template to be used in future projects and applications involving traditional Chinese Feng Shui methods and techniques.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Feng Shui Compass Template

In order to get the most out of a Feng Shui compass template, there are several tips that can be followed. Firstly, it is important to properly orient your template when using it. To do so, hold the compass’s direction arrow in line with the front of a building or home. Then rotate the entire compass until the horoscope grid lines up with the correct north/south and east/west directions. When this is done, you will then have an accurate representation of how energy is flowing in a space.

Secondly, becoming familiar with different aspects of chi and their practical implications is also beneficial when using a Feng Shui compass template. For example, learning about bagua maps can help in understanding areas related to health, relationships, career paths, wealth and well-being. Additionally, studying teachings related to different elements such as wind patterns and water flow can add depth to one’s interpretation of chi in any given space.

Finally, once familiarized with the basics of Feng Shui and its many tools such as the compass template it is useful to perform experiments on oneself or practice cases in order to gain more insight into its applications. This can involve changes that can bring about positive energy shifts such as moving furniture or adding small pieces that may invite better chi flow into an environment such as plants or certain types of stones or crystals.

FAQs About Feng Shui Compass Templates

Q: What is a Feng Shui Compass Template?
A: A Feng Shui Compass Template is a tool used to help determine the orientation of a room or structure according to the principles of Feng Shui. It uses a simplified compass in which cardinal directions are based on predetermined points and angles. Each point has a corresponding element associated with it, which can then be used to optimize the flow of energy in the space.

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Q: How do I use a Feng Shui Compass Template?
A: To use a Feng Shui Compass Template, you will first need to find the correct centerpoint of your home or structure relative to true magnetic north. This can be done by using an electronic compass or other appropriate tools such as magnetized fishing line or needle and bowl of water. Once you’ve determined true north, locate the centerpoint and place your template on top of this spot. Using either dividers or your finger, line up one corner of the template with your determined point for true north. Adjust the template until each side lines up with its corresponding element accordingly, and then draw out the designated areas for each element within your space.

Q: How is energy optimized in my space using a Feng Shui Compass Template?
A: The elements associated with each point on the compass have specific energy profiles that correspond directly to different areas within their respective building infrastructures where people live and work. By taking into consideration these energies when forming rooms and designating functions for them, one can better maximize their benefits so that inhabitants may experience greater physical comfort, emotional tranquility, and spiritual fulfillment while in those spaces.


The Feng Shui Compass Template provides an array of practical and spiritual benefits. It can be used to map out where a particular building is located, its orientation in relation to north, south, east and west, and to determine which direction each room should face in order to achieve optimal energy flow as well as peace and prosperity in the home. It is also used to review the energies of a person’s environment based on the Bagua grid system that identifies eight areas of life: Health & Family, Wealth & Abundance, Fame & Reputation, Love & Relationships, Creativity & Children, Useful People & Travel, Career Paths, Knowledge & Self-Cultivation. Using this template provides insight into how we are standing in our power in each area of life. Additionally, it can provide clarity with respect to where opportunities or challenges exist that may be impacting our wellbeing. With its help one can identify if there is blockage or stagnation present due to poor Feng Shui and use that knowledge to shift the environment for better outcomes. The Feng Shui Compass Template gives us valuable information about ourselves and our surroundings enabling us to foster a more harmonious living space where positive energy can thrive.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to create harmony between a person’s environment and their inner self. Utilizing a Feng Shui Compass Template can help you achieve alignment in your home. These templates indicate the directions of North, South, East, and West. With the use of this template, you will be able to know where the best places will be to arrange furniture or objects so that they are in conformity with the flow of energy within your home. Having a properly aligned environment can give you peace of mind and enable more positive energy flow throughout your living space. Additionally, you’ll have created an area in which good fortune and health can thrive as everything is placed according to principle foundational rules of Feng Shui. Incorporating a sound design created with the use of a Feng Shui Compass Template will bring balance and good fortune into your life as its energy radiates outward into all aspects of it. Not only will this improve the atmosphere of your home but also create an overall feeling that enhances personal growth on multiple levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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