Chinese Compass For Feng Shui

Chinese Compasses for Feng Shui

Chinese compasses are traditional instruments used in geomancy—the ancient art of using spaces for luck and good fortune. More specifically known as Liuren compasses, these compasses are used to create attractive Feng Shui designs and decipher locations and orientations of homes and businesses to take advantage of the universal energy flow known as qi.


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of design. It is based on various observations of the energies that exist in nature. Feng shui seeks to harmonize with these energies by making harmonious homes, landscapes and businesses.

The use of Chinese compasses, more specifically Liuren compasses, is an essential part of the practice. This type of compass is used to determine the orientations and locations of homes and businesses and also to create visually appealing designs for the home or business.

Liuren compasses-Use and Meaning

Liuren compasses are a type of Chinese compass used for Feng Shui. The symbols and shapes inscribed in the metal plate of the compass are believed to have metaphysical meaning and spiritual significance. The eight trigram symbols inscribed on the plate correspond to the eight cardinal directions, and each symbol is associated with a different element, season and time of day.

By reading the Liuren compass, a Feng Shui master is able to determine the flow of qi through a space. This can then be used to create an effectively placements of items, such as furniture, artwork and plants.

Metal Wind Chimes Feng Shui

Usage and Benefits

The use of a Chinese compass can help create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere. It can be used to determine the orientation and location of the house and its rooms, as well as the placement of furniture, artwork and plants. By doing so, the user will be able to take advantage of the universal energy flow and create a positive atmosphere and attract good luck, fortune and success.


The use of Chinese compasses, specifically Liuren compasses, has been an essential part of the practice of Feng Shui for centuries. By using this type of compass, a Feng Shui master is able to determine the orientation and location of homes and businesses, and take advantage of the universal energy flow to create a harmonious space and attract good luck and fortune.

What is the difference between a Chinese compass and a normal compass?

A Chinese compass is an instrument used for divination, while a normal compass is used to find direction by using the Earth’s magnetic field. Chinese compasses are used to divine the future, consult deities or ancestors, or to make decisions. They typically lack a needle and work by using special configurations of pieces marked with numbers or symbols that correspond to the four cardinal directions. Normal compasses, on the other hand, use a magnetized needle to indicate the north-south directions.

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