Compass Reading Feng Shui

Compass Reading Feng Shui: An Introduction

Compass reading Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that combines Feng Shui, the balancing of natural and man-made environment, and geomancy, the practice of reading the energy of a location. In Feng Shui, a compass, known as a Luo-Pan, is used to determine the directions of energies in a particular area, allowing practitioners to assess the flow of Qi, the life force of the environment.

Reading the Compasses Energy

Compass readings involve taking note of the environments relative east, west, north, and south values. The geomantic energy is then divided according to the factors: heaven, earth and man. Heaven energy is typically represented by the cardinal points, with north being the godhead to the practice of Feng Shui. Earth energy is the external energy, emanating from the environment, while man energy is the human energy that affects the other two components.

The Feng Shui practitioner assesses each of these energies in relation to one another, and makes note of which energy is dominant in a given area. For instance, areas with higher earth energy may require more man energy to balance them out, while areas with higher man energy may need more heaven energy to bring balance.

Reading the 8 Trigrams

In addition to the cardinal direction values, geomancers will also read the 8 trigrams of the Luo-Pan. These trigrams are made up of a series of lines, and each one represents a different direction of energy. These trigrams are correlated with the five elements of classical Feng Shui – metal, wood, water, fire, and earth – and practitioners will typically consult the chart in the Luo-Pan to determine the directional influences of each element.

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Interpreting the Data

Once the practitioner has taken note of the directional energies and their relative strengths, they can begin to assess the environment. Areas of imbalance will be identified, as will areas of safety, growth, and opportunity. A practitioner can then provide advice on how to bring balance to the area, often through small changes such as rearranging furniture or introducing small amounts of plants or water.

Compass readings can be used to assess both indoors and outdoors environments, and are an important tool for the practice of Feng Shui. With the data gained from a compass reading, practitioners can assess their environment and make changes for the betterment of their home, place of work, or even their city.


Compass reading Feng Shui is an ancient practice that combines Feng Shui and geomancy. By using a Luo-Pan to take note of the directional energies in a given area, practitioners can assess the environment and determine areas of imbalance or areas of opportunity. Through the use of the 8 trigrams and understanding of the 5 elements, practitioners can use this data to make small changes that bring balance and harmony to their environment.

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