Feng Shui Colors For 2021


Feng Shui color theory is an ancient Chinese practice that suggests certain colors for people in different years of life to bring luck, health and joy. Different colors represent different energies based on the elements associated with them. There are five elements associated with Feng Shui: water (black, blue), earth (taupe, brown), metal (white, gray), fire (red, fushia) and wood (green, dark green). Each element has corresponding positive and negative traits that affect a person’s energy field differently according to where they are located in the environment. For instance, red is the color of fire and encourages strength and ambition while blue is associated with water which brings calmness and serenity.

Feng Shui 2021 colors emphasize on wealth prosperity, peace, good fortune and mental stability. For this year specifically, it’s suggested that red should be used sparingly to promote passion but also temperance; green will help nurture relationships as well as attract abundance; yellow will create harmony for healing purposes; brown emphasizes practicality; blue brings clear communication; grey works towards balancing activities of the mind and spirit; and orange will provide additional courage. Furthermore, Feng Shui advises against using any combination of all five elements in a single room as it can result in imbalances in each person’s clarity of thought or feeling. Therefore careful consideration when selecting colors should be given to ensure optimal balance throughout the space.

The Benefits of Incorporating Feng Shui Colors Into Your Home

Incorporating Feng Shui Colors into your home can bring a variety of benefits. Firstly, these colors can have a powerful emotional impact that helps to create a sense of peace and balance in any room. Depending on which color you choose, it can also change the energy of the space, inviting positive energy and creating an uplifting environment. Different Feng Shui colors help to stimulate different areas of life such as wealth, health, relationships or creativity. For example, using reds and oranges in the wealth/prosperity corner or area of your home can help to attract financial abundance. Sumptuous blues are particularly useful in bedrooms and bathrooms for relaxation and promoting peaceful sleep, whereas sunshine yellows help to instill optimism and enthusiasm in any living space. Furthermore, Feng Shui colors and design elements can be used to define “commanding positions” and achieve better sight lines while helping us move around our home more smoothly, increasing our sense of well-being. Therefore incorporating Feng Shui Colors into your home has many wonderful properties that make it worth considering when selecting paint shades or furniture pieces.

Best Feng Shui Colors For 2021 and How They Support Good Luck

According to the Chinese New Year calendar, 2021 is a year of the Metal Ox. The metal ox represents patience, commitment, determination, and endurance. To fully embrace the spirit of this year and create an atmosphere of luck and wellbeing, it’s recommended to fill your home with colors that complement the energy of metal ox. Therefore, using shades of white, grey, silver, and metallic hues are considered some of the best Feng Shui colors for 2021. These cool shades promote clarity and provide energy that encourages you to stay committed to your goals and ambitions in order to achieve success.

By decorating with light metallic shades like silver and pearl white or even adding touches of light blues and turquoises into your space can help trigger a feeling of clarity. This clarity will allow positive energies to circulate around your home helping to encourage feelings such as self-confidence which is essential when trying to pursue big plans or dreams throughout 2021. Furthermore using wood tones associated with Oxen like black-brown huelike oakwood can also help evoke security and safety in your environment whereas yellow tones represent wealth luck energy. Combining these powerful hues through furniture décor throughout your property can create a wholesome well balanced atmosphere for 2021.

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Understand How Colors Affect Different Rooms in Your Home

Feng shui colors can have a huge impact on how different rooms in your home feel and how people react to the environment. For example, if you want to encourage conversation in an area like the living room, choose warm and cozy colors such as peach or yellow. These hues can create a calm atmosphere that is also inviting. If, however, you want to boost productivity in an office space, blue and red tend to stimulate increased focus and concentration while enabling productivity.

As 2021 rolls around, feng shui color choices should be thoughtfully considered, especially since this year is Hoi Tin – the White Metal Rat Year with vibrations of bright yellow energy. Light tones such as white, off-white and pale yellow will bring peace of mind and clarity; therefore it’s recommended that we select soft shades for our homes. For example, creamy whites for walls and cheerful lemongrass for curtains can help offset any negative energy that may be lingering in the home. Blue tones are said to be especially beneficial for bedrooms as they more easily allow us to relax into a peaceful sleep where creative ideas can arise in dreamtime. Deep greens are known to enhance health an inspire good sleep quality due to their calming nature which is why they’re great choices when creating uplifting living spaces while still maintaining a clear headspace. Purple hues are said to offer luck, wealth and long life; making them great options when considering entrance halls or if offered within decor pieces in other rooms looking for a touch of something special!

Combining Feng Shui Colors to Enhance Wealth, Love & Health

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art based on the principles of energy and the belief that we can use this energy to create harmony between our environment and us. The colors used in Feng Shui are important elements utilized to balance the yin-yang energies within our homes. To utilize these energies in a positive manner, 2021 welcomed the combination of an intense pinkish purple with gray blue tones to alleviate negative energy, promote connection with students, teachers, employers and colleagues alike, invite growth and manifest positive opportunities.

The purposeful combination of these tones helps promote health through progress of both mind and soul. The heightened pinkish-purple brings enlightenment as well as motivation for self exploration while simultaneously providing a serene atmosphere. Additionally, gray blue tones help bring more mental clarity, inspiring creativity as well as encouraging a sense of communication within teams or when working with customers or employers daily. Furthermore, this collaboration of hues enriches financial gain particularly when dealing with finances or investment opportunities by harnessing emotional control and determination while embracing perseverance during trying times. Additionally, its potential usage helps couples by bringing in passion via the pinkish-purple while the gray blue works towards calming down emotions during disputes or triggering thoughtful conversations when viable solutions seem not evident.

Overall, combining feng shui colors is a brilliant way to establish wealth through consistent work output but also delivering a sense of personal fulfillment through well balanced family affairs. Health is also improved as stress levels tend to remain low throughout different situations due to these cheerful yet tranquilizing hues that aid positivity throughout one’s life journey in 2021

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Use Specific Colors for Professional Growth and Success

Choosing the right colors is essential for feng shui in 2021. Colors have powerful energy, and using specific tones can support professional growth and success. Bold, strong blues and purples evoke a sense of accomplishment, while lighter pinks and greens create feelings of growth and joy. Additionally, earthy tones such as yellow ochre or burnt orange represent resilience and stability. Bright red is especially auspicious for those seeking to draw attention or be successful in business pursuits. If a general upgrade to your space is desired, then whites and neutrals can be used to bring peace and balance to the atmosphere. Introducing these colors into one’s environment can help create conversations that lead to improvement in all aspects of life, from career opportunities to networking with individuals who share similar ambitions. Furthermore, surrounding oneself with these hues increases motivation and energy throughout the day which aids in productivity. Use these colors strategically for optimal effectiveness!

Tips for Enhancing the Look of Feng Shui Colors in Your Home

One of the most basic techniques for enhancing the feng shui energy in your home is to incorporate certain colors into your decor. According to the principles of feng shui, each color is associated with its own specific kind of energy, and strategically placed items can help create a well-balanced environment. This year, many experts agree that shades of blues, greens and earth tones are best suited to achieve a serene atmosphere in your home’s design.

To bring out the most positive effects from feng shui colors this year, consider using items such as carpets, curtains or furniture covers in these shades. For ideal harmony, try selecting complementary colors for opposite sides of a room; for example, you could choose a navy sofa on one side and an emerald armchair on the other. Additionally, frosted glass accents can act as dividers between rooms while still allowing plenty of light in ” making them great choices to achieve balance with minimal obstruction. You can also add subtle pops of color to duller paint schemes by incorporating accessories like vases and wall hangings featuring hints of blue or green hues. When used correctly, these bright yet calming touches can really enhance the look and feel of any room in your home!


As explored in this article, feng shui color plays an important role in your home and workspace and can be leveraged to help you create positive energy and bring good fortune into your life. To make 2021 an amazing year for your home and career, consider introducing elements of these vibrant feng shui colors into your space. Look for ways to use these colors in the form of things like paint, curtains, furniture, plants or artwork. You can also purchase crystals or decor that incorporates the various hues discussed in this article to imbue each area of your living space with their unique energies. Ultimately, use your intuition when deciding how best to combine and utilize feng shui colors in 2021. With some creativity and thoughtful consideration, you can master the power of feng shui color this year and make positive changes in both life and work.

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