Feng Shui Color For West Facing Room Office

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice whose main goal is to promote harmony with the environment. This practice seeks to achieve harmony through a mix of common sense and supernatural/magical elements.

Feng shui colors play an important role, and each color corresponds with one of the five classical elements – water, wood, fire, metal, and earth – as well as with different compass directions. Each compass direction has its own specific feng shui color associated with it; for example, West facing rooms can benefit from deep blue and navy shades that are said to calm energy in this space.

Description & Significance – Explaining which colors are best for a west-facing office room/how these colors bring energy to the room When designing a west-facing office room, the best option would be to incorporate soft blues such as turquoise or cobalt blue walls and artwork pieces with white trimming which will symbolize clarity & stillness yet bring life into this area.

Similarly silver accents may also be used in a west facing office for their symbolic link to communication qualities such as assertiveness which will help occupants feel more organized and productive.

A pop of pink colors are also recommended to bring a spark of creativity into the environment.

Interpretation & Action: Explaining how people can use this knowledge going forward The incorporation of colors that stimulate various aspects within the office space helps give strength to business ventures. By following proper feng shui practices when designing your west facing office room you’ll create an atmosphere that enhances creativity and productivity.

Plus you’ll have the added appeal of knowing your success was due in part by balancing out energies through a set plan or design making it easier on yourself and thoughts.

What is a West Facing Room Office?

A West Facing Room Office is a part of the Chinese practice of Feng Shui, where rooms and offices are oriented in specific directions to promote balance and good luck. The West direction represents the element of metal, summer season and the moon. When applied to a room office, it suggests that proper attention has been paid to both aesthetic qualities and the energy flows within the space for working or studying.

This direction was believed to bring career success, knowledge and sharpness in communication skills. From an interior design perspective, adopting colors that best reflect this area’s attributes gives more vibrancy despite its traditional monochromatic tones due to Feng Shui’s strict adherence in color placements.

The Different Colors Recommended for West Facing Room Offices

The following is a list of colors that can be included in a West Facing Room Office based on Feng Shui’s principle:

  • White
  • Silver gray
  • Pale yellow
  • Warm shades of brown
  • Gold
  • Green/blue accents (representative of water)

Using any combinations from these colors helps activate the energies promised by using the West facing direction. For instance, white evokes clarity which is suitable in areas where brainstorming takes place while silver-gray brings travel opportunities. Similarly, warm shades of brown help support concentration as well as promote security when handling confidential tasks within the office environment. To create harmony and increase productivity, gold combined with hints of blue/green evoke relaxation while boosting inspiration during work hours.

Colors to Avoid in a West Facing Room Office


Red is the most popular Feng Shui color used to bring energy into a West Facing Room Office, but it also can be disruptive. Red colors are often associated with the Fire element in Feng Shui, which can create too much energy along with physical and emotional reactions in some people. Too much red can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed at work and can also lead to arguments and a feeling of imbalance or chaos.

Vibrant Colors

Another color that should be avoided when decorating a West Facing Room Office is vibrant colors. Vibrant colors including those that are overly bright or distracting can bring in too much energy and chaos into the office. This type of chaos and agitation won’t lend to an atmosphere of productivity or peace so it’s best to avoid these colors for your office space.

Dark Low Contrast Colors

Finally, dark low contrast colors should also be avoided when selecting wall palette for a West Facing Room Office décor. These color combinations such as black-on-black combinations are considered too yin – meaning too passive and easy going – for West Facing Rooms as they don’t provide enough stimulation for creativity and focus around this area of the home or office space.

Instead, look for mid tone colors that have subtle accents of brighter hues like yellow, orange or green which will help stimulate creativity and offer calming vibes throughout the office space.

Colors to Include in a West Facing Room Office

When it comes to decorating and creating a West Facing Room Office, it is important to take into consideration the colors used for the walls and furniture. Colors chosen should be in accordance with Feng Shui principles so that harmony in the office space can be achieved and maintained. Specific colors according to Feng Shui will enhance productivity, prosperity, health, and attract beneficial energies for those working in the room.

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Metal Element Colors

The metal element is associated with the west direction of a room, so white, gray, gold, silver, purple are all suitable colors to include in a West Facing Room Office. White suggests purity and reflects mental clarity which stimulates creativity. Gray is emotionally calming and helps one focus on tasks.

Gold brings wealth while silver purifies any negative chi energy present in the room. Lastly, purple has an uplifting effect on one’s mind and brings a great sense of spiritual protection when included as a part of the color palette.

Earth Element Colors

It is also important to introduce colors from the Earth element such as yellow ochre, cream-browns or sandy tans to help provide grounding support for activities carried out in the office space. These soothing warm tones tend to encourage concentration on projects without being overwhelming like its darker versions such chocolate browns or taupe hues might be if they were introduced into this type of office setting.

Wood Element Colors

Additionally, shades from the green family promote creativity when used in this type of workspace as well as increase energy flow that will help people feel refreshed throughout their work day. Shades can range from light greens such as mint or aqua to bolder sage greens depending upon how much life one wants to bring into their environment without overdoing it so chaos does not ensue.

Overall incorporating shades from these three elements will create balance while keeping things subtle yet inspiring enough where productivity remains high at all times within this type of workspace setting.

How to Use Color for Balance and Harmonization

In most traditional Feng Shui practices, color is one of the main elements used in harmonizing and creating balance among different aspects of a home or room. In particular, vibrant shades of yellow, red and orange are often recommended for a West-facing room office. Here’s how you can use Feng Shui colors to optimize the energy flow that can impact our happiness and quality of life.

Choosing Colors for Walls

The wall is generally considered the backbone of the room and the first area to focus when bringing in Feng Shui colors. According to this practice, it’s best to stick to light colors that reflect positivity such as creamy whites, gold yellows or soft beiges. These colors help bring serenity into an office space while promoting creativity and productivity.

Using Colorful Accent Pieces

To add more positive energy flow to a west facing office, experts also advise adding accent pieces such as lamps, pillows or even window treatments in vibrant shades like yellow or red. Accessorizing a room with these powerful and energizing bursts of color will effectively bring balance and harmony throughout the entire space. It’s also important to remember when creating your desired look that too many bold accessories can cause clutter which favours stressors rather than relaxation.

Benefits of Incorporating Properly Chosen Feng Shui Colours

  • Boost creativity by captivating positive energy
  • Reduce stress by promoting relaxation
  • Improve clarity through focused visualization
  • Increase enthusiasm and motivation towards tasks at hand

The Impact of Red and Black in a West Facing Room Office

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used for many centuries to bring a balance of energy, harmony and prosperity into one’s home or working environment. It is believed that the arrangement of elements such as colors, natural material and light in a room can influence the energy flow and directly affect our mental, emotional and physical states.

Understanding the importance of color in personal spaces allows us to create environments that will work to our benefit or detriment depending on color choice.

When it comes to coloring a West Facing Room Office, there are several colors Feng Shui practitioners recommend in order to balance energy patterns. Outlined below are some key tips for incorporating Red and Black into this space:

  • Red – Red is a very vibrant color that will promote fire-type energy, which can increase passion, ambition, creativity and enthusiasm.
  • Black – Black gives a sense of grounding energy while also being emotionally soothing when balanced with other colors. Furthermore in Feng Shui symbolism black represents Water energy which is associated with wealth and good fortune.

Using these two colors as part of your West Facing Room Office design you should look at the placement carefully and use red sparingly as it can be overwhelming if there’s too much presence of it. Also try adding variations of red (from pale pink tones to deep burgundy shades) as well as black (ebony or obsidian) if over exposing to either one isn’t something you desire.

A great way to achieve this balance would be adding touches of both hues within furniture pieces like filing cabinets, computer desks and chairs etc. You could also consider incorporating different textures like velvet, silk or linen for further depth in styling the room layout thus creating comfort whilst radiating balance within the environment.

As always make sure any Feng Shui element used generates positive vibes while providing sanctuary with notions of joy throughout – so ensure all choices are personally thought through thoroughly before buying as after all beauty is deemed subjective from person-to-person.

When taking particular note of how these two colors work within this type of space it should give rise towards better decision making leading towards admirable outcomes; where internal awareness towards universal forces positively coincides with minding subtle external adjustments at the same time.

Tips for Decorating with Colors

Choosing The Main Wall Color

When considering the colors of a West Facing Room Office, the key principles are the use of neutral and earthy tones and avoiding dark colors. According to Feng Shui principles, it is important to create harmony in the room by using colors that reflect the energy of nature to balance the flow of chi energy.

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Using light and neutral shades on main walls can help provide balance. Warm tones such as muted golds, browns, beiges, tans, and off-white can work well in this area.

Suggested Colors For The Accessories

The accessories used across a West Facing Room Office should contrast with the main wall color chosen while also enhancing its features. It’s important to select furniture pieces that don’t clash with each other yet still add an additional layer of comfort and beauty to the room.

Choosing a variety of deep blues, purples or rich greens for items like throw pillows, curtains or rugs can complement the more earth tone pallet wall colors nicely – although bright colors should be avoided. Alternatively: use white or off-white accents which will create a more soft feel within a space.

Creating Balance Through Use Of Textures

Creating balance can be achieved through the intentional use of textures as well as colors – like adding a fuzzy rug over hardwood floors or throwing velvet cushions on leather couches – which helps to bring both Yin and Yang (Ya) energies into unison. For example: wood pieces bring natural warming elements while metal can create an industrial feel to foster creative ideas together in a balanced manner.

Additionally: accessorizing with plants also adds texture without impacting too much on color schemes – but do keep in mind they should always have plenty of light when selecting placements for them throughout any office space.

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The art of Feng Shui, which is believed to have begun in China thousands of years ago, is still practiced today as a way to bring peace, balance and harmony into people’s homes and offices. In this way, Feng Shui has become more popular than ever before and attracts many people from different walks of life.

One important tool that practitioners use to bring peace and prosperity is the use of color within the space they design – thus the use of Feng Shui Color for West Facing Room Office.

Choosing A Color Scheme With Balance in Mind

When it comes to using colors in Feng Shui for West Facing Room Office, one should take into consideration the elements associated with this part of the home such as Metal, Fire, Earth, Wood and Water. Each element has its own signature color – Metal being white or grey; Fire being reds; Earth being oranges; Wood being blues/greens/browns; and Water being blacks/blues.

The goal is to choose a harmonious blend that reflects all five elements in order to achieve balance. In addition to thinking about the elements represented by color choice, one should also consider how the colors will affect energy flow: will they be stimulating?

calming? energizing? relaxing? This is especially important when selecting a color scheme for an office space where productivity needs to be maintained.

Recommended Colors To Use in A West Facing Room Office

A great way to create balance without the need for too much guesswork would be using lighter tones from each element: whites and grays (Metal), light oranges (Earth), light blues/greens (Wood), pale pink/reds (Fire) and light blues/blacks (Water). This combination will bring together all five elements while at the same time creating balance without making the office feel overwhelming.

One can then add accent pieces such as artwork featuring any of these colors or having upholstery fabrics containing them too. All in all, having knowledge on how each element relates to colors can help create beautiful yet balanced spaces within a west facing room office.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of creating a balanced and harmonious environment. It has been used for centuries to promote health, wealth, and fortune. One of the most important aspects of Feng Shui is to consider the direction in which a room or office is facing.

West-facing rooms come with their own unique set of rules and guidelines when it comes to choosing Feng Shui colors. Generally, lighter shades of colors such as white, pale blue, light yellow, beige and other pastels are your best option for west-facing rooms. You should also consider bolder shades such as dark blues, purple, pink and red but use those sparingly in order to create balance between the colors in the space.

In addition to color selection, you may wish to borrow from West-facing direction techniques in order to create positive energy flow within the space. This includes introducing wood elements through furniture pieces or incorporating plants into the space.

Students can be placed on either side of the desk so that they can benefit from good study energies too. Mirrors can also be incorporated which will deflect bad energies away while livening up an area with wonderful reflections of natural light coming from outside or artificial lights within the room itself.

Lastly, choose metal accents throughout the room if possible as metal is believed to have an affinity with progress and productivity; it’s also known for balancing all five energy elements: wood, water fire earth and metal making it invaluable for establishing positive Chi or energy within the West-facing environment.

Ultimately by carefully selecting colours and being mindful of how the space can be altered with specific decorative touches one can effectively create a well balanced and beneficial West Facing Room Office using Feng Shui techniques.

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