Feng Shui Bone Weight

Feng Shui Bone Weight

Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing the energies in ones environment, is often times referred to as the art of placement. The Bone Weight concept is a major component of Feng Shui that has a basis in numerology and interpretation of symbols associated with certain astrological years, or ‘favorable birth years’.

What does Bone Weight mean?

The ancient Chinese believed that there was an energetic connection between birth year and a person’s health and well-being. According to this idea, a person’s birthyear, which is represented by the Chinese character ‘bone’, is said to be in a certain weight ratio compared to their current age. This is the basis for the Bone Weight calculation and is thought to be related to numerology.

What is the meaning of Bone Weight in Feng Shui?

The Bone Weight calculation is an important component of Feng Shui and is used to determine an individual’s favorable birth year. This is because it is believed that a person’s birthyear carries a certain amount of energy and power, which can be ‘weighted’ according to their current age. Those with a favorable birth year are thought to be blessed with good fortune and will likely experience a more prosperous life.

How is Bone Weight calculated?

The calculation of a person’s Bone Weight is relatively simple and relies heavily on numerology. Firstly, the numerical value for the year of a person’s birth is determined. This value is then divided by the current year that the person is in. This gives you the person’s Bone Weight. As an example, if you were born in 1985 and are currently 30 years old, your calculation would be 1985 divided by 30 = 65.6%. This figure is your Bone Weight.

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What is a favorable Bone Weight?

Generally speaking, a favorable Bone Weight is any number that is over 70%. It is thought that those with a favorable Bone Weight will be blessed with good fortune and that their life will become more prosperous. Conversely, those with a low Bone Weight (less than 70%) are thought to be cursed with bad luck and will likely experience struggle and disappointment.

Therefore, the calculation of a person’s Bone Weight is an important component of Feng Shui and can be used to determine whether or not they are currently blessed with favorable outcomes.

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