Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens

Introduction to Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens

Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens is an ancient practice of harmonizing our energy with the environment around us. It enables us to create health, happiness, prosperity and success by utilizing universal laws or principles of balance and movement. This spiritual science essentially seeks to alter the energetic influences in our lives as it helps to create auspicious opportunities and events. The blume des lebens symbol is used in feng shui, as it represents the interconnection of all things within this universe – an eternal never ending cycle that encompasses everything including humans, natural elements, animals and plants. Practitioners use it to bring harmony and positive vibes into their home, business or any other space they live or work in.

It helps us locate areas where qi (pronounced “chee”) energy may be blocked or obstructed from entering our home or workspace. Qi is a type of life force originating from nature that can both hurt and help depending on its flow within a room or area. Therefore feng shui techniques are utilized to ensure energy is flowing correctly throughout the space as opposed to being blocked off by objects that may slow down the flow qi energy. Once done practitioners then focus on chi-enhancing features such as lighting, colors & symbols that have specific meanings behind them in order to create a sense of balance both physically and energetically within the space.

An Overview of the Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens

The Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens is an ancient symbol originating in China that encompasses the balance and harmony between all aspects of one’s life. Translated from German, the name of this symbol means “flower of life” or “blossom of life.” The ancient Chinese believed the symbol represented the health, harmony, and happiness of a family, community, and even world.

Originally, this symbolic shape was derived from naturally occurring shapes in nature such as leaves and flowers. Its structure consists of two intersecting circles connected by several circles that encircle its center. These seven interlocking circles represent the stages of a person’s life including birth, marriage, death and rebirth. In addition to encapsulating these stages, the symbols are also used to depict wealth and prosperity as well as health and wellbeing.

Today, many people turn to Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens for guidance as it is meant to serve as a reminder of how to live their lives in balance with others; its intended purpose being to bring serenity into one’s household while also radiating peace through one’s personal energy field. It is believed that by displaying this symbol in your home or workplace you will invite positive energy into your life which will result in good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Benefits and Principles of Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens

Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens (The Flower of Life) is an important spiritual symbol, which is believed to provide a connection with the higher planes of existence. Its geometric design can be applied within the home to promote positive energy, bring balance and harmony and improve overall wellness. The benefits associated with this ancient Chinese art form include clarity of thought, improved communication skills, enhanced physical health, better creativity and understanding of spiritual concepts.

The principles of Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens are based on the balance between yin and yang forces which represent both positive and negative aspects in life. This concept states that when these two energies are balanced and aligned, then good fortune will be attracted into a person’s life. The Flower of Life also speaks about being open for blessings and receiving divine guidance from higher beings or ancestral spirits. When used correctly the Feng Shui symbol encourages positivity and strength during difficult times as well as improved overall wellbeing.

Feng shui practitioners advocate placing this potent symbol in key locations such as the entrance way of your home or office to invoke protection, harmony, prosperity and abundance. Furthermore, it is thought practical to add elements associated with this powerful Yin Yang symbol such as mirrors or crystals to amplify its effectiveness. Feng shui masters endorse using it as part of your everyday life ritual by drinking out of a mug which contains its sacred pattern or wearing jewelry adorned with it on one’s body.

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Placing Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens in Your Home

The Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens, or “Flower of Life” symbol is one of the most powerful symbols in traditional Chinese culture. It can be used to bring positive energy and harmony into your home. Placing this powerful symbol where you want it to do the most work is essential for making the most of its energy.

When adding a Blume Des Lebens symbol to your home, it’s best to place it where it aligns with an existing Feng Shui pattern in your space. If a room or area doesn’t have a clear pattern, you can create one around the flower by introducing additional elements such as furniture, artwork, or decoration that all connect to form an overall design. Additionally, don’t forget to choose the right color for maximum benefit; purples, blues and even reds all work exceptionally well for this purpose.

Once you have placed the Flower of Life in your desired location, make sure that you observe its effects over time in order to adjust its placement if needed. When worshipped properly and maintained regularly, the symbolism connected with Blume Des Lebens will bring peace and joy into your home as well as nurturing balance between yourself and others who live under the same roof with you.

Guide to Designing an Appealing Decor With Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens

Feng Shui Blume des Lebens, or the Flower of Life, is a traditional Chinese symbol believed to create positive energy in a space. Using Feng Shui Blume des Lebens for decorating can help to make a room appear peaceful and harmonious. Begin the room redesign by selecting the item(s) that will feature the symbol. Consider wall hangings, sculptures, paintings, pillows, and other decorative features that can be placed around the area. The main goal is to incorporate Feng Shui Blume des Lebens throughout the desired space without overcrowding it.

Once these items have been selected, carefully consider the colors surrounding them. Shades of blue, green, light pink and yellow all promote positive energies in spaces featuring Feng Shui Blume des Lebens. Neutral shades are also excellent for creating a calming atmosphere around this ancient Chinese symbol. Avoid overly bright or harsh colors unless they are used as accent pieces.

As with most interior design projects, lighting plays an important role when utilizing this sacred symbol in décor. Bring in natural lighting if possible from windows or sunlight reflectors prior to adding artificial lamps or spotlights. If additional illumination is needed for display purposes opt for gentle ambient lights free from bright glares or glaring spotlights which can distort the shape’s intended affect on energy flow throughout the room.

Layering textures next is important to connect aesthetics with intent when using Feng Shui Blume des Lebens as one’s focal point while decorating a space. Incorporate velvet, silk and linen into upholstery pieces blended with woven and knitted elements; this technology helps create a feeling of harmony which many believe constitutes luck according to its ancient Eastern philosophy meaning behind it’s use in décor plans — bringing good fortune and balance whatever your decorating preference might be

Practical Tips for Practicing Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens

Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to help you create a positive balance by utilizing the principles of yin and yang, or the harmony between opposing forces. The practice involves arranging furniture, artwork, and other objects in your home in specific ways to encourage positive energy flow and promote feelings of balance and harmony. Here are some practical tips to help you get started incorporating Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens into your home:

1. Choose calming colors for rooms throughout the house. Colors such as blue, green, cream, and mauve are all considered restful tones that can bring tranquility to a space.

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2. Place artwork with flowing lines or watery hues around the house to depict peaceful and tranquil scenes.

3. Incorporate elements from nature such as plants and flowers throughout your house for a more calming atmosphere.

4. Place furniture in areas where there is an even balance derived from both sides of the room–this encourages healthy energy flow which helps reduce tension, stress, and promote relaxation.

5. Utilize mirrors strategically throughout your home to reflect good vibes while dispersing any bad chi or negative emotions lingering in the air. Keep one behind each door so unwanted energies never enter your living space!

6. Organize spaces with sensible symmetry when possible—opt for smaller functional items instead of bulky pieces to create a sense of organization and structured design choices without cluttering up the room unnecessarily!

7. Utilize essential oils diffusers or candles with peaceful scents like lavender or jasmine around areas where you will be spending most time (bedroom/livingroom). The aromatherapy can reduce stress levels naturally but also help establish an atmosphere conducive to relaxation!

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens

Myth: Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens is only used to bring in more material wealth and good luck.

Fact: While it is true that popular interpretations of Feng Shui advocate for the use of circular paintings or mandalas, such as the Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens, to symbolically attract money and good luck, this is not the sole purpose of this type of artwork. The five-petalled flower at the centre of these round images also serves as a metaphor for personal growth and balance. The circles that surround the flower are meant to represent the search for harmony with one’s environment. In addition to providing comfort, optimism, and protection from earthly woes, these pieces of art can help an individual in achieving clarity and inspiring action towards one’s goals.

Myth: Using a Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens will ward off bad luck and ill fortune.

Fact: Bad luck prevention is not one of the intended uses for this type of artwork within Feng Shui theory; however, having any type of artwork that brings joy and happiness into a space can be beneficial in its own right. Artwork has the power to inject energy into its surroundings while lifting spirits which might have an intangible effect on situations at hand. According to traditional Chinese symbolism though, good luck will come to those who display a beautiful blooming lotus made using vibrant colors or mother-of-pearl materials such as what you would find in a traditional Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens painting or decoration.


By incorporating Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens into your life, you can create a balance between the tangible and intangible forces in your environment. Start by assessing the energy in any room or space and make adjustments as needed to bring order, clarity, and peacefulness. This can be done by rearranging furniture and clearing away any unwanted clutter. Incorporating water features such as a fountain helps to energize the space while adding art pieces with healing messages uplift the spirit around them. You can also place items that represent health, wealth, happiness, and longevity such as coins, dragon carvings or mandalas throughout your home;these symbols act like anchors sending powerful vibrations through the space. Incorporating Feng Shui Blume Des Lebens into your lifestyle is an opportunity to live life at its fullest potential while creating a sense of renewal each day. Make sure to gather feedback from family and friends who come over to get an idea if they’re feeling the subtle energies in you living area – this will help you determine whether you have achieved a successful balance of these special cosmic forces or if more adjustment is required. As long as you stay mindful of these principles with intentionality, peace and harmony should follow!

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