Feng Shui Bed Placement Facing North


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice which dictates the placement of furniture, doorways and other items within a living space. The purpose of Feng Shui is to ensure that energy flows in an organized and harmonious way, minimizing or eliminating any potential ‘energy blockages’. In terms of bedroom Feng Shui, one recommended position for the bed is facing the north direction.

According to traditional Feng Shui practitioners, the original reason for this was because of the Earth’s magnetic fields in which the north pole has positive yang energies from heaven to earth. It was thought that sleeping on a bed facing north would allow your body to naturally magnetize with these positive energies from heaven as you sleep. Additionally, it’s believed that because this position helps align your head with the universal energy currents and brings balance into your life, it can improve your overall wellbeing, health, creativity and success in all areas of life.

Another benefit of having a bed face north is improved circulation throughout your room; since North is considered a “cold” direction according to Feng Shui principles, it helps keep air flowing throughout the space while keeping out negative influences such as pollutants or bad luck. Furthermore, this facing direction also helps promote longevity and peace of mind by providing the body with necessary rest in order to remain healthy and strong over time.

For those who struggle to have their bed face North due to limited space in their bedroom or architecture structures blocking their view southwardly then alternative directions may be considered when mapping out their home according to Feng Shui practices such as East (considered especially auspicious for business people or entrepreneurs) and North-East (a great setting for students).

Top Benefits of Bed Placement Facing North

Feng Shui experts say that a bed facing north can be an ideal alignment since it is associated with receiving energy from the four cardinal points of the compass. This balanced energy brings peace and joy to your home, while also promoting a positive attitude and spiritual growth.

Some of the top benefits of bed placement facing north include: improved sleep quality; increased mental clarity; better relationships with loved ones; improved confidence and self-esteem; a greater sense of security and feeling of well-being at home; enhanced creativity; improved focus and concentration; and ultimately, better health. It also helps reduce stress levels, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions. In addition, this type of arrangement can bring more wealth into your life by allowing you to manifest your dreams more often. Finally, it will bring more balance into both your personal life as well as professional one.

Defining the Directions of Your Bedroom

When looking at feng shui bed placement facing north, it is important to familiarize yourself with the four cardinal directions. The cardinal directions are North, East, West and South. Deciding which direction your bed should be oriented in your bedroom can be a complicated task if you do not know the basics of feng shui and have an understanding of the energy associated with each direction.

North is considered to be one of the best directions for a bed as it brings centering energy and a sense of stability. North is also associated with personal growth and introspection, so having your bed facing this direction can be beneficial if you want to focus on cultivating self-awareness or inner tranquility. It can also create an environment for better sleep quality since it produces calming and protective Yin energy. Additionally, according to some beliefs, placing your bed facing North will bring good luck in career matters and promise success in goals related to higher education and knowledge. Moreover, this position protects from unhealthy “emotional” influences from outside sources such as gossip or drama since it gives you a sense of protection, seclusion and resolution. That being said, it is important to remember that while there are guidelines that suggest what direction your bed should face; ultimately it is up to you as individuals to decide which directions work best for you based upon how they make you feel energetically within your home space.

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Additional Considerations When Choosing a Direction for Your Bed

When looking to place a bed according to feng shui principles, the direction of the north will have a significant influence on the energy in your bedroom. This is based on beliefs that the qi energy in this area should be calm and peaceful. As such, beds placed facing north can create a calming tranquil atmosphere that supports relaxation and peaceful sleep.

Additional considerations when orientating a bed towards the north include thoughtfully assessing other elements in the space such as windows, doors, and furniture placement. For example, if possible it’s best to avoid having your feet pointing towards open doors as it can disrupt the flow of positive qi energy which will dissipate easily through any openings. Additionally, a wall directly behind or across from your bed can help promote grounding, protection and an overall feeling of comfort in the room. Moreover, strategically placing smaller elements such bedrooms lamps, artwork or plants near your headboard in corresponding directions can further enhance their effectiveness and contribute to creating healthy energy.

How to Best Place Your Bed for Maximum Effects When Facing North

Feng shui bed placement facing north is said to be particularly beneficial, enabling you to create an environment that helps promote a sense of peace and safety. Here are a few tips for positioning your bed properly when facing the north direction:

• Place your headboard along the north wall of your bedroom. This increases the flow of qi, or energy, keeping it from becoming stuck in one area.

• Ensure there is plenty of open space around the bed. Clear the area around it of clutter or furniture and give yourself enough room on all sides.

• Position a piece of artwork or decorative item at the head of your bed (on the north wall). This will provide balance and create a peaceful atmosphere.

• Place small potted plants and crystals near the corners of your bed on either side. They may seem insignificant but they can provide positive energy to soothe away negative feelings associated with stress and anxiety.

• Hang curtains that are light in color on either side near the window and use sheer curtains for decorative ambiance on any other windows nearby your bed. Lighter colors help bring in more natural sunlight, which can promote a sense of wellbeing and harmony for sleeping, among other activities like meditation or reading a book.

Creative Ways to Enhance the Benefits of Bed Placement Facing North

1. Set up a wealth bowl or feng shui item that promotes abundance in the north sector of your bedroom to harness the power of wealth coming into your space.

2. Hang an artwork depicting prosperity and success, such as a waterfall or pot of gold, to attract energy revolving around financial opportunities.

3. Place a potted tree with round leaves (such as a jade bonsai) to symbolize steady income and protection against financial losses.

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4. Place mirrored items in clear view to reflect wealth coming from the north direction into one’s life.

5. Use tall floor lamps with metal accents or trees with lights to bring illumination and creativity regarding money matters in your space .

6. Position spiritual figures such as Laughing Buddha facing south to invoke fortune from all four directions into the house.

7. Choose minimalist interior décor pieces for more focus on appreciating what you have instead of indulging yourself in material possessions for false pleasure..

Common Questions About Feng Shui Bed Placement Facing North

1. What is feng shui bed placement facing north?
Feng shui bed placement facing north is the practice of arranging a bed in the bedroom so that its head is pointing towards the northern direction. This orientation is believed to bring balance, harmony and prosperity into people’s lives.

2. What are some of the benefits of this arrangement?
The belief is that this orientation will bring stability and peace to the person sleeping in the bed, ensuring a good night’s sleep and inspiring better decision-making from rested and relaxed mental clarity. Furthermore, it can help draw wealth, cultivate success, health and romance as well as promote joyous family life.

3. Is there any risk associated with this type of placement?
Although there aren’t any risks associated with this practice necessarily, it should be noted that different feng shui principles may state otherwise depending on one’s specific goals and circumstances. In that case, an experienced practitioner should be consulted before making any changes to one’s bedroom layout.

Final Thoughts on Bed Placement Facing North

When it comes to choosing where to place your bed, facing the north direction has become a popular choice thanks to the principles of feng shui. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, the north direction is associated with tranquility and inner peace; it’s believed that sleeping with your head pointing in this direction can enhance mental and physical relaxation. In addition, this orientation also gives you access to gentle universal energy and help regulate a natural balance between yin and yang.

However, many modern practitioners of feng shui do not necessarily follow any strict rules or principles when making recommendations on how to arrange furniture in the home. Suitable directions will differ from one living space to another according to specific situations — such as whether there are windows in the room — so it’s important to consider all factors before deciding on an ideal bed placement facing north. If you’re committed to setting up your bedroom with feng shui principles in mind, you may want to consult an experienced consultant for expert advice tailored for your situation.

Overall, North-facing bed placement has been established through Traditional Chinese belief system as something that could promote tranquility and positive energies within a home. While opinions of how effective or reliable this practice is vary – some experts recommend avoiding any extreme orientations altogether while others may provide more flexible advice – ultimately it’s up to individual discretion when deciding which position might be best for them. Knowing basic elements of this philosophy can help inform one’s choice so they can create their desired level of energy flow within their space no matter what personal decisions feel right for them.

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