Feng Shui Bagua Cycle

##What is the Feng Shui Bagua Cycle?

Feng Shui Bagua cycles are the fundamental element of Feng Shui, a Chinese art that focuses on the relationships between people and the physical environment. The cycle of the eight Bagua energies, known as a Bagua map, is traditionally used to promote balance, health and prosperity in a space. The Bagua cycle shows which area of the home or office is represented by each of the eight energies, which correspond to different aspects of life.

##Eight Energies

The eight energies of the Bagua cycle are:

1. Prosperity: Fu Wei
2. Reputation and Honor: Shen Di
3. Relationships: Ren Yao
4. Health and Family: Zhen Chi
5. Creativity and Children: Liang Yun
6. Helpful People and Travel: Hai Chi
7. Career: Ji Wei
8. Knowledge and Self-Cultivation: Qiang Fu

##Understanding the Bagua Cycle

The Bagua map is designed to provide insight into one’s personal and professional relationships, health, career, creativity, reputation and other facets of life. These eight categories are arranged in a circle from left to right, beginning with Prosperity and ending with Knowledge and Self-Cultivation.

##Creating Harmony Through Balance

By consciously integrating the Bagua cycle into a holistic approach to living, one can work to create balance throughout all areas of life. Through careful observation of the Bagua map and implementation of the corresponding elements, individuals can make conscious efforts to achieve harmony, health and abundance in their lives. This can be done through intentional placement of furniture, art, color and other objects in the respective area of the home or office that corresponds to the energy.

Back Door Color Feng Shui

The goal is to make conscious effort to create a home or office environment that reflects harmony, balance and abundance. Doing so can bring increased energy, clarity and focus to all areas of life.

What is the concept of the Feng Shui Bagua cycle?

The Feng Shui Bagua cycle is a type of energy map used to maximize the energy flow in a particular space. It is based on the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, the two opposing and complementary forces in nature. The Bagua consists of 8 numbered palaces which represent the 8 areas of life — Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Love & Relationships, Creativity & Children, Knowledge & Self-Cultivation, Helpful People & Travel, Career & Life Path, and Health & Family. Each palace has a color associated with it, which relates to the type of energy being expressed in that space. Additionally, Bagua healing techniques are used to help balance and harmonize the energy within the space.

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