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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on creating balance and harmony in a person’s environment. This can be done by arranging objects, furniture, and other decor pieces to create positive energy flow. The Bagua Chart is one of the primary tools used in Feng Shui practice to map out where specific concentrations of Chi energy should be focused for maximum benefit. By placing items such as plants, mirrors, statues or artwork in areas of the chart associated with health, wealth, etc., it can bring more strength and abundance into one’s life. In 2015, people may find additional benefits to using Feng Shui Bagua charts due to the current shift in the global economy. With so many individuals having suffered financial and relationship losses in recent years, personal guidance through Feng Shui could be a great way to help restore balance.

History and Evolution of the Bagua Chart

The Bagua chart, which is an important part of Feng Shui lifestyle practices, has a long and rich history. It originated in China over three thousand years ago, as an ancient tool for harnessing the energy of a place or space. Traditional Chinese wisdom called this “Chi energy” and believed that it had to be balanced in order to create health and prosperity. The Bagua chart was developed as a visual representation of the principles behind the balance of this energy, drawing on the relationships between the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water).

In more modern times, the Bagua chart gained newfound popularity and has been increasingly used by practitioners of feng shui to analyze how different energies can interact and show their effects on our homes, businesses, and lives. By understanding how these different energies flow through our space”whether as positive chi or negative chi”we can identify areas where we may need more balance or improvement within our environment. It is believed that when these positive energies are unlocked it bring about greater health, wealth and happiness into our lives.

Today, variations on the traditional Bagua chart still exist but with different components included such as emotions/relationships, career/life path/knowledge areas of life with its corresponding modifying qualities like growth/ decline etc., making it even easier for us to identify what kind of changes are needed in order to manifest our ideal life outcomes. These aspects help empower people to make decisions based on their own values and desired lifestyle while also taking into account not just physical components but also spiritual ones “making sure there is harmony between all aspects of one’s being.

A Deeper Look

The Bagua, or Eight Trigrams, are considered a cosmic energy map used in Feng Shui and Divination. Each section of the Bagua has a corresponding area in each living space and symbolizes different aspects. Here is a look at each trigram and their related areas:

Kun – This symbol represents Earth elements as well as femininity. It’s associated with compassion, motherly care, and nurturance. Areas related to this trigram are the family/ancestors, community/knowledge and health/self-care.

Chen – This symbol represents Thunder elements as well as masculinity. It is associated with strength, vitality, courage, initiative and movement. Areas related to this hexagram are fame/reputation and career/life purpose

Sun – This symbol represents Wind elements as well as individuality. It is associated with innovation, decision-making, communication and self-expression. Areas related to this trigram are travel/exploration and helpful people/blessings from life force

Li – This symbol represents Fire elements as well as passion. It is associated with brightness, warmth and enthusiasm. Areas related to this trigram are family relationships/marriage partners and children/creativity

Kan ” This symbol represents Water elements which bestows wisdom on its occupants’. It is associated with ancient symbols of initiation into deeper understanding essential knowledge is communicated through dreams while meditating in these areas: wealth/abundanceand mentorships

Ken ” This symbol represent Mountain elements which stands for stillness & insight gained by remaining centered away from worldly problems. These areas signify spiritual growth: inner knowledge /self reflection & meditation lastly it brings Inner peace & balance within oneself

Chien ” This symbol creates calmness amongst all environmental chaos representing stability like an old tree trunk connected to our physical universe connecting one’s environment to their inner connection spiritual guidance which links up to both the heaven & Earth energies below Knowledge it brought down from Heaven reflects into wise works .These sections of the Bagua help embody cultural traditions flowing through families for centuries such astribal truths that value family roles its effect here could be far reaching transcending time blessings your whole lineage generation after generation

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Practical Applications

The Bagua Chart is a valuable tool for those seeking to maximize their home’s potential and apply the principles of Feng Shui in their lives. It can be used to increase the flow of positive energy, create a more harmonious environment, and bring balance into your life.

One way to use the Bagua Chart is to assess potential problem areas within your home or office and identify where improvements can be made. Determine which aspects of one’s life need improvement, such as relationships, health, career/business opportunities, creativity etc., and then identify which sectors on the bagua correspond. This allows one to work on enhancing these areas by placing items with corresponding energies in them in that sector. To further strengthen an area, Feng Shui cures like mirrors or plants are often used. Additionally, it can be beneficial to add the Five Elements – wood, metal, earth, fire and water – or specific colors associated with each area for best results.

Another way one might use this tool is for designing rooms or rearranging furniture for optimal energy flow. For example when setting up a workspace or office area, it might make sense to place important desk items in those areas associated with wealth, career sucess and fame according to the Bagua Chart.

Overall the Bagua Chart offers us insight into our physical spaces so that we can create environments most conducive for success and harmony.

Recent Ideas

The Bagua Chart, or Feng Shui Bagua Chart as it is sometimes known, has been used for centuries to help guide and influence the spiritual aspects of life and one’s environment. In recent years, many different interpretations of the traditional chart has emerged with people finding new and creative ways to incorporate principles from ancient Chinese culture into modern décor and design.

One of the most popular trends for applying Feng Shui principles in 2015 is to look at how each area of life affects one another through the use of a Color Wheel. This involves choosing a specific color to represent each Bagua area on the chart, such as wealth (yellow), fame (blue), or knowledge/education (black). For example, if you’d like to increase your wealth or have more success in business, you might choose warm colors like yellow and orange or bright blue. This can be applied in several ways including placing colored stones or symbols representing those areas around your home or office. Alternatively, using this method virtually can create an effective energy map when used alongside traditional art or graphics placed around the home.

Another great trend in 2015 is that many businesses are looking at how they can use their environment to attract more customers with an increased level of prosperity. Many stores are now highlighting certain areas as luck boosters by incorporating elements from the bagua chart into their physical space. By doing this, prospects could be enticed to move further into the store which will eventually lead them to buy something ” naturally increasing sales for the store owners!

Tips and Strategies

1. Start off the Year with a Fresh Attitude – It’s important to have a positive outlook for the upcoming year if you want to let opportunities and luck into your home. Make a commitment to learning about Feng Shui, and how this ancient Chinese practice can help create an environment that is conducive to prosperity and good well-being.

2. Utilize the Bagua Chart – The traditional Feng Shui Bagua chart can be used to determine what areas of the home are associated with prosperity and wellness. This allows you to identify where in your home improvements should be made and how various remedies such as artwork, water fountains and plants could be used to nourish these areas.

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3. Remove Clutter – A cluttered space is one that is energetically stagnant and holds on to old energy from last year. To make room for new energy in 2015, it’s important to get rid of clutter throughout the house. Get rid of anything from clothing items that no longer fit or suit your current style, to furniture that no longer provides functionality or aesthetic value.

4. Give New Life to Your Home – Allow for new life and rejuvenation in your home by making regular improvements such as adding bold artwork or just rearranging some of your furniture pieces so that all nine sections of the Bagua are evenly balanced. Additionally, consider incorporating elements from nature such as rocks or branches into your living space ” these items from nature will help add balance within Chi energies as well as bring healing energy into the home.

5. Set Intention when Introducing Fixes into Your Home – As you include various Feng shui items or cures within your home this year, do not forget the importance of setting intention when making changes ” be clear on what kind of energy you want each area in your home to possess so that when you introduce cures they truly become symbols of healing and good luck in 2015!


The Feng Shui Bagua Chart 2015 is a powerful tool for understanding our environment and unlocking its many secrets. This chart includes the various Bagua guidelines such as colors, shapes, and symbols that are used to help balance the energy in our living spaces; known as Feng Shui. The Bagua is also traditionally used to identify areas of opportunity within each life space.

To help make using this tool easier for those who are interested in applying it to their lives, there are plenty of resources available. A great way to start is by consulting a Feng Shui expert or attending a seminar on the subject of Feng Shui and comprehending its principles. There are also books available with an abundance of information on how to use the Bagua Chart professionally. Additionally, online tools such as calculators and websites can simplify the process of implementing the ancient Chinese principles in everyday situations. Furthermore, countless blogs offering tips from experienced enthusiasts can be great sources of insight into how best to employ the Bagua Chart. Once familiar with all the information related to skillful Feng Shui implication, one can eventually customize his or her own personal style based on basic knowledge andexperimentation with different chart archetypes until discovering what works best for an individual’s specific needs.


The 2015 Feng Shui Bagua Chart is a sacred tool that can be used to help you strengthen the well-being of your home. It not only helps you identify different areas of your home and provide a clue as to what type of energy resides in each, but it can also serve as a powerful visualization tool. When used correctly, the Bagua Chart will encourage positive chi in every room, leading to an overall feeling of harmony and balance throughout the entire house. The use of a Bagua chart is important because it helps to draw out potential negative energies from any given area and replace them with more life affirming and nurturing ones. By keeping this chart around your home, one can expect to feel better overall health and greater success in their life endeavors. In addition, the ability to view which areas are associated with different aspects of lifestyle make the chart extremely versatile and beneficial for manifestation purposes. All in all, the 2015 Feng Shui Bagua Chart is an invaluable tool to have around the home – enabling one to experience deeper peace and joy within their environment while experiencing tangible improvements in various areas of their lives.

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