Feng Shui and the Color Blue


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of harmonizing one’s environment to support the flow of good luck and abundance. Elements such as shapes, colors, and textures all need to be in balance in order to cultivate a successful space. Feng shui practitioners believe that blue has cooling effect they say it assists in creating tranquil environments that encourages relaxation. In addition to its calming capabilities, blue also represents water which is a vital element according the principles of feng shui due to the notion that it provides prosperity and longevity.

In feng shui, different shades of blue are used to create balance throughout the home or office space. Darker blues such as true navy or midnight stimulate confidence and inner strength whereas lighter blues like sky blue can assist in problem solving or apply more gentle energy. The color blue can be incorporated through fabrics such as curtains and pillows or accessories such as rugs and artwork. It can also be used for paint for walls and trim but should be used sparingly so it doesn’t overwhelm a space’s energy field otherwise it could lead to depression and sluggishness for its inhabitants. For the most part, deep blues bring a room serenity while paler tones suggest more brightness which would help expand creativity potentially resulting in increased productivity.

The Color Blue in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, blue is a color of serenity and tranquility. It is believed to be associated with cleansing, healing, and protection. The use of blue in a home can bring calming energy and create an environment that promotes emotional balance, mental clarity, and physical healing.

Different hues and tones of blue can be used within Feng Shui to achieve different effects. For example, lighter shades are best for areas where peace and stillness is needed such as the bedroom or prayer room; its calming nature brings relaxation and peacefulness. Darker shades of blue on the other hand add depth and authority to a space, making it more impressive and inspiring.

In terms of where to apply these colors in your home, blue works well in any room as an accent color as well as bedrooms, offices, bathrooms/wellbeing/meditation rooms where a sense of calmness is essential. The color can also help boost career success when incorporated into work-related areas like office spaces but should be avoided in dining rooms to avoid dampening conversation.

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Blue Color Symbolism

Blue is often associated with the physical and spiritual elements of water and air. In some cultures, blue symbolizes healing and shows that this is a place to rest and feel supported. It also carries associations of calmness, peace, communication, clarity, and intuition. In terms of Feng Shui, blue can bring both a sense of spaciousness and harmony to any space. It encourages one to slow down and appreciate life’s quieter moments — those times where we can connect with our inner wisdom. Other benefits of incorporating blue in your home or workspace include: relieving tension and stress; helping us stay focused; enhancing creativity; encouraging relaxation; grounding us in a peaceful atmosphere; promoting mental clarity; inducing better sleep patterns; connecting us to nature’s energy by stimulating our senses with the calming vibrations associated with flowing water or wide open sky.

Benefits of Blue in Feng Shui

Blue is a very auspicious color in Feng Shui and it can have a powerful effect on the home. The blue color is often associated with trust and loyalty, as well as communication and mental clarity. It helps to bring energy of peace and serenity into any space, creating a calming atmosphere.

Having blue in your home can also help improve communication between family members or roommates. It can help boost mental clarity, foster a clearer focus when making decisions and support quick problem solving. Blue can also help bring forth a sense of creativity, enabling an easier flow of new ideas.

On a spiritual level, blue is believed to promote intuition and inner knowing. In this respect, it encourages us to go within, be creative and question our own paradigms so that we can live at our highest potentials. Bringing blue into your environment through artworks or furniture pieces can be truly beneficial for all inhabitants in the house.

Tips for Using Blue in Your Home

Blue is a very powerful color to use in Feng Shui. It has a calming, relaxing energy that can help promote peace, relaxation and mental clarity. To get the most benefit from blue in your home, consider these tips:

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– Place a few blue accent pieces around the house, such as furniture, rugs or artwork. Blue pairs nicely with white, light wood or neutrals to create a tranquil atmosphere.

– Hang blue curtains or artwork with blues on the walls for extra protection. Use it especially near windows to guard against negative chi from entering the space.

– Blue accessories can range from small pillows or throw blankets to larger items like coffee tables or couches. If you want blue to be more prominent in your home without painting walls, choose furniture and fabrics in various blues for an overall effect.

– To balance out Feng Shui elements, pair blue with lighter shades of yellow and orange as well as green plants like ferns. This adds life to a room while keeping it calm at the same time.

– Use lighter tones of navy like baby and powder blues to keep spaces feeling airy instead of dark or cluttered.

By incorporating this advice into your design choices you can enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui while creating a beautiful and peaceful oasis in your home.


Throughout Feng Shui, the color blue has many meanings and applications. It is often used in home designs and business plans to promote energy of tranquility, health, and protection. In Feng Shui, the use of blue can activate feelings of calmness and trust. Moreover, this color encourages communication and can make a room appear larger than it actually is. To incorporate blue into an existing design, one could use blue accents like furniture or wall décor to make a space feel more harmonious. Additionally, adding curtains or artwork with a blue hue could give a room an open feeling while still promoting positive energy flow. Ultimately, using the color blue in those engaging with Feng Shui should create an environment that promotes feelings of peace and protection.

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