Feng Shui And Round Mirror

Feng Shui and Round Mirrors

Feng Shui is all about the careful arrangement of elements in a space to bring luck and harmony. Round mirrors are often used to reflect chi — the life-force energy said to flow through a room — and to move the energy around and bring it into balance. To best use a round mirror for Feng Shui, it’s important to understand a few of the principles and techniques specific to mirrors.

Placement of Round Mirrors

A round mirror should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t reflect anything that could cause negative energy or be an obstacle to the flow of chi throughout the space. This means it shouldn’t be placed opposite a bed, restroom, or direct source of clutter. Common placement would be in a hallway, above a window, or opposite a doorway or low bookshelf.

Number of Mirrors for Good Fortune

It is believed that the number of mirrors in the room can bring good luck. Use 3, 5 and 7 mirrors (an odd number is best) to create a more balanced space and to create luck with abundance and wealth.

Other Mirror Considerations

  • Place mirrors in the front of the home to welcome luck and fortune.
  • The bigger the mirror the more luck and fortune
  • Above-ground mirror placement is always better than below-ground mirrors.
  • Placing mirrors in the north-east of a house bring educational luck, while mirrors in the south-east direction brings wealth and money luck.
  • Keep the round mirrors clean and free from spots or dirt to prevent the bad luck and negative energy from blocking the flow of chi.

Feng Shui, when applied correctly and thoughtfully, can help to create harmony and positive energy in a home. Utilizing round mirrors as part of the process can be a powerful tool for moving chi and deflecting negative energy. While it may seem complex, understanding the underlying principles can help bring these basic design elements into balance with the space.

What materials are best for feng shui mirrors?

Feng shui mirrors are typically made of copper, brass, wood, bronze, or glass. Depending on where the mirror is placed, materials such as lacquer, sandalwood, pearl, or jade can also be used, as these are believed to bring good luck and energy.

What other feng shui items should I use with mirrors?

1. Chinese coins – These bring in wealth luck.

2. Bamboo flutes – These enhance harmony in relationships.

3. Plants – Lush green plants bring life energy and energy of growth.

4. Buddha figurines – These bring in positive energy and wisdom.

5. Crystals – These help to clear and balance the energy in a space.

6. Incense – Burning incense clears away negative energy.

7. Wind chimes – These help to create a balanced energy flow.

8. Tealights – Placing tealights in the vicinity of mirrors will bring in luck and good fortune.

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