Feng Shui And Bedroom Placement

##Feng Shui and Bedroom Placement
Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that emphasizes important living space placements to foster a healthy and harmonious environment. This ancient practice can also be applied to bedroom placement, as bedroom arrangement affects relationships, health, finances, and opportunities. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your bedroom’s Feng Shui potential.

###The Bed
The bed is arguably the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. It should be placed in a place of prominence, against the wall and across from the door (not directly in front of the door), and positioned for easy access from either side. The bed should also be a size that accurately reflects the size of the room, as the bed takes up a large amount of space and should not overwhelm the other bedroom furniture.

###Leave Room for Movement
It is important to leave room near the bed and other furniture for easy movement and accessibility. Additionally, avoid placing the bed directly in front of a window to reduce being “blindsided” by outside energy. It is also important to avoid placing any furniture directly across from the bed, as this further reduces access to the bed and could increase feelings of insecurity.

###No Electronics
Although tempting to have electronics like TVs and computers in the bedroom, it is actually bad practice according to Feng Shui. These items can cause distractions and decrease quality of sleep. Additionally, take care to not place a mirror directly across from the bed, as it could result in a decrease of intimacy in a relationship.

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###Using Color
Feng Shui also recommends careful use of color. Reds and purples are two of the most recommended colors for bedrooms, as both emphasize love and passion. However, too much of these colors could sway things in opposite directions and create too much energy in the bedroom, so it is best to keep them as accents or to use them in moderation. Other calming, pastel colors like blues, greens, and whites can also be used to help foster a sense of calm and peace in the bedroom.

###Adding Nature
Adding natural elements, like plants, is another great way to incorporate Feng Shui into your bedroom. This can help bring the outside energy in and can help create a sense of connectivity with nature. Additionally, keep the clutter to a minimum and make sure all furniture is in its rightful place. All these tips will help create an environment full of positive energy and an inviting atmosphere for rest, relaxation, and love.

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