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Extension Feng Shui is a form of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese principles of energy and balance that have been practiced in various forms since before the 20th century. This particular style has been created and developed by a professor of architecture at The University of Michigan, Lu Ning, who studied traditional Chinese Feng Shui as part of her research into creating a more humanely designed living environment. Extension Feng Shui takes the core principles of traditional Chinese Feng Shui and tailors them to fit modern lifestyles and interiors. It emphasizes the importance of health, happiness and well-being through carefully curated furnishings that provide balance, harmony, and positive energy in one’s home or office space. It encourages the use of natural elements in interior design to create comfortable and welcoming spaces while also utilizing color schemes to create energizing or calming environments depending on personal preferences. The core concept lies in understanding how seemingly subtle changes in a person’s living space can inspire positive change on an individual level as well as have wider implications within ones community.

Fundamentals of Extension Feng Shui

Extension Feng Shui is an excellent tool for achieving and maintaining balance in a living space. Building upon the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, Extension Feng Shui takes into consideration how the environment influences our bodies, minds, and spirits through energy, particularly through color and directions. Its primary objective is to create an atmosphere that facilitates positive growth by balancing these two forces of energy. To accomplish this, Extension Feng Shui follows two key concepts: the five elements and nine areas.

The five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – provide balanced energy when correctly applied to a room or home. Each element has its own quality and purpose which can be used to enhance certain energies that promote focus, healing or relaxation. For example, fire is associated with passion and excitement while earth relates to stability and grounding energy. When creating a healthy energy flow through a space it is important to have each of the five elements present in some way.

The nine areas of Extension Feng Shui are based on the Bagua map concept but take it one step further in order to assess where there may be imbalances in an environment. This includes looking at how different colors within the space play their role in influencing our physical body as well as psychological wellbeing. By applying the principles of Extension Feng Shui it can help create an atmosphere that allows for greater clarity of thought, encourages creativity and aids with overall health improvement.

Types of Feng Shui and Extension Feng Shui’s Benefits

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to create harmony between a person, the environment around them, and the energy flow or “chi” in their home. Extension Feng Shui is an adaptation of traditional Feng Shui principles for use in modern homes and incorporates the objects, furnishings, and design elements that are not found in a traditional setting.

There are two main types of extension Feng Shui: classical and modern (contemporary). Classical Feng Shui emphasizes the placement of certain objects within the living space according to certain guidelines. Modern (or contemporary) Feng Shui uses practical information to make connections between homeowners, their spaces, and energies.

Extension Feng Shui can provide many benefits to those looking to improve their home’s atmosphere as well as their personal health and wellness. A balanced energy helps maintain mental balance, promote calmness, increase relaxation levels, enhance creativity, support personal growth, cultivate positive relationships with both oneself and others, and even attract wealth into one’s life! By using extension Feng Shui principles properly you can create a conducive energy throughout your home that will brighten up all aspects of your life. Additionally Extension Feng Shui has been known to reduce clutter in the home by creating an aesthetically pleasing arrangement that also supports growth. Finally Extension Feng Shui adds beauty to any home allowing it to flourish as much from its interior designs as from its exterior features.

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Analyzing the Home and Incorporating Extension Feng Shui

Extension Feng Shui is a modern form of traditional home practices meant to maximize one’s energy and potential within any given environment. Extension Feng Shui looks at how balance, harmony, and intention may be used to create an environment conducive to health and well-being on both a physical and inner level.

When analyzing the home for Extension Feng Shui, you must start by taking into consideration the effects of the outside environment. This includes neighboring buildings, roadways, trees, powerlines, water elements and more. Once these elements have been taken into account it is important to look at the flow of energy through your home as it changes from room to room. Pay close attention to where energy can enter each space as well as where it might become blocked or stagnant when exiting out of a certain area or door way. One should also take time to visualize any areas that need further work in order to bring balance back into one’s living space such as painting walls or windows with particular colors, adding décor elements such as plants and flowers, creating designated spots for meditation or spiritual reflections, re-arranging furniture to open up pathways for energy flow throughout the entire house, creating an inviting atmosphere upon entering each space for beautiful spiritual energy; etc. In addition to visual cues and thoughtful home decorations, Extension Feng Shui also takes into consideration sound vibration as having considerable effect on one’s mental state and potential while within their living space. Sounds created from wind chimes and other nature oriented artifacts are associated with being beneficial in achieving a relaxed atmosphere filled with strong energetical benefits within the household.

Integral Elements and Tools of Extension Feng Shui

Extension Feng Shui is the practice of using ancient Chinese art and science to create balance and harmony in a home or office environment. Integral elements used in Extension Feng Shui are colors, shapes, and items associated with one’s personal elements of nature. This can include materials like wood to represent the elements of Wood-Energy; stone, metal, and tile for Water Energy; plants and glass used as Fire Energy tools; and mirrors, natural earth items like crystals, mud walls etc. representing Earth Energy.

Tools used in Extension Feng Shui typically vary but may include a compass to determine auspicious directions, a bagua map that divides rooms into sections associated with life aspirations such as wealth or health, symbols like the Taijitu Yin Yang to represent balanced energies in a space, feng shui patterns that represent parallel ideas or currents of energy such as dragons or tigers, an annua lunar calendar to organize chi movements within the building during key annual points throughout the year, as well as wind chimes that act as treatments for unbalanced energy due to their ability to attract yang energy.

Best Practices and Design Strategies for Optimal Results

Extension Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that can be used to create an optimal living space which brings balance and peace to those who dwell within it. The process of Extension Feng Shui utilizes nine key design strategies. These include: understanding the five elements and their relationship with each other, applying proper placement for furniture and décor items, utilizing color to enhance a given environment, creating functional pathways conducive to harmonious energy flow, incorporating appropriate lighting sources in areas of the home or building, implementing purposeful energy control into each area, recognizing and understanding the symbolism behind specific items within a given area, utilizing aroma therapy when necessary to increase positive energy levels, selecting outdoor features that lend themselves well the overall harmony of the space, and finally understanding how external energies may impact interior environments. When these strategies are effectively implemented into a living space via Extension Feng Shui , individuals who linger within its confines will experience peace, joy and personal growth throughout their lives.

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Common Challenges and Solutions for Minor or Major Adjustments

Extension Feng Shui involves the application of principles, traditions, and concepts in Feng Shui to the design and layout of extensions or additions to a home. It can be used to create an energy balance between the old structure and the new structure, creating harmony and improved aura where old and new seamlessly blend together.

Common challenges that come with extension Feng Shui include ensuring that all colors, materials, shapes, and textures are coherent with each other as well as being compatible with the existing house’s architecture. Extension Feng Shui also needs to take into account potential unfavorable windows or doors placement that may invite negative energy into the home, or lack of light or air circulation. Another challenge is ensuring location of water bodies (such as river or sea) beside or across from your structure is properly taken into consideration.

To address these challenges solutions involve proper placement of colors according to yin-yang principle; using sound building materials like wood, and not concrete; proper placement of windows allowing lots of daylight circulation; placing mirrors in dark corridors; avoiding sharp edges when possible; taking proper precautions whenever water bodies are involved; consulting a qualified Feng Shui practitioner for assistance in achieving superior results. With careful planning and attention to detail, following the rules of Fengshui can bring many positive benefits for any extension project.

Pros and Cons of Extension Feng Shui


• Extension Feng Shui can be used to create positive energy flow in a home and promote good health, luck and prosperity.

• It can also be used to help improve interior design, organize space efficiently and bring aesthetic balance to a living area.
• Extension Feng Shui provides the opportunity to personalize an environment that reflects an individual’s goals and values.
• When correctly employed, Extension Feng Shui is thought to have the potential to open up auspicious opportunities in life such as good relationships and career success.

• As with any system of belief or practice, there is no scientific proof that Extension Feng Shui works.
• Some people may find that its application introduces unwanted distractions or extreme changes which might detract from their sense of comfort.
• If consultations are sought from experts in this field, it could come at an additional expense beyond the simple costs of purchasing items for one’s home.

Summary and Conclusion

Extension feng shui is the use of ancient Chinese principles to influence architecture, living space, and environment. It integrates the aesthetics, physical elements, energy flow and spiritual underpinnings of the traditional practice of Feng Shui into modern design. Extension feng shui involves an understanding of how energy flows through a given space and how it projects those energies outwards. Through this understanding, extension feng shui practitioners are able to assess buildings, organize furniture, decorate living spaces with artwork or plants that can multiply the existing good qi.

In conclusion, extension feng shui is a fundamental way for people to create harmonious designs in their homes or workplaces using both logical and Feng Shui principles. Utilizing basic principles such as planning circulation patterns, utilizing natural light sources, aligning spatial relationships properly based on Feng Shui baguas and five elements theory – extension feng shui can lead to greater harmony in the home between the occupants and their home environment. This creates productive spaces for those who inhabit them and brings abundance energy into any given situation.

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