Evil Eye and Prosperity Feng Shui Amulet

Use of Images

An Evil Eye and Prosperity Feng Shui Amulet is a small charm or trinket meant to bring the bearer luck, ward off bad karma and attract prosperity. An amulet can be any object, from a stuffed animal to a necklace with a pendant, but is often considered most powerful when adorned with an image resembling an eye (symbolic of protection) and incorporating auspicious symbols of wealth, like coins, dragon imagery or lucky bamboo. The presence and arrangement of color also has special meaning in Feng Shui. When displayed at home or even carried in one’s pocket or purse, this protective talisman can help create harmony within a space and ward off negative energy. Images of the amulet can include a traditional blue-painted wooden charm with an eye embedded in the center surrounded by a ring of coin-like shapes; ceramic pendants featuring gold-tinted details and enameled eyes; oriental designs painted onto fabric using bright metallic hues as well as colorful motifs emphasizing good fortune; lavish necklaces strung with coins, shells, crystals and hanging charms; among many other items.

Differentiating between Different Cultsures

The evil eye and prosperity Feng Shui amulet is a powerful talisman used in numerous cultures to protect against negative energy and bring good luck. In some societies, it is believed that the owner of the amulet will become more prosperous when wearing the amulet close to their body.

In Chinese culture, the evil eye symbolizes protection against bad spirits and misfortune. It is most often used as part of a traditional home remedy called “zhentou” which is thought to ward off evil spirits. In the far east, this potent charm can be seen adorning exterior walls and doors for protection from malevolent creatures. This belief originated from Taoist teachings about energy balance and harmony.

In Indian culture, the evil eye symbol is also known as nazar or mangalam and is often seen on jewelry such as necklaces or bindis. It is thought to ward off bad luck caused by admiring glances from jealous other people. According to Hindu tradition, the amulet should be placed facing outwards in order for its protective power to work effectively.

In Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey the hand gesture of Mano Cornuto (the sign of horns) was believed to ward off bad luck sent by others via an evil gaze referred to as mal occhio (evil eye). To counterbalance this malevolence ‘blessing’ it was common practice to wear red clothing or jewelry with a blue glass bead set into them (blue being a representation of water). The red would absorb the effects of any negative vibrations while the blue glass would deflect it away from its wearer.

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Tips and Tricks

1. Hang the amulet near the entrance door to your home or business – make sure it is at an eye-level to be most effective in protecting against negative energy.

2. Place it on the left side of your front door, as this is the best direction for attracting good luck and will help block out negative energy.

3. Place it in the south west corner of your home or business if you want to enhance prosperity and growth.

4. Keep the amulet away from sharp edges furniture or electrical outlets, as these are thought to weaken its powers .

5.Cleanse and energize your Evil Eye/Prosperity Amulet at least once a week by washing it in salt water, then placing it in direct sunlight for a few hours to rejuvenate its power and attract positive energies into your environment.

6. Visualize positive energies flowing through your amulet when charging it with sunlight or other methods such as smudging with white sage smoke and speaking a blessing over them..

7. Regularly replenish your Feng Shui Bagua Map: fresh herbs like mint, ginger/garlic spirals on strings, ruby crystals, multiple coins of different denominations, rainbows stones etc attract wealth energy into your space while also nuturing any existing monetary opportunities.

Personal Stories

Mary was struggling with her finances for many years, until she discovered the Evil Eye and Prosperity Feng Shui Amulet. She hung the talisman from her front doorway and within weeks of doing this, Mary noticed some remarkable changes. Her financial luck quickly turned around and she was suddenly able to pay her bills on time and even trusted in herself enough to go back to school to study a new field of work.

Katrina had been having issues with negative influences in her life. Everywhere she went or looked, it seemed that someone was trying to bring negativity into her life and trying to sabotage her success. That’s when a friend told Katrina about the Evil Eye and Prosperity Feng Shui Amulet. After just a few short weeks of keeping the amulet close by, Katrina noticed that these negative influences had dampened substantially and were barely making an impact on her day-to-day life anymore. She credited the talisman with giving her newfound energy and scaring away any bad vibes that were directed at her before without fail.

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Jorge’s business had stalled for several months due to a lack of clientele interest, so he sought out a holisitic approach to attract potential customers back his way—that’s when he came across the Evil Eye and Prosperity Feng Shui Amulet while browsing online. Jorge decided he wanted give it a try after reading online testimonials other people had given about how it helped them increase their fortunes. Just two days later, Jorge got an influx of calls from clients asking him for services; This positive energy even extended beyond him helping others—he experienced an increased self confidence that extended into other areas of his life!

Other Protection Methods

Gemstones and crystals have been used for centuries to ward off evil and bring positive energy. Gemstones like black tourmaline, obsidian, amethyst, and jade are believed to have protective properties that can help to repel bad energy. Crystals such as selenite, quartz, and clear calcite are thought to attract beneficial influences while also blocking negative frequencies. Wearing crystal jewelry is one of the most popular ways to use these stones for protection.

Plants can be used in feng shui design as well as a form of protection against the evil eye or bad luck. Plants such as lavender, basil, cilantro, marigold, pansies, chrysanthemum and even bamboo plants act as purifiers by cleansing the air and bringing good chi (positive life force) into a space. They can attract luck while also repelling curses or spells that may be directed toward you or your loved ones.

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