Career Bathroom Feng Shui

Career Bathroom Feng Shui – How to Make the Most of Your Water Closet

Are you feeling stuck in your career and need a new direction? Good news! There is a way to improve your career success using the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. That’s right: even your bathroom can be a powerful tool of energy-based career help. Here’s what you need to know about career bathroom feng shui.

The Power of the Water Closet

Your bathroom can be thought of as a playground for feng shui. Many of the concepts related to improving career success center around money, clarity, and organization. The water closet of your bathroom can be embraced as its own unique kind of playground. It is no surprise that the seat of the money-related attributes of feng shui can be centered in the bathroom: it is the home of your washing machines, waste management, and other devices.

Money-Centered Feng Shui Techniques

By embracing your bathroom as a space to bring in money-centering feng shui techniques, you can bring a new level of powerful energy into your life. Some of the best ways to encourage the energy of money to flow within the four-walled universe of the bathroom include:

  • De-cluttering to bring clarity to the space.
  • Bringing in a touch of the color green to represent prosperity.
  • Incorporating round-shaped mirrors to create a sense of abundance.
  • Seek out images and art that signify success.
  • Invoke a sense of order in the water closet.

Making it Your Own

The best way to reap the rewards of career bathroom feng shui is to make it your own. Adding your personal touch to the physical space can be a powerful way to foster soulful energy. Think about items that bring a sense of joy. Artwork, gadgets, even quirky items can help to energize your career in ways you may never have thought possible.

The Potential of Career Bathroom Feng Shui

Using your bathroom to stoke the fire of your career can be incredibly powerful. It may seem strange, but feng shui has long been embraced as a tool to improve our potential and bring out the best in us. By embracing the simple tenets of feng shui, you can inject new energy into your career and bring about a level of success you may never have thought possible.

So… give career bathroom feng shui a try and watch the potential of your career unfold like never before.

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