Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken


Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken is the perfect destination for travelers who are looking for a unique and calming experience. Drawing inspiration from the ancient art of feng shui, this hotel offers guests an inviting space that has been specially designed to focus on creating balance and harmony. Its tranquil atmosphere allows you to leave your worries and stress behind as you relax in luxury. Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken also prides itself on providing luxurious features such as its all-suite accommodation, state-of-the-art amenities including a modern fitness center, spa, and bar, and stunning views of the park outside. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a chance to reconnect with nature, Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken can provide the perfect retreat.

Location Overview

Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken is located in the beautiful city of Bremen, Germany. It is a 4-star hotel which offers high quality services and contemporary amenities. The hotel is situated near the Herdentor, which is one of the most important gates in the historic city wall. It also overlooks the spacious Bürgerpark, providing a peaceful atmosphere to relax while enjoying picturesque views of nature.

The location is convenient for both business and leisure travelers as it provides easy access to several attractions such as Böttcherstraße, St Petri Cathedral, The Schnoor Historic District, The Town Musicians of Bremen Statue and many others. Transportation links are plentiful; the nearest train station is just 7 minutes away and there are numerous parking spaces for guests. With nearby public transportation stops, guests can easily explore all that this vibrant city has to offer.

During their stay at Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken had interactive maps available on site with photos of surrounding landmarks and attractions so that guests can properly visualize their stay and make the most out of it. Along with this they also provide an array of facilities with some unique features such as an on-site library stocked with books in thirteen different languages on different topics like art, science, architecture etc., meditation spaces where calming music brings balance and harmony to mind and body, a roof-top bar offering 360° views of the city center surrounded by lush green gardens making it ideal for moments relaxation or celebration and a wellness area which includes saunas and massage rooms equipped with latest technologies helping streamline health & well-being goals comfortably while being in modern surroundings.

Facilities and Amenities

Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken offers extensive facilities and amenities for its guests. For maximum convenience, the hotel provides 24-hour concierge services that are available at any time of the day or night. The efficient staff ensures that all guest requests are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. The hotel also provides high-speed internet access throughout the property so that you can stay connected with family and friends even when you’re on vacation.

Other added value services include car rental, laundry service, currency exchange service, and a business center equipped with modern technologies to accommodate all your business-related needs. In addition, there is a selection of restaurants offering international cuisine plus two bars where guests can enjoy thirst-quenching beverages in a relaxing atmosphere. Every room comes complete with air conditioning, flat screen TVs and espresso machines; while some rooms come with private Jacuzzis and mini-bars as well.

Accommodation Options

Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken offers excellent accommodations for its guests. It provides a wide array of room options, allowing guests to find exactly what they’re looking for. For instance, it has standard rooms as well as junior suites and apartments. Depending on the type of accommodation chosen, guests can enjoy king or queen beds, twin beds, sofa beds, and even bunk beds. All of the rooms come with private en suite bathrooms and feature amenities such as air-conditioning, hairdryers, mini-refrigerators, flat-screen TVs with cable channels including movies and sports events, workspace desks that come with ergonomic chairs, and Wi-Fi connection. Additionallyll other services are included such as daily housekeeping services and 24hr reception/check-in service. The hotel also boasts an onsite restaurant serving breakfast and lunch each day plus an in-house bar where drinks can be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Onsite Dining

Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken offers high-end dining to its guests. In the hotel, there’s two fine-dining restaurants. The first is The Herring Room, which specializes in fresh and sustainably-sourced seafood entrees, along with regional dishes such as herring and North Sea salmon. There’s also a full sushi menu and drinks available too.

The second restaurant is the Prime Steak House. Here, diners can sample some of the best steak cuts from around the world, cooked to perfection and served with tempting sides and sauces that are made in house by chef Mauro Genovese. He has recently been awarded a prestigious Michelin star for his work creating imaginative contemporary cuisine that still stays true to local German flavors.

If you’re looking for something more informal, Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken also have a café bistro where you can order hot breakfasts or light lunches or dinners with locally produced coffee and cakes for dessert too!

Events and Activities

Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken offers visitors a wide variety of events and activities. A popular option is one of their guided walking tours of the local area, which gives guests the opportunity to explore some of the historic sites and landmarks in the region, as well as admire the stunning scenic views. Nature lovers can also take advantage of their outdoor adventure activities, such as kayaking and canoeing along rivers and lakes, hiking through forests, biking along scenic trails, fishing on tranquil lakes, or even rock-climbing against majestic cliff faces. For those looking for something more relaxing, Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken also has a series of private spas available that focus on providing holistic healing therapies and treatments. So no matter what you’re looking for in terms of sightseeing or recreation during your stay at this superb hotel, there’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s taste!

Special Occasions

Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken is the ideal destination for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, or anniversaries. With their custom event hosting solutions, they can make your special day even more memorable. Components Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken offers a wide range of packages to help you plan and host your special occasion. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious and scenic venue for a wedding, an intimate gathering in their VIP lounge, or full catering services, Elements has got you covered. Their experienced concierge staff will help ensure that your event unfolds seamlessly and with ease. From decorations to cake cutting to seating arrangements and more, Elements can create the perfect atmosphere for any type of celebration. They also have dedicated meeting rooms available to accommodate small business meetings or corporate events like product launches. With Elements’ exceptional customer service and unique offerings, your special occasion will be one to remember.

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The Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken is an ideal place for visitors who are looking to save on parking fees. The hotel offers a multitude of ways to help guests get the best deal when it comes to parking. Firstly, they offer easy-to-understand tips and tricks on how to save money on your parking costs. As such, visitors can take advantage of discounts or special promotions that they may not have known about before arriving at the hotel. Secondly, the hotel provides complimentary public transportation cards that can be used for extensive reduces on fares around Bremen. In addition, there are also discounted tickets for attractions in the area available when staying at Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken. Lastly, guests who book in advance will receive exclusive deals and discounts only available to those who plan ahead – making it easier than ever to stretch their budget and enjoy a worry-free stay!

Compelling Reasons to Stay

Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken offers customers a unique approach to customer satisfaction. The hotel believes in providing guests with a holistic experience that combine the comfort of modern amenities and the relaxed atmosphere of a peaceful holiday destination. Guests can indulge in various luxuries, such as spa treatments, massage therapy, and aromatherapy. Furthermore, the hotel has numerous rooms that feature colorful designs, pleasant lighting, and current furnishings for guest comfort and access to nearby attractions such as Bremen Parken. All these amenities provide guests with an enjoyable stay that soothes their senses and invigorates their spirit.

The staff at Elements Pure Feng Shui also goes above and beyond to make sure each guest’s individual needs are met. Whether you’re staying for business or leisure, the hotel strives to create lasting memories of your time spent there. In addition, it is no wonder why Elements Pure Feng Shui gets outstanding reviews from former customers who only have good things to say about their experiences at the hotel! From its friendly service staff to its unbeatable amenities packages – this upscale Asian fusion-design property is your go-to destination for a relaxing yet luxurious vacation or special event getaway.


Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken is set in a prime location in the center of Bremen, Germany. With stunningly modern design and stylish interiors, Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken offers all the creature comforts travelers seek while allowing a sense of relaxation and serenity normally reserved for faraway locales. The hotel is filled with new amenities like free Wi-Fi throughout, flat screen TVs and iPod docks with docking stations to ensure your stay is comfortable as well as enjoyable. An onsite spa further amps up the calming vibe; offering massages, facials and other rejuvenating treatments.

In order to incent readers to stay at Elements Pure Feng Shui Hotel Bremen Parken, the hotel provides exclusive discounts codes, loyalty rewards and other incentives. They also offer tasty specials crafted by their renowned in-house chef along with carefully selected fine wines available at their restaurant. These are just some of the tokens of appreciation that make Elements Pure Feng Shui a truly special place to stay.

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