Easy Feng Shui Tips for Wealth


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that has been used for centuries to bring positive energy into the home. This philosophy believes that certain elements, arrangement of furniture and colors can be used to create a balanced and harmonious environment. The underlying belief is that if you are opening the flow of energy in your space, riches and wealth can make their way into your life. Although this connection between Feng Shui and wealth may seem abstract at first, there are many practical tips that anyone can use to attract money energy into their lives.

Beyond just decorating your home with specific elements or de-cluttering as part of the feng shui approach, there are additional steps you can take to increase the abundance energy found in your space. For example, add symbols of wealth and prosperity throughout your house—things like coins or fortune cats near entrances allow positive money energy to find its way in. You should also pay special attention to the area designated for career luck. In feng shui this area is located north on the map of your home—there could be something special here that encourages you to focus on work prosperity as well as other sources of income such as investments or rentals. Furthermore, cultivating habits such as cleaning up after yourself and being generous with what you have will help strengthen good money vibes in your life. Finally, having high ambitions but also realistic goals keeps both feet on firm financial ground.

Preparing the Foundation

Feng shui is the Chinese art of creating positive energy by arranging the environment with intention. Applying it to wealth and money can be a powerful tool for helping you attract financial success. Utilizing feng shui for wealth purposes brings in the energies of clarity, organization, and flow as well as natural abundance. Before exploring specific tips you need to take some time to prepare your physical space and yourself for its intake.

It is important to begin by creating an energetically-clean environment that’s free from negative influences and stale air. Start by removing any clutter off your desk as well as other furniture or shelves in your house. Focus on clearing out anything from clothes, toys, or piles of paper that make it difficult for fresh energy to move freely inside the room. Open up your windows to allow fresh air in – this helps remove stagnant energy that can block prosperity. Additionally you can burn incense or light scented candles that have natural healing properties such as frankincense and myrrh, which will enhance an abundant atmosphere while also cleansing the area of negative energy.

Another foundational element is setting a powerful intention before taking any other active steps (including doing rituals). When done consistently this declaration of intent powerfully charges each action so they give rise to helpful shifts on mental, spiritual and emotional planes – which are essential when dealing with matters like money and success too! Spending some time visualising where you would like to take this “feng shui experiment” will help bring focus and clarity throughout the process so future choices can be made with precision and power.

Tapping into Good Fortune

Feng shui is an ancient philosophy and practice that seeks to create harmony and balance within a person’s physical environment. The idea behind feng shui is that when the energy, or chi, of an environment flows freely and evenly, so too will health, prosperity, and happiness. If you’re looking to bring wealth into your life, here are some easy feng shui tips that can help you achieve your goals:

1. Decorate with Lucky Symbols: Incorporate symbols of wealth such as coins, money trees, Chinese knots, crystal pyramids or turtles into your home decor. These symbols are thought to promote the flow of abundance into any space and attract good fortune.

2. Promote Positive Energy in Your Entryway: Place wind chimes at the entrance of your home or add colourful wall art with vibrant messages. This will act as a magnet for positive energy entering your space and will attract these same vibrations in every area of your life-including financial wealth!

North Corner Feng Shui

3. Place Mirrors Accordingly: Hang decorative wall mirrors on the walls adjacent to entry doors or windows that face south – this helps reflect positive energy back into the room where it came from instead of allowing it to escape outside easily. This reflects all energies in the space including those related to money flow!

4. Open Up Cluttered Spaces: Make sure closets and other compact spaces are not overly full– both physical clutter and metaphorical ‘clutter’ can prevent new blessings from coming into our lives like financial gain or mental clarity – so opening up these areas promotes more open energy flow in all aspects of life including attracting money flow!

5. Make Use Of Nature’s Elements: Bring nature elements such as stones or plants into your home – this helps infuse more natural energy which is known for bringing abundance in many forms including financial stability!

Rebalancing Your Home

One of the main principles of Feng Shui is maintaining a balanced flow of energy throughout your home. To increase wealth, you should look for any areas that have an accumulation of negative energy or blocked energy that prevents wealth from entering and accumulating in your home. Here are some Feng Shui tips to help you rebalance your home:

1) Keep the outside of your house clean. Make sure to regularly remove any unwanted items, such as broken furniture or garbage, that may accumulate around your house as they block wealth energy from entering.

2) Place a strong air-purifying plant near the entrance of your home. Having a strong air purifier at the entrance helps diffuse any negative energy before it has a chance to enter the rest of the house. It also brings in positive energy which helps create a welcoming atmosphere for wealth flow.

3) Make use of bright lighting throughout your home. Bright lighting will make it easier for good fortune to find its way inside, while dull light can make it difficult for prosperity to find its way in.

4) Cleanse your house with sage smoke pilgrimage. This process involves filling each room with sage smoke which helps clear out any blocked energy or negative vibes and allows new opportunities to come in and stay longer.

5) Use crystals, mirrors, and other items strategically placed around your property.. Certain crystals like citrine and pyrite generate powerful vibrations that attract wealth while certain mirrors have specific qualifications which reflect good luck back into you when placed strategically around the home or office.

Balance and Harmony

Easy Feng Shui tips for wealth can help you create a more balanced and harmonious setting in your home. The goal of Feng Shui is to bring balance and positive energy into a space to promote good luck, health, and prosperity. When it comes to creating wealth or financial success, a few simple tweaks can aid in this goal.

One commonwealth-friendly quick-fix is the placement of symbols that represent abundance. Such symbols may come in the form of Chinese coins, money frogs, or auspicious images depicting figures like the Laughing Buddha. Decorative items displaying gold hues and water elements are also said to bring wealth energies into your surroundings; placing these objects within proximity of places you often utilize will amplify their effects. Furthermore, making sure your living spaces stay orderly and uncluttered can help keep any negative energy from lingering on within the area; do not let cleaning duties become procrastinated as regardless of whether good feng shui energizes your home, being organized helps one stay productive and motivated on many different levels.

The colors featured on walls, furniture pieces and other surfaces should be chosen with restraint— specific colors correspond better than others when bringing strong financial luck into your home; red tones represent fortune while blues indicate abundance in various forms; grounding shades accepted by many cultures such as white, browns or greys create an enviable atmosphere which promotes clarity and joy during times marked by stress over money matters. By taking these few easy steps, you can enjoy a space full of focus conducive to achieving all you envision financially.

Feng Shui Bedroom North West

Compensating for Clutter

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy which believes that the right arrangement of objects in any space has a powerful influence on an individual’s life, career path, and financial health. When positioned strategically throughout the home, items made of wood, metal or earth tones can create good energy flow, opening the doors to wealth and success. But what happens if you have a lot of clutter blocking your paths? It becomes nearly impossible for wealth energy to flow in your home and come back with various blessings. To overcome this block, fix it by removing sizable furniture pieces from all doorways, hallways and other common areas; clearing any obstructions will help the “Chi” (positive) circulate better through your home. Replacing furniture pieces with plants can also encourage fortune; these living creatures absorb negative energies while giving off positive vibes. Spice up the corners of your house with some lucky coins or other symbols associated with luck and wealth; art work pieces also work here as well. Furthermore, setting aside some storage space for all unnecessary items will reduce clutter buildup in the years to come. Working with Feng Shui principles can help us form powerful connections between our environment and objective worlds – utilizing all of tips above we should be able to improve our overall wealth flow significantly!

Opening Doors to Abundance

Feng shui is a practice of Chinese origin that combines principles of architecture, interior design, and energy awareness to maximize positive energy and attract the desired outcome. Knowing how to properly apply these principles can have an immense impact on your overall financial success, comfort, and happiness. To get started, here are 30 easy Feng Shui tips for wealth:

1. Place a water feature in front of your doorway, such as a fountain or small pond. This will attract prosperity and invite money into your home.

2. Use lucky symbols to represent abundance and luck around your home like images of coins, waterfalls and other auspicious symbols which promote good fortune.

3. Replace any broken items around the house immediately – broken objects create “leaks” in your financial energy flow and disrupt balance.

4. Hang a mirror near the front door – mirrors symbolize “doubling” which can bring more money into your life through doubling investments, savings etc.

5. Give new life to old furniture by upcycling or simply refreshing it with new paint – this repurposing will also ‘refresh’ your finances!

6. Stand in the middle of the room and visualize inviting money into the space – focus on relaxation and think about what you want wealth to bring you from emotional well-being to tangible items or services .

7. Place plants near windowsills and entries that symbolize growth such as bamboo or jade plants – living things bring vital Qi energy into a space as well!


For long-term gain, strive to make your home a peaceful and inviting haven. Utilize the wealth principles of feng shui, such as the Bagua map, to determine where select objects should be placed in order to create optimum harmony, balance and prosperity. Incorporate meaningful items such as artwork that speaks of richness, luxury and abundance. Decorate with items that remind you of prosperity, such as figurines of Koi fish or beautiful paintings of trees. Place crystals such as citrine or amethyst along the wealth corners of your home according to the principles of bagua mapping. Create a harmonious environment by using balanced color palettes which evoke peace and relaxation while activating your feelings of abundance. Invite wealth not only into your physical space but also into your life: recognize it in every form and give thanks for what you have now while remaining open-minded towards all future possibilities.

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