Do Chinese Ppl Hire to Architects for Feng Shui


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that centers around making sure the environment a person inhabits is balanced and harmonious. It aims to ensure that individuals have positive energy and that their living space works in harmony with the spiritual forces of nature. Feng shui involves elements such as the placement of furniture and decoration, as well as environmental elements like landscape design, building materials, colors and nature. In Chinese culture, it is believed that correctly practicing feng shui can bring joy and prosperity into people’s lives. As a result, many Chinese people will hire architects who specialize in feng shui to help them make their homes more suitable for spiritual energy and balance.

How Chinese People Acquire and Hire Architects for Feng Shui Projects

There are several ways in which Chinese people might go about hiring an architect for Feng Shui projects. The first way might be by asking around in their local community to find an architect who is a master of Feng Shui. Word-of-mouth references and recommendations can often be invaluable when selecting an architect. Alternatively, many cities offer services lists of vetted architects and contractors, so it’s worth checking out these directories to get the best qualified professionals to work with.

For those who are more tech-savvy, many architects have websites or profiles on independent review websites that display previous customer reviews and ratings. This can give potential customers a good idea of what they can expect from working with that particular architect, which could be a great way to narrow down the options and make sure they hire someone well-suited for their specific project needs.

In addition to internet searches or service directories, some cities also provide online listings of Feng Shui experts that come highly rated. Many of these professionals will advertise their services, and this could be another great way for someone looking to hire an architect for their particular Feng Shui project.

Key Qualifications to Look for in an Architect

Yes, Chinese people often hire architects for the purpose of Feng Shui improvement. When looking to hire an architect with knowledge in this area, it is important to look for qualifications that pertain specifically to Feng Shui. An architect who understands the principles and subtleties of traditional Chinese architecture and culture is best suited for designing a house, workspace, or courtyard using the principles of Feng Shui. Such an architect should also have experience in designing structures through specific elements and materials related to Feng Shui, such as stone selection, positioning of doors and windows, etc. The ideal candidate will be knowledgeable in the study of color theory, energy flow alignment between interior and exterior elements, astrology & numerology in architecture, and space planning techniques used within the art of Feng Shui. Furthermore, it would be beneficial if the architect has attended lectures about related topics such as Daoism, I-Ching studies or history courses on ancient Oriental philosophy or dharma teachings.

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The Intersection of Feng Shui and Architecture

Chinese people often use the principles of Feng Shui when designing and building homes and businesses. At the most fundamental level, Feng Shui is a system of orienting a space or property according to the laws of nature and energy. It seeks to create an environment that is balanced, luck-bringing, and prosperous. Architectural practices that take into account Feng Shui principles attempt to design spaces that are harmonious with its natural surroundings, focusing on bringing positive energy into their indoor spaces. Feng Shui practitioners may be hired by Chinese people for more precise advice in terms of how to arrange furniture, colors, shapes and other environmental elements for optimal health and harmony. In addition to maximizing the uptake of positive energy from the land, practitioners will consider such factors as historical significance, cultural practices, popular opinion and holidays when making suggestions. The goal is to make living or working in a certain space pleasant while minimizing negative emotional or energetic effects on those who inhabit it.

The Cost of Engaging an Architect for Feng Shui Projects

Yes, many Chinese people do hire architects for Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science, originating from China over 5000 years ago. Its purpose is to bring harmony and balance to a person’s home or business by the selection of particular objects and the arrangement of items in specific ways. These practices can help with success and wellness, while reducing negative energy. An architect who specializes in Feng Shui has studied all of these principles as part of their formal education and training, and will be able to ensure that your project is designed, built, and arranged properly to achieve its desired results.

The cost of engaging an architect for a Feng Shui project will depend on various factors, including the size and complexity of the project and any additional specialty services needed (such as advising on suitable decor and plants). Typically, architectural fees may range from 10-15% of the total project cost. Hiring an experienced professional can substantially increase chances of success when creating a desired harmonious environment inside one’s home or business.

Advantages of Hiring an Architect for Feng Shui Projects

Yes, Chinese people often hire architects to create and implement Feng Shui projects. Ancient Chinese wisdom has developed over hundreds of years to create Feng Shui or Wind-Water, which is a practice believed to bring good luck and prosperity through the environment creating energetic balance and harmony. An experienced Feng Shui architect knows how to plan environmental elements into a building in order to maximize the benefits of this practice.

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Advantages of hiring an architect for project include: their knowledge and skill with both exterior space and interior design, ability to customize work based on the needs of client’s lifestyle, economy of scale by using existing resources making it more cost effective and completion within a reasonable time frame. Architects understand how buildings should relate to surrounding landscapes as well as how color, texture and layout affect emotions such as joy or peace. They also understand building materials that support positive energy flow in a structure to help foster health, wellness and good fortune—all important factors in traditional Chinese home design. Additionally, they have access to a variety of planners who are familiar with the region’s climate and geographical features necessary for implementing successful Feng Shui designs.

Challenges of Hiring an Architect for Feng Shui Projects

Yes, Chinese people do hire architects for Feng Shui projects, as the practice is an important component of traditional Chinese architecture. However, some challenges come along with hiring an architect for this purpose. First, there is a lack of professionals trained specifically in Feng Shui design. As such, finding someone who is truly versed in the complexities of this ancient practice can be daunting; clients may have to go through quite a few interviews to find a compatible person. Secondly, procuring a qualified professional often comes with an expensive price tag. Feng Shui architects are typically highly specialized and therefore their services tend to cost more due to their added expertise and scarce availability. Finally, there is also the issue of cultural barriers—working with someone experienced in the principles of Feng Shui who speaks English and understands western architecture can be even more difficult than finding an expert alone. Nevertheless, many people believe that investing in an experienced professional will give one’s project the best chance at harnessing the strength of this ancient art form.


It is clear that hiring an architect for a Feng Shui project in China could be beneficial. Architects have the knowledge and experience to create aesthetically pleasing home and office designs while also taking into account the principles of Feng Shui that are traditional in Chinese society. Additionally, architects can provide advice on how to best utilize the naturally occurring energies in the building, helping to emphasize the flow of positive energy. Moreover, they can help create an atmosphere where people feel relaxed and focused in their living or work environment. For these reasons, it is advantageous to hire an architect if one plans on remodeling their property or creating a new space with Feng Shui principles in mind.

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