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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used for centuries to bring harmony and balance into the home. In 2020, this practice is still as relevant as ever when it comes to designing and decorating one’s home. Feng Shui is rooted in the belief that everything should be in balance for energy to flow positively throughout a space. This delicate balance can be achieved through strategic interior design decisions and furniture placement.

The goal of Feng Shui is to maximize the positive energy that flows through a living space, which can enhance health, prosperity, and even relationships. To do this, practitioners recommend careful consideration of wall colors, furnishings shapes and sizes, fabrics, window treatments and more when selecting items for a room. Colors should conjure feelings of optimism such as bright blues or greens, while shapes like rectangles evoke strength and stability. Natural materials are also important elements as they help bring along organic vibes that can have positive effects on emotions. Adding designs inspired by nature can be another way to tap into the goodness of natural energy which can also minimize stress levels in a home environment.

When done correctly, following the principles of Feng Shui will create visual appeal while bringing greater peace and harmony amongst family members or friends inhabiting a given home. It’s wise to consult with your interior designer who has knowledge about such practices; perhaps updated for modern times- combining both traditional energies with trends for 2020!

Harnessing the Power of Nature

Feng Shui is founded upon the belief that the power of nature can bring balance and harmony to our lives. One way to achieve this balance is through incorporating the Five Elements”Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal”into your home’s decor. Each element provides a unique energy that brings its own character into your home. By applying their energies in a positive manner, you can create dynamic and highly effective decor. Fire”symbolizing passion and enthusiasm”can be used to energize an area or inject life into a design scheme. Water symbolizes peace and tranquility, making it ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms very relaxing environments Utilities areas as kitchens or dining rooms may benefit from Wood elements like green plants or wooden cabinets because they represent abundant life-force while grounding Earth elements use warming tones such as yellow or brown to make a space feel comfortable and safe. Finally, Metal elements are calming in their reflective sheen; using them sparingly can help reduce stress in any room. With thoughtful utilization of these five elements combined together within an interior setting, your home will become increasingly connected to the energy of nature, creating perfect balance for 2020.

Rebalancing the Yin and Yang of Life with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese art form that has been around for centuries, and is recognized as a way of harmonizing the home, work space or outdoor areas to bring peace and balance into one’s life. In 2020, Feng Shui can be used to achieve balance in all aspects of our lives from our physical environment, to our mental and spiritual wellbeing.

When using Feng Shui principles in your home or workspace, it is important to remember that the focus should be on creating harmony between the Yin and Yang energies that exist within our physical world. Yin is associated with energy centered on growth, nourishing activities, relaxation, introspection and spirituality while Yang brings heat, movement and activity. When these two energies are balanced through décor choices that honor both elements, this will create an environment of inner peace and flow throughout the entire home.

To begin rebalancing the Yin and Yang of life with Feng Shui this year begins with decluttering your space. This means removing anything unnecessary such as old furniture or clothing that no longer serves its purpose. Once everything has been taken away then introduce calming colors such as earthy tones or blues to represent a sense of tranquility while also introducing plants which promote air purification by removing toxins from the air we breathe. Other ways to use Feng Shui decoratively include rearranging furniture or wall hangings strategically so they represent a type of energy flow from one room to another; placing mirrors strategically throughout your living space; using crystals as objects in order to bring positive energy into an area; utilizing artwork based off nature images for balance; and displaying items which have symbolic meaning instead of purely aesthetic value.. Implementing these design principles allow us to not only enhance the visual qualities within a room but also create a tranquil space where effortless chi flow can take place thus balancing any negative energies out into positive ones.

Colores Mapa Bagua Feng Shui

Renewing the Home’s Energy with the Eight Bagua Areas

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice of creating positive energy within the home by arranging furniture and décor in specific ways. 2020 is an ideal time to apply Feng Shui principals as it will be the start of a new decade, bringing in good luck and prosperity.

The Eight Bagua Areas according to Feng Shui are the Wealth & Prosperity area, the Fame & Reputation area, the Love & Relationships area, the Creativity & Children’s area, the Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area, the Career Success area, Helpful People & Travel and finally the Health & Family. Applying feng shui principles in home decorating typically involves placing items associated with each Bagua Area within that particular space. For example, when it comes to Wealth and Prosperity areas, mirrors are globally accepted symbols of increased wealth ” so it behooves homeowners to hang one in this section for optimal success in 2020. In addition to placing objects specific to each bagua’s theme into their respective location around your home or office space you may also want to consider introducing color symbolism or special blooms or plants that have meaning related to the elements associated with each zone. For example lime green is said to bring healing energy while inviting pink colored peonies encourages love and romance into a space associated with love and relationships. In order for these energies to positively be activated certain guidelines need followed such as minimizing clutter throughout each bagua space that blocking any incoming positive vibrations at all times. Doing so regularly will ensure balanced flow of qi!

Reenergizing Your Home Decor with Harmony and Balance

Feng Shui 2020 is all about finding and maintaining balance in your home décor. To get started, take inventory of what you have and determine what aspects of your home décor are out of sync with the principles of feng shui. Consider items that may be too loud, bright or distracting and adjust accordingly.

When it comes to color choices for walls, furniture, and especially flooring, look for hues that create harmony and comfort. Light colors can bring a sense of openness and airiness, while warm colors add energy to the space. Cool colors give off a calming effect. You can also incorporate natural materials like wood, stone and bamboo throughout the space to introduce peace and balance.

Feng Shui 2020 encourages thoughtful placement of furniture considering both function and flow. Make sure you create deliberate pathways throughout the room so you’re not obstructing circulation or creating awkward corners or nooks that disrupt positive energy flow within the space. Opt for round shapes wherever possible as they’re said to encourage more peaceful energy than sharp angled corners often found in square furniture pieces. Opt for soft lighting fixtures to immediately create ambiance in any room–think lamps with softer bulbs than bright overhead lighting, which has a tendency to overpower all other design elements within that room. Lastly don’t forget greenery like plants as well as works of art or sculptures; depending on what is most meaningful to you these accents can help complete any look while bringing an improved sense balance throughout the entire space.

Actionable Tips for Designing a Feng Shui Inspired Home

1. Start with a Clean Slate : Begin your Feng Shui-inspired home design by clearing out clutter and releasing any stagnant energy with a good spring cleaning. This helps to create a mental and physical open space for you to begin anew.

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2. Consider Your Bagua : Making sure that each area of the bagua map – prosperity/wealth, family/community, fame/reputation, etc – is properly covered and decorated in harmonious colors will help infuse positive energy throughout your home.

3. Choose the Right Colors: Red and yellow are known as fire elements while green, blue and brown are associated with wood elements in Feng Shui design principles; air elements are represented through white, grey or cream; metallic tones represent water; and earthy tones such as terracotta encompass the earth element. Using appropriate colors for each area of your home can help balance its overall energy.

4. Incorporate Natural Elements : Bringing nature indoors not only makes homes look more attractive but also helps foster positive energies throughout the home’s environment by inviting in fresh air, sunshine, new vitality and natural beauty into one’s living spaces. Consider placing greenery in areas where it would be most beneficial depending on the area of focus within a given space such as hanging plants in entranceways or big leafy plants near windows or corners where feng shui principles suggest can bring an abundance of wealth luck or boost prime energy channels within the house.

5. Utilize Symbolism & Imagery : Utilizing symbolism such as crystal healing stones connected with career success or abundance mindset culture art pieces with powerful messages can help generate empowering energies they carry all around your space while has increases feel-good happiness vibes throughout the room when looking at them you daily life routines renewed positive stimulus Moreover when beginning to feng shui our living spaces to display meaningful images which resonate deep within us corresponding to words like creativity power determination growth friendship passion victory health prosperity love etc this speaks up who without saying much enforces dream visions firmly inside our minds creating stronger internal motivation connectionions towards realize those aspirations now made visual


The start of 2021 brings a sense of hope and excitement for many. Incorporating specific Feng Shui techniques into our homes can bring clarity to the coming year and add an additional layer of serenity to our lives. With just a few steps, we can spend the next year surrounded by energy-cleansing objects and enabling calming environments.

Creating a strong foundation for the new year is important in Feng Shui ” both literally and metaphorically. Starting with the entranceway of your home, clear out any clutter that might block positive energy flowing in. If possible, include an air purifier or air plant near the door to create freshness while also bringing an organic element home. Opening windows often helps to keep energy circulating indoors; curtains or blinds in calming shades should be part of your decor plan as well.

Incorporating shades found in nature, such as clusters of blues, often bring harmony to areas of your home. Add blue accents through items like kitchenware, artwork, linens or even plants ” it all works towards establishing balance within your space as well as reflecting light around natural surfaces. Additionally, accessories that are meaningful or unique will ensure a positive distraction when needed but don’t overdo it: too much adornment has been known to detract away from the calming purpose Feng Shui serves us! As long as we remain mindful of what our home needs, 2021 can be truly invigorating ” with just enough clarity and freshness around us to give us hope for what’s ahead!

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