Feng Shui Paintings For Career

Feng Shui Paintings for Career

Feng Shui paintings have long been used to bring good luck and attract prosperity. Artists often use Feng Shui principles to create masterful works of art that attract positive energy that can positively influence one’s career.

Basics of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of arranging objects and symbols to attract positive energy. It is based on the idea that everything in the environment – from furniture to certain color combinations – can bring good fortune, prosperity and success.

Paintings for Career Growth

Certain Feng Shui paintings can be used to enhance one’s career opportunities. These works of art often feature powerful symbols that can bring luck and protection to the viewer, as well as induce feelings of success and prosperity. Feng shui paintings usually feature a variety of images, including dragons, butterflies and animals. Common elements used in career-oriented artwork include:

  • Peach Blossom: Symbolizes good relationships with colleagues, which can help bring success in one’s career.
  • Fu Dog: Represent power, protection and luck and is often used to attract successful business opportunities.
  • Phoenix: Symbolizes power, strength and good luck.
  • Elephant: A symbol of strength, prosperity, and luck.
  • Ruyi: Emblematic of blessing and peace.
  • Fish and Ru Yi: Two fish swimming in a circle signify everlasting harmony.

These images can be combined with certain colors to create works of art that can help to bring prosperity.

Colors for Career Development

Feng Shui principles recommend specific colors that can bring good fortune, such as:

  • Red: A powerful and energizing color that symbolizes high energy, passion and ambition.
  • Gold: Often used to bring wealth and abundance.
  • Green: Represents success and growth.
  • Purple: Symbol of wealth, luck and abundance.
  • Yellow: Represents confidence and achievement.

By combining these colors with the right symbols, one can create a painting that will bring good fortune and promote career growth and success.


Feng Shui paintings can be used to bring abundance, prosperity and good luck to one’s career. By combining powerful symbols with potent colors, a painting can be created that will attract positive energy that can bring success and prosperity.

Bonsai And Feng Shui

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