Calathea Plant Feng Shui

Introduction to Calathea Plant Feng Shui

Calathea Plant Feng Shui is a traditional style of Chinese Feng Shui that uses plants to create an environment of positive energy flow in the home or office. It is said that placing specific plants in areas around the home can create a positive feng shui energy which reduces stress and promotes well-being. The Calathea plant is believed to be a powerful symbol in this application of Feng Shui, as it represents growth, stability and prosperity. By placing these plants throughout the different rooms in your home, you can balance yin and yang energies to bring clarity, healing and abundance. In addition, having live flowers and foliage will improve air quality by cleaning toxins from the air. This will result in better mental clarity and improved physical health for all occupants in the home or workplace.

The Benefits of Calathea Plant Feng Shui

Calathea Plant Feng Shui is a great way to bring peace, balance, and harmony into the home. The leaves of the Calathea plant have many healing properties that can work to promote this feeling of well-being in the home.

One benefit of using Calathea Plant Feng Shui is improved air quality. The plant works to cleanse the air by drawing out pollutants and toxins from it through its leaves, akin to an air purifier. This helps create an environment which is more breathable and refreshing, both physically and mentally.

Another key benefit is stress relief. Research has found that simply owning plants in your home can significantly reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders such as PTSD, thanks to their calming nature. In addition, having a Calathea Plant near your bed or workspace can provide a sense of tranquility and peace which is beneficial for sleeping or concentrating on important tasks.

Finally, having a calathea plant in your home can also lead to improved sleep quality. Studies have shown that plants have an effect on our circadian rhythms, allowing us to relax more easily at night and get some much needed restorative shut-eye at the end of the day.

The Scientific Benefits of Calathea Plants

The Calathea plant is an amazing addition to your home, not only from its stunning appearance, but also from its excellent Feng Shui practices. Calathea plants have been known to purify air in a home by removing pollutants, toxins, and allergens that can negatively affect health. By introducing Calatheas into a home, the oxygen levels in the area can also be increased, resulting in a healthier breathing environment for you and your family. Studies have shown that having several varieties of plants throughout a space can not only reduce air pollutants, but it can also contribute to more natural restful state during sleep cycles and stress reduction due to their tranquil and calming presence.

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Placement for Maximum Benefit

When placing a Calathea plant in your home, it’s important to consider the principles of Feng Shui. The location of furniture and plants within a room can affect its overall energy, or Qi. Placing a Calathea plant near an entryway or hallway is an optimal choice as this area often serves as the primary energy channel in your home. This will encourage good fortune, harmony, and prosperity in the space it occupies.

Another great place to keep your Calathea plant is the northwest corner of any living space, as this is associated with future luck and opportunity. Alternatively, placing it in the southeast corner represents wealth and abundance for home owners. According to traditional Feng Shui beliefs, north-facing walls tend to support feelings of serenity and calmness whereas east-facing walls are seen to bear strong energizing properties .

In general, try to ensure that your Calathea plant is located in an area where there will be plenty of natural sunlight and water on a regular basis. If you determine these locations are less than ideal for placement, you may need to choose another spot that is better suited for providing light and irrigation access to your foliage.

General Care Guidelines

The Calathea plant is a popular and attractive houseplant that, when cared for properly, can bring positive energy flow into your home. To ensure it emits the most positive energy, there are certain care guidelines you should follow. Watering your Calathea plant is crucial to ensuring its health and well-being. Make sure that the potting soil remains evenly moist but not saturated and avoid any waterlogging at all costs. The optimal temperature for a Calathea plant is between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit, however plants have been seen to survive temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit if acclimated over time. As for lighting requirements, Calatheas prefer bright indirect light from a nearby window without too much direct exposure to sunlight, just enough to keep the leaf colors vibrant. Lastly, periodically wiping off the leaves with a damp cloth every month or so will ensure healthier foliage growth by helping reduce insects and air particles from settling on them. Following these tips will in turn maximize the Feng Shui energy of your Calathea plant!

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Decoration Ideas

Using Calathea plants as part of your home décor is a great way to combine beauty, style and feng shui. Placing smaller Calathea plants in decorative containers can be used to fill blank corners to attract good energy while providing additional color and texture to any room. For those with a green thumb, the larger varieties of Calathea look stunning when planted in a simple glass terrarium filled with enriched soil and moisture. These make unique focal points or can be hung from walls or ceilings. The multiple leaves create an exotic piece of foliage art that adds a pleasant scent to any room. Himalayan salt lamps placed beside the terrarium will enhance its energetic radiance further. Calatheas also do well as potted plants on tables, mantels or windowsills; they bring natural color into a space without taking up much floor space. Large plants can even furnish the corner of a room like furniture – with many colorful varieties available, you’re sure to find the perfect accent for any style.


Incorporating Calathea plants into your Feng Shui can bring positive energy to your home. When placed in the southeast corner of a room or in front of a window, Calathea brings good luck and prosperity. Additionally, these plants have the power to revitalize stale energy and rejuvenate both body and mind. However, it is important to care for them properly in order to maximize their benefits. Regular trimming of yellowed leaves to allow more light, misting of the leaves, providing adequate humidity levels by placing them near steam sources such as a bathroom or in a humidifier, and not letting any unabsorbed mineral salts accumulate on the soil surface are all essential steps for keeping these vibrant plants alive and healthy. With proper care and attention, they will bring a peaceful energy flow all throughout your home that is beneficial for both your wellbeing and prosperity.

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