Brass Cannon Feng Shui


Brass Cannon Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of objects in a space to improve the flow of energy and create an auspicious environment. This can be done inside or outside a building, home, office, or garden. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, when you place items strategically in your environment and adjust them to align with specific energies associated with the Five Elements—water, wood, fire, earth and metal—you can gain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits. With these subtle changes in your environment, your emotional states can become more positive and harmonious as well as increase the sense of balance in everything you do. Practicing Brass Cannon Feng Shui can help you to create meaningful relationships with yourself or others by creating a stronger connection with your external energy sources. When used properly, Brass Cannon Feng Shui techniques enable you to better control the favorable elements in your life that are within your reach.

Historical Roots

The traditional theory of Feng Shui originated in ancient China and is based on the principles of balance and harmony. It suggests that our environment can be used to promote positive energy, increase happiness, and reduce stress. Principally, Feng Shui involves the placement of items in specific locations to ensure a smooth flow of energy. A well-placed brass cannon symbolizes a powerful protective force which can be used to help restrict negative energy from entering a space. This is thought to result in improved prosperity, well-being, good karma and a healthy life. Elements such as light colors, greenery and wind chimes are useful for dispersing stagnant energy and creating an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. Additionally, placing items according to the Chinese zodiac corresponding to the resident’s birth year can bring luck and encourage positive energy changes. Ultimately, applying the correct techniques within residential homes will help create an energetic environment conducive to personal growth.

Design Principles

The essential components of Brass Cannon Feng Shui are: proper placement of furniture and objects in the house to create positive energy; understanding of yin and yang principles and how to appropriately use them in the layout of the home; utilization of five element theory; and an understanding of geomancy and its effects on the chi or energy flow of a space. Another important element is avoiding decoration that could cause distraction and negatively affect the balance within a home. Additionally, proper ventilation and natural light should be considered when selecting artwork, decorations, furniture, and overall layouts for maximum feng shui effectiveness. Finally, brass cannons are often used as symbols that bring good luck and protection from negative energies. As such, one may choose to strategically place a few brass cannons around the property to ward off bad vibes.

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that works to promote positive energy and a sense of balance in a space. By applying principles of Feng Shui to your space organization, you can dramatically improve your life by creating positive vibes that can lead to better physical and mental health, improved relationships, better job prospects, increased financial wealth and more. Through tasks such as placing objects in appropriate positions and selecting colours that align with the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal & water), you can create an environment full of vitality and positivity. Increased productivity and motivation are also often experienced when one applies Feng Shui principles to their space organization. Studies show users of Feng Shui benefit from improved moods, reduced stress levels and generally enhanced feelings of well being overall.


Brass Cannon Feng Shui is a type of feng shui that uses cannons as its main object of focus. It is said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who use it.

Types of Brass Cannon Feng Shui arrangements include the following:
1. The Open Gate Position: Three or more identical brass cannons that are placed together in a triangle pointed towards an open door or window, with the largest cannon facing outwards.
2. The Support Position: Two or more cannons aligned on either side of a doorway, staircase, hall, or entranceway with their muzzles pointing away from each other, forming an architectural support structure.
3. The Grouping Position: Two or more cannons grouped together in any number of patterns: they could be placed in a linear row with their muzzles pointing outward at various angles, clustered together in one room, or arranged in multiple rooms around an interior space.
4. The Protecting Position: Arranging two or more cannons into a fan shape around an open area such as a courtyard or patio to safeguard against negative influences and energies.


1. First, create a map of your home and mark the main cardinal directions (North, South, East and West).
2. Acquire a brass cannon or two from an antique store. Brass is believed to be the most auspicious metal for drawing positive energy, wealth and prosperity into one’s life.
3. Position your cannon to the east facing towards your front door or main entrance – this will ensure that potential good fortunes can make their way in with ease!
4. Place plants such as bamboo or flowering blossoms near your cannons – they also serve to attract good luck and can help to purify the energy of the space.
5. Hang an emphasis metal decorations such as swords above each of your cannons facing outward to give it further boosts of power and strength.
6. Create at least one red envelope with a symbolic form of money inside (such as coins) and place it near the cannons to bolster its energy-attracting powers even further!
7. Finally, keep your cannons clean and polished so they appear vibrant- doing this will enhance their Feng Shui Effectiveness!

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Professional Help

Engaging a professional Brass Cannon Feng Shui consultant can help you to embrace an ancient Chinese practice and lifestyle inspired by the harmony between humans and the environment. A professional consultant can give you the knowledge and tools needed to bring balance and positive energy into your home. Additionally, with the help of a professional consultant, it is possible to identify potential obstacles that could be blocking a flow of good energy in your home. The insights gained here will result in more peace, happiness, prosperity, success, health and abundance. They will also provide advice regarding design elements including layout and decor, so that not only do you learn how to incorporate Feng Shui into your space but also make sure it looks visually appealing too. Finally consulting a professional gives you access to their resources and understanding of traditional methodologies in order to create an environment that is perfect for you based on your goals.


Using Brass Cannon Feng Shui allows you to create a harmonious living space by harmonizing the energy flow in your home. To do this, start by using the Golden formula of Placement: Balance, Harmony, and Clarity.

When applying the Golden formula of Placement to your brass cannon feng shui decor, it is important to consider where items should be placed strategically. Placing furniture in an area that is well balanced with a clean symmetrical outline will invite a sense of balance and harmony into the room. You can accessorize this space by placing brass pieces such as artwork, vases or trays aligned with each other as a set, or arrange them in unique patterns that are pleasing aesthetically.

It is also beneficial to incorporate elements from nature into your décor scheme; plants bring life to any corner and can help generate fresh energy into stagnant areas. Incorporating water features such as fish tanks or waterfalls can also assist with creating clarity in the living space. Finally, make sure to add some mirrors and crystals which will help ensure optimum energy flow throughout the home.

By following these tips, you can use Brass Cannon Feng Shui to create an inviting and harmonious living space in your home!

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