Best Uses for Year Breaker Day in Feng Shui


Year Breaker Day is an annual event celebrated in many cultures around the world. It is a day in which all year-long traditions, practices and patterns come to an end and new beginnings are started, making it a powerful reset. Many believe that this is a great opportunity to start off with clean slate and gain clarity for a fresh perspective of the future.

From a Feng Shui perspective, Year Breaker Day represents an excellent time to practice ritual cleansing – flushing out old and stagnant energy and inviting abundance into your home and into your life. This can be done through decluttering; mindfully removing items from your environment that no longer hold positive or happy memories for you – such as clothing, furniture and mementos with sad or painful associations. You can also fill the space created by decluttering with items that represent desire or inspire motivation. By doing this you will achieve harmony between what you value in life and what surrounds you which will lead to further growth on both emotional and material levels.

Another popular way of utilizing Year Breaker Day within Feng Shui is to implement rituals of blessing within the home like burning incense, lighting candles or playing spiritual music – we highly recommend staying away from artificial scents (like air fresheners) that could have disruptive odors on the ambiance of your living space. The purpose here behind these activities is to eradicate discordant energy within the home while creating joyous vibrations instead – therefore, do choose only those objects that bring positive attachments with them, keeping in mind that there’s alchemy at work as soon as they enter their new environment! For example: if one adds wind chimes outside their front door it can signify abundance entering their life but if one decorates their window sill with pictures filled with memories not based on housemates joy it may have adverse effects on balancing out harmony across the home.

By taking the time on Year Breaker Day to pause, reflect, honor our aspirations and manifest our desires through ritualistic Feng Shui techniques one should be able to reach a greater connection to themselves while achieving harmonization within their personal lives as well as clearing any debris belong solely in last year’s journey towards success!

History of Year Breaker Day and Its Significance to Feng Shui

Year Breaker Day is a day of special significance in the practice of Feng Shui. It is based on traditional Chinese astrology and it is celebrated each year on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. The purpose of this holiday is to break up any negative energy that could be lingering over a person or property and to symbolically reset the chi, or natural energy flow, for whatever building it’s being used in.

This holiday originated centuries ago when there was great concern that luck may exist between one Lunar New Year and another. This belief soon evolved into the practice of setting aside specific days to “break” into any remaining negative energy or bad luck that could be lingering within a given space before ushering in a new period of good luck and fortune. In modern times, this practice has come to be known as Year Breaker Day.

People look forward to Year Breaker Day for many reasons – ranging from wanting protection from harm and misfortune to seeking renewal and prosperity for their new year. During the celebration, practitioners light incense, hang decorations around windows and doorways, place coins in specific corners of rooms (traditionally facing east) and even set off fireworks in order to disperse all existing negativity and to invoke positive energy (known as Chi). Other practices include bowing three times towards each doorway/window frame with hands held together as a sign of respect; ringing bells or chanting mantras; burning paper with written wishes onto it; releasing live food animals; performing various rituals such as papercutting or throwing coins into water; offering prayers at alter shrines or special altars; setting up an altar which includes seven fresh fruits symbolizing abundance; exchanging gifts like red packets, clothes and sweets with family members; holding parties where all guests wear bright-colored clothing made from brand new fabric – all while listening to Chinese music, eating Chinese food/traditional dishes as well as praying together as a family unit.

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Connecting Year Breaker Day to the Five Elements

Year Breaker Day is a significant day in the Chinese Lunar calendar, representing a shift from one year to the next and providing an opportunity for renewal and transformation. This important Feng Shui day is associated with scattering negative energy stored throughout the previous year and allowing a space for new positive chi to flow in. Year Breaker Day is linked to one of the five elements, the element of water. Its energies are connected with letting go and releasing, and can help us move forward with new goals or intentions we have set for ourselves. Through this connection to the element of water, it is said that on Year Breaker Day we should focus our attention on celebration – whether that be having a feast or special ceremony – as this powerful day allows us to cast away any worries, grudges, or negative energy while also reminding us that today is another chance at consciousness and growth. Utilizing this special day within Feng Shui will bring about abundance, prosperity, and clarity within our homes as each part of our environment will be recharged in preparation for what’s to come in the upcoming year.

Creating a Year Breaker Day Home Environment

Year Breaker Day in Feng Shui is a great way to reset your home energy and start anew. You can use this day to energize, refresh and break free from behaviors that are no longer serving you. Here are some tips for creating a Year Breaker Day home environment:

• Declutter: Take the opportunity to go through your home and declutter spaces like your bedrooms, closets, kitchen drawers and pantries — basically any space that has become overly cluttered since the last Year Breaker Day. Discard items you no longer need or want, throw away broken things, donate anything useful and donate everything else for recycling.

• Re-energize: Add feng shui cures like lamps, plants or enhancements that spark joy in you. Insert them at strategic locations around the property according to their purpose or meaning. Rearranging furniture can also help re-energize the space as it encourages air flow which counters stale energy.

• Refresh: Fill your home with natural smells such as essential oils, eucalyptus or wood burning incense sticks to invigorate new energy and encourage relaxation when needed. To keep your place smelling fresh all year round try adding some simple flowers or scented candles instead of just using artificial air fresheners that may be toxic.

• Reflect: Take time out on Year Breaker Day to reflect on past behaviors — both yours and others’ who impact on the home environment — so you can more fully understand where things went wrong and how you could do better this year. Feng shui creates an ideal space for reflection; use it often as part of making space for growth in 2020.

Year Breaker Day in the Bedroom

Year Breaker Day in the bedroom is an important event in Feng Shui, as it marks a transition from one year to the next. It’s important to note that Year Breaker Day should not be used to make large changes within the bedroom, such as moving furniture or making major aesthetic upgrades. Instead, focus on more subtle tweaks that build and enhance positive energy within the room. Anoint candles and burn incense to combat stagnation, lay down new tassels around the bed frame to attract energy-rich wealth luck and scatter crushed stones throughout the room for protective energy. Reassignance of the bed itself can also bring good fortune—try orienting it so that your head points towards the north or east directions which bring clarity and knowledge luck respectively. Finally, hang meaningful artwork with red frames near your bed to boost creativity and passion. With mindful changes like these, you can rest assured that you will start off your new year with beneficial flowing energies in your bedroom.

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Year Breaker Day, Color and Crystals

Year Breaker Day is a special day in Feng Shui because it ushers in a new energy and directly influences the Cures and Enhancers that are used in the practice. The colors associated with Year Breaker day are red, black, blue, yellow, and white, each of which has its own meaning and purpose.

Red symbolizes fire and symbolizes passion, courage, energy, and strength. It helps to bring motivation, action, and ambition.
Black symbolizes water and represents restful help. It promotes clarity in thought process and decisions.
Blue represents wood energy which stands for growth. It helps to find mentally stimulating activities as well as inspiring spiritual growth.
Yellow is associated with metal energy which stands for self-reliance and being organized. With this color one can gain self-confidence as well as becoming detail orientated which brings success in many different facets of life.
White connects to Earth energy which looks at nourishment for the body mind & soul as well as encourages communication among family & friends within a caring environment..

Crystals such as quartz and rose quartz can be used to compliment the colors associated with Year Breaker Day in Feng Shui by amplifying specific attributes connected to the colors mentioned earlier. Quartz crystals have been known to provide clarity of thought while rose quartz amplifies loving energies associated with relationships both romantic and platonic..

Using Year Breaker Day Energy Outside of the Home

Year Breaker Day is an important day in the practice of Feng Shui and can be used to help create positive energy outside of the home. On this day, it’s a good idea to clear negative energy wherever you may find it – at work, in public places or while travelling. It’s also beneficial to do something special like treating yourself to a spa day or going out on an unexpected adventure. By making an effort to connect with your surroundings, Year Breaker Day energy can be used to help bring more joy into your daily life. Taking note of body language and music when leaving your home or trying a new hobby can help influence the environment around you in a positive way as well. Embracing the presence of Year Breaker Day energy can also encourage new opportunities and paves the way for increased spiritual growth.


Year Breaker Day in Feng Shui is a powerful day to take note of and use as an opportunity for manifesting and creating a better future. It’s an optimal day to set intentions, no matter what type of Feng Shui practitioner you are, whether you practice at an advanced or beginner level. You may use the day for breaking old cycles, correcting energy imbalances or adjustments, setting personal goals or invoking new beginnings. This can be done through various methods such as affirmations, visualization, qi-gong exercises, aromatherapy or by simply letting go of the past by writing down things you’d like to let go of on paper and then burning it in the fire.

No matter how you choose to use Year Breaker Day in Feng Shui, there are many benefits to utilizing this special occasion. Incorporating it into your lifestyle is an excellent way to remove any negative influences that may be blocking success in relationships or business life. It’s also perfect for connecting with yourself and seeking out inner wisdom which can lead towards finding direction in life that leads more strongly towards achieving both personal and professional dreams and desires. Additionally, using Year Breaker Day coupled with other traditional practices associated with Feng Shui can allow you the ability to bring positive energies into your life more easily and effectively while allowing better organization associated with workspace living. Overall, expressing gratitude for all things beautiful can open up new doors of opportunity and growth that ultimately benefit your entire being.

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