Best Feng Shui Products For Wealth

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice which takes into account the arrangement of furnishings and other objects in a space to create harmony. By utilizing the principles of feng shui, practitioners believe that positive energy can be drawn to a home or office environment to promote health, success, and prosperity. One aspect of feng shui concerns wealth and material abundance. As such, individuals looking to attract wealth should be aware of certain best feng shui products for wealth.

Crystals Crystals are believed to attract high vibrations and generally have a beneficial effect on several aspects of life, including financial fortune. Clear quartz is particularly helpful in drawing wealth, as it helps manifest desired goals through its powerful energy that deflects negativity. Citrine crystals are also well known for their “wealth bringing” properties due to its yellow color associated with the element of money within the feng shui spectrum.

Place citrine stones in prosperous areas such as your front door, living room, or doorway facing outwards from your entrance hallway. If placed correctly, citrine may act as an excellent generator for-wealth related-energies.

Water Features The flowing water element is said to create movement within chi which attracts positive energy flows in the environment around it using predominantly the colors black blue or white; these are all known within modern-day Feng Shui techniques as being related with abundance and wealth-building energies so should always be considered carefully when implementing Feng Shui solutions into any environment.

To fully benefit from a water feature within your home or yard, make sure it faces inward towards you aiming towards a higher focus point such as a few large terracotta vases making sure no cacti are visible at any time since this can force energy away rather than direct it optimally toward incoming energies so should be avoided at all costs.

Overview of the Five Elements and Their Impact on Wealth

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of philosophy that seeks to harmonize individuals and their environment to maximize positive energy. It can also be used to promote health, success, aspects of wealth and even luck. According to Feng Shui, everything is made up of the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element has its own associated color and seasonal orientation which can be used to influence one’s wealth positively or negatively.

The Five Elements

  • Wood – The colors associated with wood are green and blue. It is most active in springtime when plants are growing quickly.
  • Fire – The colors associated with fire are red and yellow. It is most active in the summer months.
  • Earth – The color associated with earth is brown/beige. It is active during late summer/early fall.
  • Metal – The colors associated with metal are white and gray. It is most active in the fall months as things start to cool off.
  • Water – The color associated with water is black/blue. This element is active in winter as it symbolizes depths and stillness.

Products Suitable To Promote Wealth

The various elements created by Feng Shui can be used to promote wealth within one’s home or office space. They can help bring more abundance into an individual’s life through various objects or symbols that work together harmoniously or contrast each other depending on what needs to be emphasized most at any given time. Some popular products that are frequently recommended for good fortune include:

    Recommended Products Include

Key Concepts of Feng Shui to Improve Wealth

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that is believed to be beneficial in many aspects of life, including creating wealth and abundance. It helps to create harmony in one’s home or workplace by using certain symbols, products, and colour choices to heal the energy flows of the particular space.

Feng Shui is based on the belief that positive energy and manifestations come from having orderly spaces with deliberate intention. The following products focus on these key principles to help better improve wealth.

Feng Shui Wealth Products

  • Crystals: Crystals possess an energy all their own that can be a great source of blessings for wealth when placed correctly in the home. Citrine crystals are particularly useful as they stimulate financial growth and magnify success.
  • Wind Chimes: Wind chimes have a calming effect that brings balance and creates good chi for tapping into potential opportunities and prosperity.
  • Incense Sticks: Incense sticks allow you to clear out any built up negative energy that could prevent you from accessing your desired success.
  • Lucky Bamboo Plant: The lucky bamboo plant has been known to represent money flow in Feng Shui practice for centuries. Different arrangements of the stalks denote different kinds of luck associated with gaining wealth.
  • Wealth Vase/Gourd: Wearing or displaying either a wealth vase or gourd has long been associated with attracting material possessions and abundance.

Details of the Best Feng Shui Products for Wealth

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui has been used for centuries to attract wealth, prosperity and abundance. The belief is that certain items in your home will allow the ‘chi’ or energy to flow freely and bring luck and wealth into the space. Here are some recommended Feng Shui products to encourage financial success:

  • Wind chimes – Wind chimes of different lengths often featuring a fish, dragon, or frog decorate any space. They create a calming atmosphere and bring positive energy while dispelling negative thoughts.
  • Crystals – Placing crystals like citrine, pyrite or rose quartz near the front door of your house or working space will activate the energy within the building. Crystals can also be placed in corners of rooms with money symbols engraved to promote wealth.
  • Money tree – Considered an essential symbol for attracting wealth, place a money tree near a door for maximum effect as this is said to help you double your income.

Feng Shui coins are another popular choice when it comes to encouraging better luck with finances. Hung from the back left corner of a room or entryway they can act as reminders of prosperity passing through these areas. Placing them on windowsills is also believed to help earn more money quickly from various sources.

Lucky bamboo which is really just Dracaena plant grown hydroponically in vases also serves as an excellent decorative addition while representing good health and many favourable fortune charms. The addition of coins and red ribbons around each pot increases their potency even further when it comes to energising household finances positively.

Another popular item in such spaces are laughing Buddhas which come decorated with jewels that enhance tranquillity further by bringing serenity into homes when placed beside the entrance indicating inner peace and prosperity not only financially but intrinsically too.

Crystals and Gemstones for Wealth

Crystals and gemstones are some of the most popular products for wealth in Feng Shui. Different stones are believed to have different associations and energies, making them great tools for helping to attract prosperity and wealth. The most popular stone used for this purpose is Citrine, which is believed to enhance wealth luck.

This warm yellow stone resonates with the metal element in Feng Shui, which is considered a symbol of abundance. It’s often included in various money cures such as prosperity bowls or placed on a work desk. Other common stones that can be used to promote financial success include Pyrite (Fool’s Gold), Tiger’s Eye and Jade.

How to Feng Shui My Home for Wealth

Each of these stones carries its own unique energy, so it’s important to select each one carefully based on the specific intention that you’re setting for yourself. For example, Pyrite is believed to bring connection with wealth energy through communication, creativity and ideas while Tiger’s Eye will help build confidence and strength in facing competition or difficult situations related to finances.

Similarly, Jade has a long recorded history of being beneficial for those hoping to make investments or a large purchase due to its protective properties.

The important thing to remember about using crystals and gemstones as part of your money-enhancing plan is that you need more than just picking out the right item; you also need activate their power by infusing them with your own personal intention and affirmations around gaining wealth abundance, prosperity and financial growth.

The more positive energy you put into your crystal grid or gemstone layout (placing them in an area with lots natural light), the stronger their effects will be at inviting wealth into your life.

Additionally, make sure that these objects are regularly cleansed either under running water or exposed airy places where cleanse their energy from any negative influences.

Lucky Bamboo and Plants for Wealth

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of creating balance and harmony through the arrangement of objects and elements. It’s believed to bring good luck, health, and prosperity. One of the most popular Feng Shui products for wealth is lucky bamboo plants and other green plants.

There are many different varieties of these plants so it’s important to choose one that resonates with you. Lucky bamboo helps to create an environment to support positive energy flow which can help boost wealth-building energy.

8 Coin Tassel

An 8 coin tassel is another great Feng Shui product for wealth. This traditional item consists of a red line strung with eight Chinese coins on either end. The coins are held together with a knot, which symbolizes the binding or tying up of fate that leads to prosperity. Holding this item or placing it by your front door helps attract financial wellbeing while keeping unwanted visitors away from your doorstep.

Wealth Vase

The Wealth Vase is one of the oldest and most classic Feng Shui products for attracting wealth and abundance into your home or business. The vase consists of nine stalks each representing a different color associated with money and prosperity in Chinese culture. It’s believed that when placed in an area facing south or east, it draws in potential money opportunities while allowing accumulated fortunes to grow gradually over time leading to long lasting success.

List Of Benefits

  • Lucky bamboo creates environment supporting positive energy flow
  • Eight coin tassel attracts financial wellbeing
  • Wealth vase urges money opportunities and long lasting success

Wealth Enhancing Decorations and Symbols

Feng Shui products and techniques can offer many practical ways to increase and preserve wealth. Chinese Coins have been used in Feng Shui for centuries to attract wealth luck energy.

The coins are made of brass or silver and usually tied together with red string in sets of three coins with two strings shown to the deity God of Wealth inside the home, business, place of work or near a cash register. It is believed that placing these coins near a part of any property where money passes will bring more luck into the property.

Another effective way to use Feng Shui for attracting financial abundance is through images and symbols such as auspicious animals like the fish, frog, dragon, and phoenix. Images of wealthy people such as celebrities or successful businessmen are also believed to create a powerful presence that attracts good fortune luck into any given area.

Placing images of dragons on the east wall will help attract an annual income whereas the auspicious animal turtle should be placed at every corner on the southwest side of a room for the flow, storage, and preservation of wealth luck energy.

Bringing prosperity into one’s life using Feng Shui can also include plants such as bamboo which stands for longevity or calamus root (also known as sweet flag) which encourages fast money growth. Crystals like Jade not only foster good fortune but they protect against negative energies as well.

Metal objects like goldfish water feature finds its origin from ancient China as this symbolizes abundance so place one in either east direction to benefit both career and family finances. Last but not least you can hang wind chimes near your front door in order to activate chi energy which is essential for welcoming prosperity into any space.

Figurines and Statues for Wealth

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese traditional art that uses energy to create prosperity and wealth. Its practice dates back for thousands of years with many homes in the East still adhering to its principles. There are various products known to promote energy and luck in this area, including figurines and statues.

As symbols of strength, fertility, and wealth, these objects can be placed around the house to encourage the dispersal of positive fortune. Depending on your design preferences, these sculptures can range from representations of deities or animal spirits to abstract figures.

Additionally, it’s believed breeds such as lions or elephants are particularly auspicious since they exemplify regality and will increase your chances of being successful. Tapirs are also a popular choice due to their auspiciousness when it comes to abundance in material goods. Since they’re associated with strength, fertility, and good luck amongst other things – having these figures placed strategically around your house can bring more positive energy into it.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have been a popular choice in feng shui for centuries because of their ability to enhance chi (positive energy) around the home. If you place them strategically within your living area, they can release vibrations that calm calming vibes throughout your environment while promoting clarity of thought for those who reside inside.

Additionally, some believe that the tranquil sound produced by these chimes has healing properties associated with them which could help improve one’s personal well-being as well as attract success and opportunity in all areas but especially wealthbuilding opportunities.

Most homes should have at least one wind chime placed somewhere outside near front or back doors so as not to block any other doors or windows but close enough that it catches even the slightest breeze (in Beijing for example).

Another requirement is that the bells hang low towards the center along with making sure that there are no distractions such as power lines obstructing them before you choose a spot – these two criteria make up an essential element for optimally placing a set off wind chimes effectively according to feng shui practices.


Goldfish also play a significant part in feng shui since they represent “wealth flowing into one’s life”. Therefore having live goldfish swimming around will bring much-needed positive chi into your environment while gradually increasing fortune over time (ideally placed in an eastern direction).

Goldfish come with various colors designed specifically for their purposes so depending on what you’re looking for-whether it’s general wellbeing or boundless riches – you’re sure find specific ones tailored precisely towards achieving every goal imaginable through goldfish ponding according to feng shui principles.

Colors and Textiles to Bring Wealth

Adding colors and textures to the environment is a great way to attract wealth according to Feng Shui principles. Colours such as gold, silver, green, purple, pink, blue and black are all believed to bring in positive energy that can attract abundance and prosperity. Using fabrics with natural materials like silk, linen or velvet also allows for a richer atmosphere that indicates plenty of wealth.

Feng Shui Objects For Attracting Wealth

Curated objects are an integral part of any Feng Shui arrangement. Several items such as coins, pyramids, bells, lucky charms and various symbols should be placed strategically throughout the home for utmost effectiveness. Be sure to use objects that represent your own wealth aspirations for maximum results. Here’s a list of the best products you should consider when aiming for financial gain:

  • Lucky coin
  • Pyramid
  • Crystals
  • Wind Chimes
  • Rich Wood Accents
Foods For Feng Shui Wealth Vase For Abundance

Furthermore higher end objects like tapestries or artwork featuring geometrical designs will boost positive energy around the house making it more capable of accumulating money and wealth. The most important factor when using these materials is to make sure they match the overall colour scheme in order to keep the energy consistent throughout.

I Ching Coins

I Ching coins are one of the most popular means of attracting good fortune from within feng shui circles due to their simplicity and potency; furthermore it is claimed that these coins can provide a steady influx of positive energy into any space. This effect can be drastically amplified by having nine sets held together by red string which then gives off more powerful vibrations towards prosperity.

Finally due to their small form factor these symbols can be placed discreetly amongst your decor without ruining its aesthetic appeal allowing them to keep bringing in good luck without being obtrusive.

The Proper Placement of Feng Shui Products for Wealth

Feng shui is a Chinese practice that focuses on how the layout and placement of your furniture and décor affects your life. There are many items in the home that can be used to help attract wealth, health, and better relationships. To get the most out of using Feng Shui products for wealth, it is important to place them correctly. This involves following certain principles that will aid in maximizing positive energy or chi.

Lucky Bamboo

One of the main symbols for wealth in feng shui is the lucky bamboo plant. According to feng shui rules, you should place three stalks together in either a vase or pot.

The ideal spot for this would be near the entrance of your home or office which will symbolize inviting abundance and prosperity into your space. It is also good luck to put one stalk in a water bottle with only some of its stem showing above it – this is said to bring added benefits like increased creativity with finances as well as boosting career prospects.

Laughing Buddha Statue

The Laughing Buddha statue is another critical Feng Shui product for wealth creation. It should be placed near a desk or work area (ideally facing outside) to help increase both financial gains and success.

Alternatively, you might choose to place it in an area of the home associated with money such as the southeast corner, known as the sector of wealth and prosperity according to classical feng shui elements theory. As long as you position it correctly according to feng shui principles then you can expect smooth progress towards material gains – just remember not to stuff too much things around it as that would impact its power.

Dragon Tortoise Figurines

The Dragon Tortoise figurine consists of a turtle body with a dragon head mounted on top – representing the combination of strength and reliability which could help amplify rewards coming from your hard work effort. This powerful crane-like symbol creature should ideally be placed facing outwards (towards an entrance), typically at your back so that its protective force can be felt all around you, while bringing forth numerous financial opportunities at once.

However, when installing this item make sure it stands on even grounds or else its ability will diminish drastically.

How to Harness the Power of a Water Feature for Wealth

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of harmonizing the energies of the home in order to attract wealth and abundance. By using strategically-positioned items, one can bring luck and prosperity into their lives. One of the essential items for creating a balance of energies within a space is a water feature.

Water features are a popular choice because they represent wealth as fluid energy that easily flows into one’s life. For Feng Shui practitioners, water helps draw positive energy into one’s home with its dynamic and soothing flow.

It also serves to strengthen relationships, health, and career opportunities when used correctly. Many people choose to add an indoor water fountain with natural elements such as bamboo, rocks or even plum blossoms so that it becomes part of the interior design.

For those looking to create an outdoor source of wealth on top of their interior decor, there are several options available. Ponds, pools or larger structures like fountains can be installed in yards or other outdoor areas depending on their size and scale.

This brings natural energy from outside in – especially important if the homeowner has no access to a nearby river or streams – making sure that its circulation throughout the house remains high. Additionally larger features bring up many opportunities for greater financial success, as they demonstrate more strength than smaller designs and are considered as more luxurious additions to property value by real estate agents; making them great long-term investments for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Certain Feng Shui tips must be taken into consideration when adding any kind of water feature; placement plays a crucial role in how well these features will provide enhanced fortune and abundance over time; plants should also be incorporated near these installations so that they produce an attractive contrast between the two elements (earthen & aquatic).

Furthermore, if surrounded by lanterns or coins they become further symbols of wealth that increase their effects exponentially by channeling several different types of energy simultaneously towards their new owners’ prosperity goals; manifesting good luck across all sectors.


The use of feng shui products in order to create wealth has been a practice for centuries. By arranging items intentionally and placing them in their most auspicious location, people have been able to increase their prosperity. From lucky charms and crystals, to plants and furniture, many different products can be used to attract good fortune into one’s space. But what are the benefits of these objects and how do they work?

One primary benefit of using feng shui products for wealth creation is the enhanced flow of energy that they create. Similar to how re-arranging furniture gives a room a fresh new feel, incorporating feng shui pieces helps emit positive energy which promotes abundance and prosperity.

Depending on the type of product being used, it can mark a particular area as one which enables success or assists with reaching goals. In addition, certain crystals have properties which often align with harmony and growth surrounding finances.

Finally, as previously mentioned, many pieces have a variety of other elements associated with luck and financial achievement. While everything from wind chimes to money trees may not function entirely on their own, it certainly sends the right message when utilized within appropriate proportions – suggesting goals remain focused while progress remains on track. As a result, long-term success is sure to come in terms of wealth creation through the use of feng shui products if implemented correctly.

In conclusion, by understanding how certain objects interact with energy around them it creates an overall atmosphere which conquers stagnation – opening up windows for several opportunities related to successful endeavors in all areas – including financials ones. Furthermore, depending on the item either being selected or removed from the home altogether (ie; an old piece given from Grandma), something good will typically come about as people tend to see results quicker than expected when treating this ancient practice in such fashion.

So go ahead: give Feng Shui a try. You won’t regret introducing elements like “wealth cornucopias” or “laughing Buddha” into your decor – who knows you might just strike gold by simply placing them in that extra inviting spot.

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