Where To Buy Feng Shui Products In Manila


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps align a space to create a positive, harmonious energy for its occupant. The goal of Feng Shui is to create an environment filled with balance and peace of mind, which in turn can lead to greater health and success. By choosing to incorporate the principles of Feng Shui into one’s living space, it can bring positive changes in a person’s life including increased happiness, prosperity, good health and well-being. Along with following these principles, incorporating Feng Shui products into one’s home or office is also a key factor for reaching these goals. Buying the right products from an excellent vendor is essential for achieving optimal results. If you are looking for Feng Shui products in Manila then there are some great places where you can find quality items.

Benefits of Shopping for Feng Shui Products Locally

An example of how a local community in Manila has seen the benefits of shopping for Feng Shui products is Magellan Plaza located in Quiapo. Groups from this community have utilized their local resources to be able to purchase and utilize Feng Shui charms and ornaments to help revitalize the energy in their homes and businesses. These charms, such as crystals, wind chimes, figurines, pictures and paintings, can be found throughout this community’s various shops. The belief behind these products is that they aid in attracting more positive energy into one’s space, which in turn encourages prosperity, health and success within the locality. This improvement in the general atmosphere of peace and abundance has led some businesses that previously had difficulty staying afloat to become quite successful after incorporating special attributes such as Feng Shui items into their decor. In general, by shopping locally for Feng Shui products, the people of Magellan Plaza are happier and better off!

Shopping Options in Manila

There are various places to buy feng shui products in Manila, with different stores offering a variety of options for experienced seekers and first-timers alike. Hoi Ning Trading is a great place to shop for small items, such as charms and talismans, often stocked at a reasonable pricepoint. For larger purchases, The Mind Museum Boutique stocks more intricate objects such as wind chimes and fountains. Fu Manchu’s Feng Shui provides an interesting story behind the items they stock – each product is built by their staff artisan – and includes unique furniture pieces like tables and stools. For mid-level purchases, local favorite Chinese General Merchandise offers incense, porcelain statuettes, vases and ornaments. And finally, Aura Home Collection is a perfect last stop for all your home decor needs with an impressive selection of dragon carpets, wall hangings crystals and calligraphy pieces. When shopping around in Manila for feng shui products it’s important to read reviews of the stores so that you can make an informed decision before making a purchase.

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Online Shopping

Manila is home to a vast array of online stores that offer feng shui products. Some of the most popular online shops include Fabulous Feng Shui, where you can find a wide selection of items for improving the energy and balance in your home or office. Homefriend.ph offers a variety of products and services designed to bring harmony and peace into your life. Gt Yuheng Mystic Art has been producing and selling traditional feng shui items such as coins, chimes, mirrors, wind chime bells, geomantic needles and red envelopes since 2009. De Bonita Philippines’ specializes in providing advice on creating an auspicious environment with their collection of crystal gifts and qigong products for physical health. If you are looking for affordable natural gemstones, the Tao Bo Website offers an extensive range of rare Chinese stones at competitive prices. For individuals living outside of Manila who need to shop online, Amazon Philippines offers a large selection of feng shui decor items as well as books on how to use traditional feng shui principles to create positive energy in your space.

Tips for Shopping for Feng Shui Products in Manila

When shopping for Feng Shui products in Manila, it is important to do some research on prices, quality, and regional availability prior to making a purchase. You can start by searching online for stores that specialize in selling Feng Shui items and read reviews from other customers who have bought from them. This can help you assess both the prices and quality of the products being offered. Additionally, finding a store that is located in your local area will be advantageous as they are more likely to have the specific items you need at competitive rates.

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You can also compare different stores and their prices by doing price comparison online or looking out for discounts or promotions offered by certain shops. This will help you get the best deal possible while still assuring quality. Finally, make sure to check if the store has an exchange or return policy in case a product does not meet your expectations or any defects are found after purchase.


For additional information about Feng Shui as well as resources for buying products in Manila, readers can visit the following websites and blogs:

1. Global Feng Shui – https://globalfengshui.net/

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3. Balinese Products ” https://balinese-products.com/pages/buy-balinese-products-in-manila-philippines
4. Official Chinese Cultural Centre of the Philippines ” http://cccpi.org/#home
5. FSW Exchange ” https://www.thehousesittingacademy.com/resources/fsw-exchange
6. Manila Directory Philippines ” http://www.maniladirectoryphilippines.com/feng%20shui%20products/index1

Additionally, many local stores in Manila also sell items related to Feng Shui such as incense, tea sets, artwork and diffusers etc.. Readers can search online for stores nearby and find out if they have what you need with a quick phone call or two!

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