Best Feng Shui Bedroom For Love

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of guiding energy for wellbeing. Many people seek the assistance of a professional Feng Shui expert to plan their home layout. But, did you know that creating a best feng shui bedroom for love can spice up your relationship? Yes, that’s true.

You can bring in romance and intimacy into your relationship with some small adjustments to create a robust feng shui energy. From choosing the right colors, decorating elements to determining the best placement of furniture; Feng Shui has it all covered. Read on to learn more about it.

Bedroom Elements For Best Feng Shui When considering bedroom décor, it is essential to create an environment that will promote relaxation and connection with your partner. You can start off by selecting colors like pink, gold or blue conveyed as roses or seashells. Besides, use light shades for wallpapers may also come in handy when trying to create calmness in the area.

Apart from this, plants are known as one of the best elements of feng shui that can help balance and strengthen peace between couples in their bedroom. Moreover, fill up corner spaces with adjustable lighting like floor lamps will open up room while having dinner together or just talking before sleeping together.

Other Attractive Accessories For Your Bedroom Hope boxes and gazing jars are some other attractive accessories that can be placed thoughtfully into your proposed room corners. These have alluring visuals which can pull attention form both partners towards themselves as opposed to looking around for external resources to enhance their relationships.

Above all pieces of artworks that carry special meaning such as ‘lovebirds’ signs look captivatingly beautiful when hung above headboards so you can stare at them each evening forming deeper emotional ties during sleep times too.

Understanding the Principles of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art, based on harnessing energy forces for creating a harmonious environment. The art of Feng Shui focuses on establishing balance, harmony and positive energy flow in the home. All aspects of the bedroom are important for energizing love relationships, and every element has its own role to play. To bring luck, joy, mutual understanding and support to a couple’s relationship, proper feng shui arrangement inside the bedroom is essential.

Position of the Bed

The bed is one of the most important objects in Feng Shui as it produces strong energies that can influence our daily lives. Ideally, your bed should be placed diagonally opposite to your main door of the bedroom. This position ensures that you are exposed to no external influences when you sleep; it also creates safety and security.

Good Feng Shui also suggests not positioning your bed directly beneath a ceiling beam or facing at any corners since sharp angles tend to create negative energy flow. Be sure to leave plenty of space around your bed for easy movement. Do not tuck it away in dark corners or settle too close to walls since this will restrict energy flow moving throughout the room.

Bedding and Materials

When it comes to sheet material and covers, sustainable materials like organic cotton are best suited for bedrooms with Feng Shui practice as they provide good breathability throughout the night which promotes optimal restful sleep quality. If possible, look for colors that complement both yours and your partner’s personalities too – muted color tones like light blues, greens but brighter colors may help boost playful energy in relationships.

Additionally, avoid fabrics made from synthetic materials such as silk or satin; these tend to capture static energy which lead to negative sleep patterns resulting in bad dreams or nightmares.

Lighting Options

Dimly lit environments can create a relaxed atmosphere needed for deep sleep; simultaneously use natural light to energize rooms following positive solutions from feng shui principles. Adjustable lighting systems help fill out a space better as lights can be tailored according to individual needs – providing an extra layer of comfort through personalized controls when trying out different arrangements before settling on what works best for couple’s relationship.

Ensure no beams or harsh spots fall directly onto the bedroom walls so that their moods aren’t affected negatively; use curtains where needed block out strong sunlight during times when sleeping isn’t desired such as day hours.

Choosing the Colors of Love for the Perfect Bedroom

On a deeper level, the colors of love that you choose for your bedroom can really help to create the energy of love. There are many Feng Shui rules when it comes to selecting colors for bedrooms, so here are some tips:

  • Pick colors based on the five elements in Feng Shui (fire, water, wood, earth and metal)
  • Opt for reflective finishes such as glass or metallic paint
  • Choose three complimentary tones per room
  • Neutral tones combined with vivid lighting will bring out subtle shades

The best way to achieve success with creating a loving atmosphere in the bedroom is to use warm and inviting colors. Warm hues like pink and red will increase feelings of passion and intimacy, while blues and purples inspire feelings of serenity and connection. These hues create a relaxing and calming atmosphere that encourages romance. Try to avoid any overly bold colors such as black and white which can have a cold, unwelcoming effect.

Feng Shui Posters for Love

When picking items specifically for a romantic space; choose items that speak to you emotionally. Soft fabrics, warm textures, ornate furnishings – these all help to create an inviting environment that sets the mood for romance.

Greenery is also an excellent addition to any bedroom design – plants symbolize love in traditional Chinese culture, but can also act as stress relievers and natural air filters. Finally; remember that the bed itself should be bigger than necessary; it helps create feelings of abundance – essential for creating a strong romantic bond.

Placing your Bed for Optimal Relationship Energy

Feng Shui is an ancient art that promotes positive energy in a living or workspace. An important part of this practice is creating a bedroom that further nurtures energy-building with your partner.

One cornerstone to designing your room based on the principles of Feng Shui is where you place the bed. The headboard should be up against a solid wall and out of line from any windows, as doing so can disrupt the flow of energy between two partners. This same idea applies to mirrors – you should remove them or ensure they are not visible when lying in bed unless they are covered for times of rest.

Curtains & Darkening Shades

To create a peaceful atmosphere for love, Feng shui recommends utilizing sheer window curtains as well as darkening shades to maintain the positive energy established by keeping your bed away from windows and mirrors. The fabrics used should be cozy, providing both warmth and comfort through light materials such as silk‹allowing for softer textures that reflect light back into the room when illuminated‹cotton or velvet being more conducive than heavier textures like linen or denim.

Not only do these fabric textures have an impact on the overall feel of your romantic space, but also serve to help cut down on outside noise like traffic, neighbors or wildlife, establishing a more tranquil setting than open curtains would allow for.

Colors & Clutter

The colors chosen for walls and furnishings have an impact on the romantic atmosphere also; it’s believed that soft tones in pastels as well as neutrals such as white are most conducive to building loving relationships while bold reds may stir up feelings too petulant for peaceful nights together.

Additionally, de-cluttering can help in ushering positive energy within a room; when coming home each night clear away any clothes or other belongings you might have left out during the day and vacuum up dust bunnies.

Doing so will help demonstrate respect for all parties involved without having to say much at all-a perfect way to create balance in any relationship.

Arranging Your Furniture for the Best Results

Feng Shui bedroom arranging for love can greatly enhance relationships. To incorporate the right elements into a bedroom it is important to understand what type of relationship is desired and how best to promote healthy energy between two partners. Here are some tips for creating the perfect Feng Shui bedroom space for two people in love:

  • Choose a bed that supports both partners. Whether it’s traditional King or Queen size, or something less common like Split King or California King sized beds, make sure you choose a mattress and frame that provide healthy support.
  • Position the headboards against a solid wall opposite each other. The two headboards should support the space between them, especially if they are upholstered with fabric or have placements with detailed embellishments.
  • Allow plenty of room around the bed for movement. Do not place the bed too close to walls, windows or closets since this can create very cramped spaces.

The energy around plants can also be beneficial in promoting love within a Feng Shui bedroom. Plants not only bring positive life and increase oxygen levels in any room, but they also provide an energetic flow of freshness, joy and hope in any environment.

However, plants should be selected wisely as there are some plants that may cause chaos and negative energy by producing strong odors or certain types of pollen. When selecting bedroom plants for better love relations some great options include roses, lavender, jasmine and tuberose as these fragrances are known to spark a romantic atmosphere.

Lighting is also an important element to consider when creating a romantic bedroom ambience using Feng Shui principles. Soft lighting can create pleasant and soothing atmospheres while colorful lighting such as pink paper lanterns or warm string lights can make your relationship stronger by infusing energetic vibes everywhere within the room (e.g., on pillows or around mirrors). Make sure you select lights that don’t overpower the overall look of your room though.

Accessorizing for Love

In order for love to blossom in the bedroom, it’s important to have the right Feng Shui rules in place. Creating a space that encourages harmony and passion is key. One of the best ways to ensure your bedroom is optimized for love is with accessories. Simple touches like candles, plants, and artwork all contribute to an inviting atmosphere.

Candles and oils are great for providing a calming scent while also inviting positive vibes into the room. In terms of plants, philodendrons are considered particularly auspicious when it comes to promoting romance. As far as artwork, considering something that brings joy without being too overwhelming or distracting can help create a warm and peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom.

Incorporating Soft Lighting Soft lighting can be one of the most powerful symbols of romance. To ensure your Feng Shui bedroom includes plenty of romantic touches, consider bringing in unique lighting options that provide a warm glow in the space. Hang paper lanterns or install dimmable wall lights near your bed to really set the mood for romance.

Feng Shui Looking For Love

You might even want to bring in string lights around the walls or ceiling for an extra special touch of ambiance. Whatever you choose, make sure any light fittings do not obstruct sightlines in the room so you don’t distract from positive energy flow within your Feng Shui bedroom design scheme.

Feng Shui Bedroom Rulines The most important principle of Feng Shui rule when designing a bedroom tailored towards love is cleanliness; keeping all areas clutter-free helps promote a healthy energy flow throughout your entire home. This especially applies bedrooms as clutter can prevent couples from connecting on an emotional level due to its distracting nature and detracting from any amorous feelings lingering between partners.

Additionally, no electronics should be placed near where couples sleep as these items often contain electromagnetic waves which disrupt Chi energy circulation within bedrooms and thus impact their overall efficacy when it comes to promoting romance and intimacy between partners respectively – this including phones and tvs. Lastly, always remember less is more when aiming for optimal Feng Shui.

Using Symbols that Boost Love

To create the perfect Feng Shui bedroom for love, it is helpful to use symbols in the environment that will make this energy stronger. Symbols of love such as hearts and butterflies help to create an atmosphere of romance and intimacy, whilst also drawing in positive energy.

It is important to choose Feng Shui items which are specifically meant for bringing love into your life such as a Rose Quartz heart or a pair of hugging mandarins. These items can be placed strategically in the bedroom, near the headboard or by the window, to boost their effect.

Other items which are beneficial include:

  • A heart-shaped mirror
  • A glass angel figurine
  • Two small red candles on either side of the bed
  • Two portrait photos with couple images

It is equally important to watch out for bad Feng Shui elements that can harm your loving energies. Pictures with lone figures looking sad, clocks (as they symbolize time passing), and cacti should all be removed from the room as they have negative associations with love and relationships.

Other objects such as knives and scissors are also said to cut through any loving ties that may already exist within a couple’s relationship. Therefore, it is best to ensure all sharp objects are kept out of sight when creating a romantic environment.

In addition to using specific symbols around your home, there are other simple changes which can bring more love into your life through Feng Shui practices. The use of colors can play an important role in increasing feelings of love; pink tones together with blues will evoke peace, relaxation and loving sentiments within the bedroom itself – setting up the perfect mood for you and your partner.

Soft fabrics such as satin sheets and cashmere blankets add extra luxury and allow for physical contact between two people – crucial for establishing an intimate connection without words. Lastly, introducing plants into your boudoir helps boosts not only emotional intimacy but spiritual connection too – potted shrubs like Hibiscus offer beauty with no thorns but represent unconditional love which is all welcomed.


The best Feng Shui bedroom design for love is one that exudes warmth, relaxation and invites energized passion. Applying principles of Feng Shui in the home can be instrumental in creating a space where two people come together to refresh, renew, and explore each other on all levels. Creating the right atmosphere helps foster connection and joy. The bedroom should be a place of romance, sensuality, pleasure and renewal.

In addition to making the room inviting and comfortable for both partners to relax in, there are some specific tools and techniques which can be applied. Emphasis should always be placed on creating balance with yin-yang principles of harmony. The Qi energy should flow easily through the room by removing clutter from unnecessary items such as books and electronics. A balanced representation of colors should also be used to express peace and positive feelings.

Reds, pinks or even peach-tinted walls can embody the energy of love, while supple bedding fabrics add an additional sense of comfort to this most important space in any house. Adding natural elements such as plants or stones not only create visual appeal but act as receptacles for absorbing negative energy when it visits your bedroom.

Other features include mirrors on either side of the bed which bring in good health energies that strengthen relationships as well as art pieces or photographs which contain imagery commemorating happy moments between partners.

Ultimately by creating a tranquil yet passionate atmosphere you will have an environment ripe for relating with that special person who gives your life great meaning. From sparkling star lights above the couples’ bed symbolizing eternity to comfy but romantic seating perfect for platefuls of shared snacks – all come together magically like ingredients in a recipe toward nurturing what matters most: Love.

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