Bed Face North Feng Shui


Bed face north feng shui is a traditional Chinese practice that has been around for thousands of years. It is based on the belief that certain directions can cause certain positive and negative effects in our lives. This Feng shui practice focuses on the direction in which your bed is positioned, with “north” being the most auspicious orientation within this practice. By orienting your bed so that it faces north, you are said to bring about feelings of balance and harmony into your life.

There are several benefits associated with bed face north Feng shui: firstly, it can significantly enhance good sleep quality; secondly, it’s believed to encourage greater clarity of mind; finally it may even create an overall atmosphere of serenity in your home. For example, some people report feeling more relaxed when their beds are facing north, allowing them to enter a restorative sleep state easier than when it’s facing other directions. People have also reported feeling calmer during their waking hours thanks to this practice.

To implement Bed Face North Feng Shui at home, you’ll need to align the headboard or footboard of your bed northward. If possible try adding a few items that signify peace and harmony such as artworks or figurines to decorate the headboard area next to the bed and amplify the positive energies flowing in your room. Ultimately, Bed Face North Feng Shui may be able to help improve different aspects of your life by creating a comfortable living environment ideal for wellbeing through its subtle yet powerful energies.

History of Bed Face North Feng Shui and its Benefits

Bed Face North Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps to promote health, harmony and spiritual well-being in the home. It is based on the principles of how energy flows through one’s bedrooms, thereby influencing the quality of rest, sleep and overall health of its residents. Bed Face North Feng Shui specializes in arrangements for domestic living areas, interior designs for work spaces, meditation and healing rooms, nursery rooms and more.

The origins of Bed Face North Feng Shui date back to 1 BC when it was first introduced by Lu Ban, one of the most influential figures in Chinese history. According to traditional belief, all energies need proper attention and nourishment in order to encourage a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. This practice follows certain regulations regarding directions or objects that can be placed in a room so as to attract positive energies, such as placing furniture against walls facing north or focusing on certain colors associated with relaxing vibes.

Modern day implementation of this philosophy follows a set of standards where special emphasis is given to positions of beds within each bedroom – they are believed to balance the elements needed for increased relaxation which can result in sound sleep. The main reason why many people opt for Bed Face North Feng Shui is because it is known to improve blood circulation during sleep resulting in better sleep quality from deeper and more restful sleep. Additionally, it helps reduce stress due to energizing chi through correctly placed furnishings throughout each room as wells as providing peaceful vibes that help calm restless thoughts leading to improved mental wellbeing.

Advantages of Bed Face North Feng Shui

Bed Face North Feng Shui is a form of ancient Chinese philosophy that emphasizes the importance of sleeping with one’s head pointed north. It is believed to encourage feelings of contentment and well-being, as well as to bring good luck and fortune. Here are some of the advantages of Bed Face North Feng Shui:

1. It encourages a better quality sleep. Sleeping with your head towards north helps you to get more restful sleep, because it aligns your body directly with Earth’s magnetic field. This can help create an environment that is relaxing and conducive for sleeping.

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2. It can provide directions for better financial decisions. In classical Feng Shui, facing the northern direction in bed encourages prosperity and success in life, since this strengthens “yang” or positive energy flow, which could lead to making better financial choices.

3. It brings about a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. The northward orientation helps calm down emotions that may be prohibiting relaxation during rest periods, such as fear or anxiety from stressful situations at work or home life conflicts. It promotes harmonious vibes during sleep time in order to relax properly without any disturbances arising suddenly due to uneasy energy fields around the bedroom.

4. It improves mental health while waking up refreshed & energetic in the morning; after getting ready for bed using this technique one enjoys a good night’s sleep that will eventually cause benefits on their alertness levels throughout entire day; it also serves as a natural stimulant for creativity when faced with work tasks or educational goals by infusing clear insight into thought processes that drive momentary decisions effectively boosting brain productivity levels; relieving mental stress from demanding activities..

Philosophies of Bed Face North Feng Shui

Bed Face North Feng Shui, or BFN Feng Shui as it’s commonly referred to, is a philosophy and practice with roots in ancient Chinese culture. It advocates placing beds in a north-facing position for optimal health and wellbeing. According to practitioners of BFN Feng Shui, the northward direct of energy forces corresponds with one’s personal path and career aspirations. For this reason, having a person sleeping with their head of the bed facing north can be very beneficial, as their dreams will become more focused on achieving their goals in life.

The primary belief underlying BFN Feng Shui is that the cardinal directions (North, South, East and West) all have spiritual significance, which can affect our lives in different ways. North is believed to be the best direction to face while sleeping because it adds stability and provides a sense of balance between physical and mental energies. Moreover, facing north links people naturally with their pre-birth intentions which then manifest into their life paths. Additionally, practitioners believe that an elevated view when lying in bed allows for better access to inner peace and conscious connection. As such, it is recommended that one place their bed on an east-west axis on an even surface to create an even flow of qi energy from the outside world into the body while they sleep. This helps people maintain harmony within self by aligning themselves with natural cycles.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Bed Face North Feng Shui

1. Place the bed on the North wall of your bedroom. Be sure that it is not directly in front of a window and is away from high traffic areas and doorways.

2. Position two nightstands at either side of the bed to represent balance and harmony in the room. Choose nightstands with clean lines, simple designs, and neutral colors for a peaceful atmosphere.

3. Hang curtains or drapes in the bedroom that are light, airy, and mainly white or other light pastel shades to draw energy from Yin Feng Shui.

4. Place a floor mirror near the foot of the bed facing towards it. This will help draw positive energy into your life.

5. Include bright touches within the room such as colorful decorations like photos and plants to create balance and subtle contrast from all of its neutrality.

6. Place a comfortable chair or small sofa nearby so that you can reflect on what is important to you during times of solitude when needed most—this will provide peace both inside and out by connecting with yourself spiritually while calming your environment physically as well!

7. Hang satin or silk curtains over the windows if they are close to your bed—this will prevent negative energy coming through them!

8. If you choose to include any electronics in this space, be sure they are set on something like an alarm timer so they don’t stay on all night long—this ensures positive Chi flow!
9 Finally, eliminate clutter as much as possible; too many objects can disrupt Chi flow which leads to less restorative sleep. Instead use minimalistic décor such as wall hangings or lanterns for beautiful yet functional pieces that are pleasing to look at without feeling overwhelmed by unnecessary items!

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Tips for Achieving Bed Face North Feng Shui Success

1. Orient the Bed: The most important step of achieving a good bed face north Feng Shui is orienting it correctly. This means having the head of the bed facing directly north, so that when you are asleep, you are facing north. It is possible to be off by a few degrees, anywhere between 317-2/3 and 22-1/3 degrees, but any more than that and the energy flow of North is compromised.

2. Consider Influences: When orienting your bed’s head towards north to achieve proper bed face north Feng Shui, its important to consider any adjacent walls which could negatively influence this direction. For example, if there is strong Sha Chi (negative life force) coming from an adjacent closet or a window facing straight North can affect your bedroom sha chi in a negative way while you’re asleep.

3. Create Good Personalized Energy: Beyond optimizing the energy from outside sources by properly orientating your bed to face north according to Feng Shui principles, personalize for maximum success with an underlying foundation of positive Chi or Life Force energy in your space appropriate for yourself and family members who utilize the same space for sleeping purposes by introducing soothing colors to the room that align with your intentions for comfort and relaxation.

FAQs about Bed Face North Feng Shui

Q: What is Bed Face North Feng Shui?

A: Bed Face North Feng Shui, also known as “bed head north”, is a practice of arranging a bed so that the headboard faces north. It is believed that this alignment allows you to receive the maximum benefits of your sleep; promoting peace, relaxation and physical well-being.

Q: Why should I arrange my bed facing north?

A: According to ancient Chinese philosophy, when you sleep with your head resting on the north side of your bedroom, it helps to align yin and yang energy in balance. This will enhance feelings of restfulness, contentment and positive energy during sleep and helps to create a calming environment which supports healthy restorative sleep.

Q: Is there any scientific evidence that Bed Face North Feng Shui works?
A: No studies have been conducted to scientifically prove whether or not sleeping according to traditional Chinese principles has an effect on one’s health. However, anecdotal reports from individuals who adhere to this practice suggest that their overall wellbeing has improved by following this routine.


Bed Face North Feng Shui is a Chinese practice and belief system about the flow of energy in a person’s home. It is believed that if items such as furniture are arranged and placed in certain positions, then good luck, peace, and harmony will be brought into your life. One way to practice this art is by having your bed face north as it is thought to bring about good health.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of using Bed Face North Feng Shui. It can bring good luck, peacefulness, harmony and good health. Furthermore, facing your bed north has also been associated with emotional healing due to the positive Qi energy flow it promotes throughout your home. Lastly, by incorporating Bed Face North Feng Shui into your home decorating scheme you can create balance and increase prosperity in your life as well. With proper use of these principles you will be able to make the most out of every aspect of your life.

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