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Face to Face Door in Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art used in the placement of homes, rooms, furniture and accessories. It is based on the belief that energy (or qi) flows in two directions and can be balanced through certain arrangements. The concept of face to face door suggests that one should always have entrance doors where two people can look each other in the eye upon entering the home or room. This is said to create a sturdy energy flow, as opposed to energy having to double back via a side corridor or around a corner. Such energies are thought to be less balanced than those from a direct confrontation.

The Significance of Face to Face Doors

In Feng Shui, many believe that facing one’s front door directly can bring about positive energy and prosperity. This belief has been an age-old practice for many centuries, as it is said that the energies surrounding a house should be kept in balance to achieve harmony. When a person enters their house through the front door and walks towards the back of it, they should be able to see all of their other windows and doors. All areas within the house should be visible while entering so that the positive life force (known as ‘chi’) can flow freely throughout. The placement of mirrors around your home can also help to spread this energy in order to keep it actively circulating and bring about fortune, health, and wealth into your life. Ultimately, these beliefs promote creating a harmonious environment both internally and externally for those who live there; something that has been stressed greatly in traditional Chinese beliefs for over three thousand years.

History of Face to Face Doors

The concept of having ‘face to face doors’ in feng shui is believed to be a very old Chinese practice. The belief is based on the idea that facing two rooms with a door will bring an energy of positive transformation, harmony, and growth between the occupants of each room. It also allows for both people in the rooms to keep an eye on each other’s activities and be aware of what is going on in either space. This in turn can help create a deeper connection and understanding between those occupying the rooms. This belief dates back to the Tang Dynasty period around 618-907AD, when rulers believed it was important for their homes or palaces to have face to face doors if they wanted their kingdom to achieve balance and harmony among its citizens.

Applying Face to Face Doors to Daily Life

1. Take into consideration the entranceway that you choose. Pay attention to the alignment of the door and its accompanying elements, like furniture, pictures, mirrors, and plants. Make sure that everything is arranged in a pleasing manner that promotes natural energy flow between all the components.

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2. Place a round or octagonal-shaped table directly in front of the entranceway when possible. This is ideal for creating balanced energy and strengthening good luck for those who will be coming through this portal.

3. Use colors to your advantage when it comes to Face to Face Doors in Feng Shui. Choose warm colors like yellow, red, or orange to draw energy into the space while cooler blues and greens can help calm down tensions as people walk through these doors into other rooms or spaces on their journey.

4. Keep clutter away from the door if possible! Clutter blocks positive energy from being able to flow freely throughout your home so removing any items that could cause an obstruction is ideal for establishing a natural cycle of prosperity here at home as well as out in public!

5. If you have extra space open around the entranceway – decorate it with wind chimes or moveable art pieces (like sculptures). This can create an inviting atmosphere and draw energy inward towards your main space where positive vibes are sure to be experienced by all those who enter through this “Face to Face Door” in Feng Shui fashion!

Creating Positive Energy with Face to Face Doors

The concept of ‘Face to Face Doors’ in the practice of Feng Shui is one that can help bring positive energy, harmony and prosperity into any home. Essentially, when two exterior doors are placed directly opposite one another, so that people must face each other as they enter or leave the house, this creates an environment conducive to receptive, harmonious energy flow. By bringing a ‘conversational’ atmosphere between two entrances leading into a home, there is an understanding created between them. This allows the doors to have a deeper connection and understanding on what is good for the space.

This kind of placement focuses on receptivity and openness while allowing soothing energy to be carried inward towards all occupants. An additional benefit of having these kind of doors and arrangement is that it can act as an aid for natural ventilation within your home as when these doors are opened or closed simultaneously, it encourages a full circulation of air throughout all living spaces.

Lastly, with the Feng Shui energies generated by such a door arrangement also comes an intangible sense of security and safety as well. It’s believed that with this particular door configuration, intruders will feel overwhelmed by their ‘audience’ upon attempting to enter in; creating more obstacles for those forces which wish no good on our families and homes. Not only does this give you much needed peace-of-mind but it allows you enjoy life knowing your family and home are protected from evil influences too!

Design Tips for Face to Face Door Feng Shui

Size: The size of the face to face door is important when considering Feng Shui. Large doors that seem out of scale in relation to the space can overwhelm and even disturb chi energy as it passes through. Opt for a more measuredbalance, so that the energy feels contained and flows harmoniously.

Placement: Placing a face to face door in an appropriate location aids in negating the effect of bad energy, or ‘sha chi’, from outside sources entering the home. Likewise, placing the door in the correct position ensures good chi is welcomed into the home from within. It is recommended to center your doorway along walls and avoid positioning opposite wide open spaces such as lakes or open fields.

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Style: As with all Feng Shui elements there are certain attributes that signify auspiciousness; apply them accordingly to you home’s entryway design (i.e. traditional round arches, as opposed to modern rectangular openings). And while it may be tempting due to their artistic value, avoid any heavy colors or décor pieces that detract from the harmony of your décor aesthetic or interfere with chi flow at each entrance. Aim instead for light colors with airy shapes and patterns.

Room Considerations for Face to Face Doors

Using Feng Shui, it is important to consider the location of face to face doors. These are doors that are positioned in front of each other, typically with one interior door facing one exterior door. The ideal position for the two doors is to have them located side-by-side rather than across from each other. This creates positive energy and allows the Chi energy to flow freely around the space. Additionally, if possible it is beneficial to place any furniture or art pieces that are located in between the faces at an angle versus straight in line with them, as this will also aid in allowing energy to move more freely throughout the space. It is also beneficial to hang a mirror on either side of the face-to-face doors, so that they can reflect good vibrations and create a feeling of protection and security within the home or space. Finally, if possible, incorporate bright natural lighting which will bring all areas into balance and further maximize harmony throughout your home or space.


Feng shui has long been integral to the design of many homes. Incorporating face-to-face doors into your design is an excellent way to invoke the principles of feng shui within a space while still creating a look that is modern and unique. Not only do face-to-face doors enhance the flow of energy within a home, but they also provide an interesting visual interest to any room. When used in combination with other elements such as mirrors, furniture and artwork, face-to-face doors can truly add a charming and calming touch to any home. By getting creative with your design, you can find a unique way to implement this age-old practice into your living space, and make it both beautiful and inviting for all who enter.

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