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The Advance San He Feng Shui Book is a Chinese philosophical guide to living in harmony with the environment, based on the theories of yin and yang. San He is derived from the Chinese characters meaning “three harmony”. It symbolizes a harmonious relationship between heaven, earth and mankind and is used to identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in every situation.

The history of Advance San He Feng Shui dates back to 4th Century B.C., where it was first developed by Chinese astrologer Anxi Yao during pre-imperial China. The aim of Advance San He Feng Shui was to help people create positive situations within their environment in order to bring good fortune. Over thousands of years, this form of geomancy gradually evolved as beliefs, conceptions and concepts changed.

In its later developed form, Advance San He Feng Shui came to be widely accepted as one of the five key elements in architecture – including gypsum, carpenter’s tools, building materials, masonry and feng shui – according to Chinese belief. In modern times, this system has become increasingly more popular among Westerners who are interested in achieving balance and harmony within their lives. This holistic field involves balancing Chi (energy) through careful positioning of furniture and decorations inside or outside buildings via placement of objects such as mirrors, plants or rocks for optimum energy flow.

Principles and Practices

The San He Feng Shui Book is an essential guide to help readers understand and apply the principles of this ancient art. It offers a comprehensive overview of the history, philosophy, and techniques for mastering San He Feng Shui. This book covers the fundamentals of this unique school of thought and provides detailed descriptions on how to apply its teachings in daily life.

The book begins with a thorough explanation of the origins and development of San He Feng Shui, providing readers with an foundational understanding of its key elements. Practical guidelines are then provided that explain how to use San He Feng Shui to achieve desired outcomes in various areas, including prosperity, health and relationships. In addition, chapters provide step-by-step instructions on how to select optimal locations for dwellings using traditional tools such as star charts as well as modern technologies like Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Tips are also offered on how best to transform a living space according to traditional beliefs in order to gain peak benefit from its energy arrangement.

Finally, the book includes sections focused on integrating San He Feng Shui into modern life by offering advice on practical matters such as interior design principles and behavioral stances that will ensure positive outcomes from the application of this practice. Readers can also gather insight from practical case studies showcasing various success stories applying these concepts in real life scenarios.

Overall, The San He Feng Shui Book is designed to provide readers with an accessible roadmap through which they can navigate the complexities of this powerful tool for spiritual wellbeing and overall satisfaction with their lives. It serves as an invaluable asset to those interested in mastering one of China’s most revered philosophies for harmonious living.

Benefits of Practicing San He Feng Shui

Practicing San He Feng Shui has many wonderful benefits. Firstly, it can give you an understanding of the energy flow in your environment and how it can affect your home or business. This understanding can help you to create a more harmonious environment with optimal chi distribution and usage. Secondly, San He Feng Shui can bring balance, prosperity, health and wealth into your life by making the most of chi energy in your living space. With the right practice, you can maximize the positive energy that surrounds you; for instance, if there is an area affected by negative energy such as sharp corners or unused storage space, San He Feng Shui will advise to make changes to lessen its effect on overall energy flow in your home. Thirdly, San He Feng Shui acts as a great de-stressor as it helps alleviate stressors such as clutter or imbalanced furniture arrangements that may cause restlessness in individuals or tension in relationships. Lastly, practicing this ancient art of Fengshui brings clarity and focus on what matters most in life. Through this practice you are able to get an objective overview of where the important elements of happiness are located within ambient energies surrounding yourself and those who co-inhabit the space with you. In essence, a well applied San He Feng Shuri technique can help transform any inactive area into one filled with joy and satisfaction allowing everyone around you to throw off baggage from their past experiences to start anew refreshed and ready for what lies ahead!

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Tips and Techniques

The Advance San He Feng Shui Book provides tips and techniques to assess physical components within a living space such as the placement of furniture and accessories, the direction each room faces, elemental configuration, etc. It explains necessary steps to take when considering traditional methods of Feng Shui. The book also outlines common practices in different parts of the world including site selection, building construction, setting up an altar, geomancy mappings, creating chi pathways and protective boundaries. There is further discussion about associated symbols for Feng Shui outlining what each one means and how to apply it appropriately such as Yin-Yang signs, trigrams, animal symbols and Chinese characters. Additionally, the book includes well-illustrated diagrams to aid readers in understanding the concepts better.

The Advance San He Feng Shui Book also provides detailed information on topics related to health and luck such as potential certain colours can have on a person’s mood or well-being; choosing suitable images according to particular areas of your house; as well as ways to balance energy fields in order to reduce physical imbalances and enhance personal development. Throughout the text readers are guided through various elements using folklore explanations that have been passed down through generations coupled with modern scientific theories. As part of this insightfulness into ancient traditional practices, directions given on choosing fortunate dates for actions like marriage ceremonies or business trips are provided too. Ultimately helping practitioners bring their new sets of skills into real life applications.

Feng Shui and Goal Setting

The Advance San He Feng Shui Book can be a powerful tool for achieving real-life goals. The book provides an easy to understand introduction to the ancient practice of Feng Shui, including various tips and techniques on how to design your space in accordance with feng shui principles. By paying careful attention to the positioning of objects in your home, office or living area, you can use these principles to create harmonious energy that may help manifest the changes and objectives that you want to pursue.

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By placing specific colors, elements and shapes in certain areas of your home–in accordance with the laws of feng shui–you can attract positive energy into your life, helping you achieve your personal goals. Additionally, you can use the book to develop a greater understanding of the relationship between external influences and internal behavior patterns that affect our emotional and mental health. This deeper understanding may allow one to make better decisions when it comes to managing their finances and other aspects related to goal setting.

Overall, by using techniques outlined in this book, individuals can gain insight into how their surroundings contribute to their overall well-being as they strive towards reaching their goals. With careful consideration and consistent effort anyone who utilizes these practices should find themselves positioned for success as they apply them in their daily lives.


The Advance San He Feng Shui Book is an invaluable resource for those looking to learn more about the Chinese art of energy balance and design. This book provides comprehensive theoretical knowledge on the dynamics, principles and philosophical concepts associated with this time-honoured tradition. It includes detailed explanations on all aspects of traditional Chinese feng shui, from the foundational understandings of yin and yang and the five elements, to tips for contemporary applications in various professional or residential spaces. The book also explains how to work with feng shui energy and develop harmonizing solutions for a variety of different settings. In conclusion, this book offers a holistic approach to understanding and applying traditional Chinese feng shui practices in modern contexts. With its clear instruction, practical guidance and illustrations, it is an essential tool for anyone interested in exploring deeper levels of feng shui knowledge.

Resource Library

The Advance San He Feng Shui Book – Resource Library is a comprehensive collection of books, documentaries, video tutorials, and webinars. The resource library provides helpful links to websites which provide deeper insights into the ancient practice of feng shui. Additionally, tips and ideas on how best to harness the principles of feng shui for achieving health and prosperity are also outlined.

It also shares inspirational stories from famous practitioners as well as other followers of feng shui. It contains holistic articles discussing the various aspects of living in harmony with nature, such as decluttering your space, utilizing color and light to create positive energy flowing through your living space, using crystals strategically, etc. It offers an in-depth look into creating a calming environment within the home by identifying each room’s energy flow. Furthermore, it contains a wealth of useful information on auspicious objects such as wind chimes and turtle amulets that help bring good luck according to this philosophy. Finally, videos featuring prominent practitioners describing their experiences offer invaluable insights for those looking for guidance in their pursuit of feng shui excellence.

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