Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy

Overview of Services

The Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy offers a wide range of services to both individuals and businesses. In addition to the courses mentioned in point 3, the Academy provides professional advisory and consulting services for those who want help in setting up or improving their businesses or homes through feng shui. They also offer private consultations by appointment for personal advice tailored to individual needs. Group Coaching is also available for those wanting to learn more about feng shui in the company of like-minded individuals within an intimate setting. The academy also has an extensive library of books, journals, webinars, and other resources related to feng shui that can be accessed online or downloaded for easy reference. All these services are designed to enable clients to make well-informed decisions about how best to apply feng shui principles in their lives and businesses.


Q: What makes Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy different from other Feng Shui academies?

A: At Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy, we take a holistic approach to teaching our students. We understand the importance of traditional Chinese astrology and apply its principles in combination with modern science to Feng Shui. This allows us to provide our students with an effective and practical method of learning, empowering them to create meaningful changes in their lives by using this powerful ancient tool.

Q: What kind of platforms are available for studying at Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy?

A: Our academy offers online webinars, workshops and private consulting sessions. Our digital platform is user-friendly and accessible from most devices, allowing our students to easily access the course materials on the go. We also provide personalized mentorship and one-on-one coaching sessions so that all our students have immediate access to support when needed.

Q: How has your experience been studying at Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy?

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A: I’m so glad I chose to study at Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy! The instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about helping others create lasting positive change in their lives through proper understanding of traditional Chinese astrology principles. The platform offers easy access to course materials no matter where I am, which makes it really convenient for me. All in all, I am very satisfied with my experience here!


“I had heard of Feng Shui before, but I never realized there were so many powerful tools available. After taking a class at Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy, I’ve completely transformed my home and life. The instructors they have on staff are well-versed in the art and science of Feng Shui and can help apply it to improve any area of life. The energy I feel inside my home is now pure joy!” –Suzanne L., Manhattan Beach, CA

“The education that I have received at Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy has dramatically improved my outlook on life and business. Through their teachings about the laws of nature, I have begun to understand how the physical environment affects me personally and professionally. As a result, I have integrated new lifestyle habits that bring about positive transformation!” –Eric H., Los Angeles, CA

“My experience with Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy has been overwhelmingly positive from start to finish. The knowledge-base they shared with me was incredible! They taught me techniques that included precise calculations and symbols that reveal patterns in your environment. It was eye-opening to learn how hidden aspects of your space can impact every aspect of your life. Even better – these tools work as soon as you apply them! ” –Katrina J., Seattle

Case Studies

Collecting profile-style case studies could be a great way to showcase the impact that Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy has had. These case studies should include stories of how individuals or businesses were positively impacted by using Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy strategies. Perhaps they used the strategies to successfully launch a business, or boost their productivity, or improve their relationships. Each case study should provide details about the person/business that benefited from the strategies, as well as what specific changes occured and how these changes have been beneficial. It would also be helpful to include quotes from people who implemented the strategies so readers can get an insight into how it impacted them personally. By showcasing these real life scenarios, potential students will be able to see evidence of the benefits that can come from enrolling in Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy and gain more confidence in signing up for classes.

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Professional Achievements

The trainers, practitioners, and teachers at Zi Wei Feng Shui Academy have accomplished impressive results in the fields of architecture, interior design, engineering, geomancy, and traditional Chinese metaphysics. Their achievements include grand-scale projects for residential buildings, corporate complexes and municipal landmarks such as Beverly Hills Library, Beverly Hilton Hotel and The Peninsula Shanghai. Additionally, their extensive knowledge in feng shui has been credited as the reason behind successful collaborations with stars such as Michael Jackson and Joan Collins. Furthermore, their expertise has also been recognized internationally by various esteemed organizations such as the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG), American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). As a result of these accomplishments, they boast many devoted clients from all over the world.

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