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Introduction to World of Feng Shui Online

World of Feng Shui Online is an exploration into the ancient Chinese system of balancing and harmonizing energy in a home or workspace. The core concept of this system is that the surrounding environment can profoundly effect our physical well-being and mental state. At World of Feng Shui Online, we explore the practice of designing and creating balance and harmony in any space, including office spaces and homes.

Feng shui has its roots deeply embedded in Chinese culture, with its earliest origins taking place over 7,000 years ago. It was believed that planetary influences could affect people’s lives depending upon the current flow of chi (energy) within their surroundings. This belief was used to create the foundation for the elaborate feng shui design techniques which have been passed down through generations in China until entering mainstream society today.

Since its discovery, feng shui has rapidly become popular all over the world as a way to create harmony for both personal home life and business success. A major part of this includes decluttering your surroundings to create a more balanced living (or working) space. Therefore, through World of Feng Shui Online we aim to empower people who desire to bring serenity into their daily lives through deliberate energy management practices. We provide workshops, courses and books on various aspects within this subject; from philosophical underpinnings, auspicious placements of objects and colors, to simple steps you can take every day to harvest energetic balance within your home or workplace environment.

The Benefits of Feng Shui Online

The benefits of Feng Shui Online are expansive. One advantage is convenience. Learning and practicing Feng Shui online eliminates the need for physical visits to a Feng Shui practitioner, which can save you considerable amounts of time as well as money through transportation costs. Additionally, with an online platform, you have access to a global audience of people who practice and understand the principles of Feng Shui. This opens up more opportunities for networking and finding helpful resources more quickly. In addition, users can re-visit classes or materials at any time which provides continual learning. An online presence creates accessibility that can provide services across different countries and energy dynamics of different parts of the world. Moreover, online platforms typically come with a range of subscription options tailored to fit any budget or level of expertise; hence they are often cheaper than traditional methods such as face-to-face consultation with professionals or weekly classes in your area. All these advantages can help make learning and utilizing Feng Shui easy and cost-effective no matter where in the world you are located!

What to expect when taking a course on World of Feng Shui Online

The World of Feng Shui Online platform provides courses on the traditional Chinese practice of harmonizing space to encourage positive energy. The courses cover a range of theory and practical understanding and application of feng shui principles, providing students with knowledge to incorporate the ancient practice into their everyday lives.

The course contains several modules and topics which will be delivered over an 8-week period. Topics include: understanding the definition and purpose of feng shui; cultural studies on philosophies underpinning the practice; color theories; spatial arrangement techniques; study of five elements in feng shui; two schools (Compass & Form School), cures, symbols, yearly review & predictions, case studies and more.

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Each week participants will log onto virtual sessions for the duration of 2 hours including interesting lectures, discussions, question and answer sections moderated by experts in the field. To supplement learning materials, interactive simulations give an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into various themes around feng shui as well as autonomous practice activities that can be completed during or after class. Additionally, up-to-date real-world examples are featured that illustrate how one can apply recently studied topics in urban living settings to bring about positive energy in their everyday life.

All this allows individuals to gain essential knowledge on the philosophy behind feng shui as well as instil newfound practices in accordance with time honored customs while giving a unique perspective on interior design.

Advice and Tips for Practicing Feng Shui Online

The five elements of Feng Shui, water, wood, fire, earth and metal, correspond to the conditions in our environment and have different properties that can be harnessed to bring balance and harmony between the physical world and emotional and mental world. Understanding the meaning behind these elements is essential for proper Feng Shui practice.

The eight trigrams represent specific energy symbols in the Chinese I-Ching that correspond to each of the five elements. The eight trigrams also represent universal energies such as good luck, fortune and health. In addition, knowledge of the eight trigrams can help shed light on how home arrangements can bring prosperous outcomes.

Lastly, mastering the nine grids provides insight into how to properly orient furniture or objects in a spaceor room to achieve specific goals such as peace, prosperity or even improved relationships with loved ones. By aligning objects or landscaping around a house following specific patterns based on compass directions, a practitioner can intensify certain energy effects in particular section of any space.

In addition to understanding each of these basics elements for practicing Feng Shui effectively online, practitioners should also be aware of other factors such as the design of your home’s floor plan or having plants located strategically in your garden or apartment terrace. Color is also an important factor; it affects how people feel when they enter a spaceand can alter its energetic dynamics according to its significance within Feng Shui principles. Last but not least every practitioner should keep an eye out for potential remedies to eliminate potential negative energy disturbances like unbroken mirrors that could adversely impact desired outcomes from an arrangement layout using any of these three fundamentals methods mentioned above

An Interview with a World of Feng Shui Online Teacher

Interviewer: Welcome, Mr. Cheung. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about your World of Feng Shui Online school. Could you tell us a bit more about it?

Mr. Cheung : Absolutely. World of Feng Shui Online is an online platform dedicated to teaching our students China’s ancient art and science of feng shui – that is, how to interpret, understand and apply its principles to their everyday lives. It’s a way of understanding energy, connecting with nature and living in balance – physical, mental and spiritual balance – which makes life much easier in this modern age!

Interviewer: What kind of courses do you offer at World of Feng Shui Online?

Mr. Cheung : We offer both introductory programmes as well as more advanced courses for experienced practitioners wanting to deepen their knowledge and understanding. Our goal is to provide comprehensive training so students may become confident enough to practice feng shui independently or start their own business associated with it. Courses range from basic knowledge such as finding a property’s ideal directions for optimal health or wealth harmonization, to complex concepts such as object placement for interior design projects or the use of Form School (Landscape) feng shui for external environment analysis or instigation of change in personal circumstances or group activities on large scales such as joint ventures and corporate governance projects .

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Interviewer: Are there certain techniques one should follow while taking courses on World of Feng Shui Online?

Mr.Cheung : Yes – one should stay focused and take notes while studying each course we offer, pay close attention and practice mindfulness during visualizations that are part of the teachings offered and lastly actively participate in discussions with other members through mutual respect and kindness which is an important part of upholding positive energy flows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the World of Feng Shui Online?
A: World of Feng Shui Online is an online platform created to help people learn more about feng shui, its principles and its application in everyday life. The platform has a wide array of resources, including fun and interactive activities, with modules for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. It allows users to explore their knowledge in their own convenient time and pace.

Q: What sort of content can I access on the platform?
A: World of Feng Shui Online offers you a one-stop place to find essential feng shui information, allowing you to deepen your understanding of this ancient Chinese practice. Here you will find articles, videos, infographics and quizzes that help you understand how feng shui works, as well as how you can apply it in different aspects of life. Additionally, we provide e-books that offer detailed step-by-step guidance on using feng shui principles.

Q: Is there any cost involved when signing up for the platform?
A: No! We are pleased to offer our services free of charge. All users need do is register with us by providing some basic personal information (name & email address) and create an account – it only takes a few moments!


Learning and practicing Feng Shui on World of Feng Shui Online can offer an abundance of positive benefits, such as gaining a better understanding and appreciation for the environment, creating harmony in your life, feeling connected to natural cycles, manifesting positive energy and much more. This type of education offers an opportunity to receive knowledge from experts in the field and to gain insight into a dynamic spiritual practice that can have profound effects on one’s home, office, and lifestyle. The courses available on World of Feng Shui Online range from basic Intro To Feng Shui to advanced topics such as Working With Qi and Harmonizing Your Living Spaces. Links are provided to further resources as well so that you can continually expand your knowledge about this ancient art and science. All in all, learning about Feng Shui through World of Feng Shui Online is an enriching experience that can help bring balance into your life!

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