Where To Put The Bed Feng Shui

Where to Put the Bed According to Feng Shui

Feng shui is all about energy. In feng shui, the bed plays an especially important role in the energies around your sleep area. But where should you put your bed in accordance with feng shui principles?

Location of the Bed

Generally speaking, the best spot for the bed is in the “command position,” which allows you to see the door but is still far enough away to reduce the amount of energy entering your space. Specifically, it should be placed facing the door but diagonally across from it. Placing the bed in this position will foster feelings of safety and protect you from any potential harm.

Other Tips and Things to Consider When Placing a Bed in Feng Shui

  • Keep distance from the door: Make sure the bed is not directly in line with the door, since this may lead to negative energy coming directly into the bedroom while you sleep.
  • Have a headboard: If possible, place the bed so that it has a solid headboard. This will help to protect you from the negative energies of the outside world.
  • Use mirrors wisely: Mirrors should never face the bed because they cause too much energy to enter the bedroom. If you have a mirror in your bedroom, make sure it is not adjacent to the bed.
  • Avoid beams and clutter: If you have beams in your ceiling, avoid placing the bed directly under them. Also, make sure the bed is not cluttered with items and plants, as these can disrupt your sleep.

Feng shui principles are surprisingly effective and can improve the quality of your sleep and the energy in the room. By following these tips, you can ensure your bed is in the best position to bring in positive energy and protect you from the outside world.

What colors should be used to decorate the bedroom according to feng shui principles?

Feng shui recommends a color palette of soft, warm colors like beige, ivory, pastel pink, pale yellow and light greens to create a sense of balance and calm in the bedroom. Earthy colors like brown, yellow and orange are also recommended to bring a grounding and nurturing energy to the space. Avoid loud and busy colors, such as red, as they can be too stimulating and disruptive to the feng shui in the bedroom.

What is the best order of colors to use when decorating a bedroom with feng shui principles?

1. Earth colors: ochre, yellow, brown, beige, gray

2. Metal colors: white, gray, silver

3. Fire colors: red, orange, violet

4. Water colors: blue, green, Turquoise

5. Wood colors: green, pink, light blue , beige

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